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Red porsche
Market sector report - Should you invest in the car industry?

Henry Ford’s dictum ‘any colour so long as it is black’ couldn’t be further than the truth in the 21st century. You can buy a new car in a near infinite range of trims, colours and drivetrains – including electric power.

Adrian Holliday
Inject cash into your business with crowdfunding

There’s a new kid on the block when it comes to raising cash, and over the past few years it’s been taking the business world by storm: crowdfunding. Crowdfundin

Richard Reed
New York Stock Exchange
Track the development of the New York Stock Exchange from 1792 to today

The New York Stock Exchange’s origins stretch back to 17 May 1792. On that day a group of 24 stockbrokers met under an old Buttonwood tree on Wall Street and signed an agreement to trade with one another.

Brian Bollen
Book Value and Market Value
Book Value and Market Value: What is the Difference?

When you seek a business to invest in, there are two essential concepts you should necessarily interpret: market value and book value. They are crucial in the sense that they help you evaluate an investment properly. Whether it is worthwhile to invest or it does not depend on your conclusions.

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costly investments
Tips to Avoid Taking on Loans

Paying for education, buying a car or a house are costly investments. Some people are sure they can’t go without a loan to finance these purchases. But there are some ways to avoid borrowing, and here they are.

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Economies of Scale
What are Economies of Scale?

Economies of scale occur when goods or services are produced in larger quantities but with less costs. A company can afford to reduce inputs harmlessly as it grows and increases production units. In essence, economies of scale generate economic growth.

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Bearer Bonds
Bearer Bonds: The Basics

A bearer bond, often referred to as a coupon bond, is an unregistered bond. In comparison to an ‘ordinary’ bond, it fully belongs to a person who holds it. Not a single ownership record exists. Whoever keeps it is considered an owner.

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Permanent life insurance
Life Insurance: to Buy or not to Buy?

Life insurance is an issue that may pose a real challenge and make you wonder what to choose: a permanent policy or a term one. And here you find yourself guessing, which means I won’t be throwing my money away.

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non-profit organisations
Fundraising ideas for non-profit organisations

If you’re looking to raise cash for a non-profit – your children’s football club or the local arts centre – there’s never been a better time, thanks to social media.

Richard Reed
Engraving depicting Amsterdam Stock Exchange
Major milestones on way to modern stock markets

Setting out to map the major milestones affecting the development of stock markets since the start of the 17th century is to go on a rollercoaster ride through history.

Brian Bollen
Bull and Bear
Bear and bull markets

Bull and bear markets can reflect the optimism and pessimism of the economy but markets can also run counter to the economic data and sentiment. They can rise – be bullish – when pessimism dictates they should fall and fall – be bearish – when optimism says they should rise.

Claire Hunte
Protecting your assets
Protecting your assets: high net worth (HNW) insurance

Insurers love jargon and call insurance that protects the assets of wealthy individuals high net worth (HNW) insurance. It is non-standard, tailored cover to suit your needs. It has better terms, fewer exclusions and usually comes with some risk management help too. Because you’re worth it.

Chris Wheal
opportunity to buy an interesting asset
Cash as a Call: Explore your Options

What do we know about cash and when can we regard it as a call option with no time limit and expiration date? Let’s figure out the possible outcomes.

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Get One Month Ahead of Budget
3 Steps to Get One Month Ahead of Budget

Budgeting one month ahead can save you the trouble of worrying about debts and spending. Learn how to build this financial action plan in three simple steps.

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accounts receivable financing
How to Finance your Business: 5 Alternative Ways to Find Money

Looking for alternative methods to finance your business? Explore the 5 most popular options and choose the one for you.

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