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Oil majors and the rising oil price

Oil prices are subject to a complex array of socio-economic, geo-political and technology factors. Yet analysts are in agreement that the ongoing production cuts led by the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and non-OPEC giant Russia will set the price for 2018.

Alison Bloomer
catalytic converter

Platinum, palladium and the carmakers

Since the mid-1970s, demand for platinum and palladium has been boosted by their use for catalytic converters in vehicles. Could the advent of the electric car see these precious metals lose their lustre?

Graham Buck

Dollar marks ground for a recovery in 2018

After a weak 2017, the US dollar is poised for recovery in 2018. In just the first few days of January the dollar index has gained nearly 0.5%, and might have been more if the Japanese yen were not also rallying in tandem

Neil Dennis

US tax reform: winners and losers

The impact of the tax reforms varies both on a sector basis and from company to company. So, who are the winners and losers from US tax reform?

James Hester

How Britain's retailers fared over Christmas

(Adds Crawshaw) Jan 5 (Reuters) - British retailers are giving updates on the key Christmas trading period stretching from "Black Friday" on Nov. 24 to clearance sales in early January. Following are highlights: Reported on Jan.5: Crawshaw British meat retailer Crawshaw...


Seasonal retail and the outlook for 2018

With nearly half of shoppers saying they had spent less this Christmas than the Christmas before, expectations for the retail sector’s festive performance were not high.

Claire Veares
View of stockbroker trading online

Equity market roundup: a look back, a peek forward

At the end of 2017, equity market participants can look back and say it was a very good year.

Claire Hunte

$300bn IPOs set to make 2018 best for eight years

2018 is set to see a bumper crop of company flotations, with a total projected global value of nearly $300bn – the highest since 2010. The prediction follows a dramatic increase in 2017, when nearly 1,700 companies floated, an increase of 44% on 2016.

Richard Reed

Manufacturing: a global response to surging demand

Robust global demand has driven growth in manufacturing in every major region during 2017, supporting domestic currencies against the global benchmark cross - the dollar

Neil Dennis

Russia: is it still a risk too far?

With its rich oil and gas resources, potential consumer base of 144 million people and the recent improvements to its economy, Russia should on paper be an attractive investment opportunity. Especially when you add in that its stock market is currently the cheapest in the world.

Alison Bloomer
Empty banking hall

Bank closure plans continue remorseless decline

Plans recently announced by The Royal Bank of Scotland and Lloyds Bank to close more branches is yet another milestone in a long-term trend. It continues the remorseless decline in bank branch numbers over nearly three decades.

Brian Bollen
Aurora Borealis in North Norway

Norway’s riches beyond ‘lights’, peace prize and oil

As a country Norway stands unique for any number of reasons but a few standouts are: the winter night sky display of the Northern Lights; doling out the human rights award that is the Nobel Peace Prize and, of course, it’s got oil.

Claire Hunte
Regulation in 2018

New Year, new regulation: MiFID II and GDPR

Brexit negotiations will continue to dominate the headlines next year, but the financial services sector must still respond to a range of new regulations that will take effect– beginning with MiFID II on January 3.

Graham Buck

Digital transformation of retail

Less than 20 years ago buying anything from the internet was a slow process.

Claire Veares
Boxing day sales are advertised in Canterbury, Kent, as shoppers purchase last minute presents

Boxing Day bounty

More consumers are expected to scoop up bargains in Boxing Day sales than in Black Friday sales but much of it will be done online according to a recent survey by Barclaycard.

Claire Hunte

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