Hanna Paul

Hanna Paul is a reporter with, covering global markets, economies and cryptocurrencies. She was previously a financial correspondent at Reuters, and has also worked as a freelance writer contributing business and cryptocurrency features for publications including Gulf News, CryptoDaily and Leafie. Hanna has a Masters from the Erasmus Mundus journalism programme, with focus on financial journalism.

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A person working on a digital tablet
Business News: Asia and Europe to release key data

Eurozone and India trade data, Japan’s GDP, Chinese unemployment data land in markets today

Hanna Paul
Illustration of leaves generated light bulb with icons energy sources around it
India’s second green revolution - the clean industry wave

Some of India's biggest businesses are on the move to claim their place in the renewable energy sector

Hanna Paul
Financial graph showing statistics, prices falling, stock market crash, crisis, inflation rate. Electronic chart with stock market fluctuations abstract concept.
Business News: Investors wait for US inflation test today

A flurry of data to hit today’s markets, of which the most awaited is the US inflation one

Hanna Paul
50, 200, 500 and 2,000 rupee Indian bank notes.
Where is the Indian rupee headed in the near future? speaks with Ashhish Vaidya, managing director of DBS Bank India, for his view

Hanna Paul
Financial graph on technology abstract background represent financial crisis, financial meltdown
Business News: Quiet day for EMEA after last week’s data storm

A calm EMEA market, robust trade data from china, Paytm IPO among other business news today

Hanna Paul
Smoke cloud rises from oil petroleum refinery polluting the atmosphere
Business news: Asia, Europe, US to release key data

OPEC+ firm in gradual output rise, BOE keeps hawkish stance, Fed tapers pandemic stimulus

Hanna Paul
OPEC logo with the pump jack
Business news: OPEC+, BOE to decide on oil, inflation

Investors await data from the Bank of England, US Federal Reserve, OPEC+ and EMEA

Hanna Paul
Royal Exchange London With Red Route master Bus
Business news: Stock markets to witness a data-heavy day today

Investors await a slew of data from Bank of England, US Fed, OPEC+ and other macro indicators

Hanna Paul
OPEC concept image – miniature oil barrels painted with flag colours of countries members of OPEC on a background of political map of the world
Business news: OPEC+ meeting today, RBA keeps cash rate at 0.1%

Oil price rise on slow ahead of OPEC+ meet, RBA signals earlier rate hikes due to inflation

Hanna Paul
Oil price chart
3 reasons why oil price may hit $100 this winter: BofA

Persistent demand-supply gaps and a colder than normal winter could drive oil prices to $100, according to BofA

Hanna Paul
Image of BMW 8 Series car
Bitcoin nears $67k; will it buy you a $100k BMW 8 this Christmas?

Bitcoin has broken above $65,000 to hit a new record, and some experts now see it climbing to $100,000 by year-end

Hanna Paul
A CoolBlue delivery bike
Online retailer CoolBlue postpones IPO due to volatile market

Dutch e-commerce firm says flotation is not in the best interests of the group or stakeholders

Hanna Paul

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