Graham Buck

Graham Buck has been a financial journalist for more than 20 years and has both contributed to and edited a variety of titles, most recently as managing editor of the corporate treasury website GTNews. He has written regularly on insurance and reinsurance, risk management and pensions. His earlier career included several years with a major insurance group and with a broker, where he specialised in directors’ and officers’ (D&O) liability cover for corporates.

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catalytic converter
Platinum, palladium and the carmakers

Since the mid-1970s, demand for platinum and palladium has been boosted by their use for catalytic converters in vehicles. Could the advent of the electric car see these precious metals lose their lustre?

Graham Buck
Regulation in 2018
New Year, new regulation: MiFID II and GDPR

Brexit negotiations will continue to dominate the headlines next year, but the financial services sector must still respond to a range of new regulations that will take effect– beginning with MiFID II on January 3.

Graham Buck
Bitcoin volatility
Cryptocurrency regulation: clipping bitcoin’s wings

What would it mean if the cryptocurrency sector was more firmly regulated? What would be the issues and would tighter regulation diminish the popularity of crypto investment? Also, are warnings that investors could be wiped out by investing in bitcoin enough?

Graham Buck
oil production field
Oil output: sticking to the curbs

Following the latest meeting of Opec members, will supply cutbacks made in 2017 by the oil production cartel hold into the new year? Can major oil economies afford to stick to the cuts, or will some break ranks?

Graham Buck
Tax havens
Everything you ever wanted to know about tax havens

Revelations on how wealthy individuals and major multinationals exploit the benefits of low and zero-tax havens may prove the catalyst for a major clampdown.

Graham Buck
Commodity trading: which markets are rising, by how much and why?

Given the geopolitical shocks of the past 18 months, you’d expect 2017 to prove a bumper year for commodity prices. Yet while most have moved higher, often the picture has been more one of recovery rather than boom.

Graham Buck