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Business Development Strategy Results Concept
Business development basics

Business development is all about growth – thinking outside the box, outsmarting your rivals, and growing your customer base. No business can afford to stand still in today’s competitive marketplace.

Richard Reed
100 dollar bills
Borrowing to invest: how to access funds

Borrowing smart in a debt-filled world is essential if you want to stay on top of your finances – and it’s easier than you might think.

Richard Reed
Microscope, test tube and lab equipment
Biotech stocks: why invest in scientific firms

Biotechnology is the personal science of the future. Investors like biotech firms for their growth potential and future income. But it’s personal too. If biotechnology will help people live longer, the rich will need to be even richer to finance their longer lives.

Brian Bollen
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Asset protection for the business owner

There are always risks in business. Unless you take steps in the early days, you could put your company's assets, and in some cases even personal assets, in danger. If your business is sued or you can no longer pay your debts, how can you be sure your assets are safe?

Neil Dennis
Measuring media
Media and entertainment industry's revolutionary appeal

When it comes to the UK media and entertainment sector you’ll find companies generating revenue from the sub sectors: books, films, TV production, news, gaming, advertising and information publishing.

Claire Hunte
pile of ancient coins
A history of banks and banking since 3100BC

Banking and bankers are thought to have originated in ancient Mesopotamia around 3100BC, with modern banks beginning in Italy in the 14th and 15th centuries.

Brian Bollen

sell screen
42 reasons to sell (or not buy) a company stock or share

The investor’s dream is to time the sale of a company's stocks to maximise profit. Many industry professionals claim it is impossible. As an alternative, they promote the use of collective investment vehicles based on saving a fixed monthly amount.

Brian Bollen
stock market chart
7 deadly forces that move stock prices fast and why

You will have seen the warning: the value of your investments may go down as well as up. It won’t always be possible to bail out before your positions turn south but at least when investing in stocks and shares there are portents that should set alarm bells ringing.

Adrian Holliday
6 top pros and cons of stock options

Giving staff stock options and, if offered them, choosing whether to accept them, may not be as straightforward as they at first seem. So, here’s some thoughts on when to grab stock options, what to avoid and how to benefit:

Adrian Holliday
Stock trading in Shanghai from Opium Wars to the present

Shanghai was China’s first city to see the creation of stocks and a stock exchange; stock trading started in Shanghai as early as 1860s in the wake of the Opium Wars.

Brian Bollen
The chemicals sector: hidden value?

What should investors consider when contemplating the chemicals sector?

James Hester
cherry blossom
Tokyo Stock Exchange from the kimono to modern dress

The story of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc (TSE) from the kimono to modern dress can be found in some detail on its unusually comprehensive corporate site.

Brian Bollen
London Stock Exchange: from coffee house to cyber market

The London Stock Exchange is the world’s most international capital market with over 2,400 companies from more than 90 countries quoted across its markets.

Brian Bollen
Transport: a spectrum of investment opportunity

The global transport sector encompasses a wide variety of companies. Among its constituents are hauliers, shippers, train operators, airliners and postal services companies.

James Hester
times square new york
The history of Nasdaq from creation in 1971 to the present

Nasdaq is the largest US electronic stock market, listing more companies and, on average, trading more shares per day than any other US market.

Brian Bollen