Henry Lancaster

Henry Lancaster has over 30 years of experience in the investment industry, working as an analyst of companies, markets and economies as well as an investment portfolio manager. Today he uses his skills in generating and communicating investment views to colleagues, media and private clients as a freelance investment writer.

Articles by Henry Lancaster Page

Yield curve gives advance warning of recession

There's lots of news about US Treasury yields around 3% and a flattening yield curve. But you can press the snooze button, this is not the alarm bell for a recession.

Henry Lancaster
Making an investment case for gold

With gold breaking out of this year's trading range has a new technical trend been established or has last year's recovery still got legs? A review of the key drivers for gold.

Henry Lancaster
5 CFD trading strategies to help you trade a volatile market

Trading CFDs in volatile markets presents additional challenges, but also opportunities. This article covers 5 CFD trading tips to help you through these times.

Henry Lancaster

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