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Pound and shares higher as Theresa May seeks to salvage Brexit deal

Sterling bounced off its lows yesterday as Theresa May mounted a rescue operation after pulling a vote in Parliament on her Brexit deal. The prime minister is meeting European leaders and officials seeking “clarifications” that may satisfy her critics.

Dan Atkinson
Principles of trading in a recession

The next recession is, we are told, overdue after years of strong growth. How will this affect financial markets, how should traders respond, and what are the principles that ought to guide them?

Dan Atkinson
PM calls off vote on Brexit deal

Commons vote deferred to allow appeal to the European Union over the Irish backstop.

Drew McConville
What are the top 5 most traded indices and why?

Want to trade indices? Discover the top stock market indices and learn more about the markets – as well as what moves them.

Drew McConville
Pound lower as ministers drum up support for Brexit deal

Ministers are touring the UK to bolster support for the government’s Brexit deal ahead of a key vote on Tuesday. Sterling was lower this morning, while London stock markets mirrored buoyant trading on continental exchanges.

Dan Atkinson
Top 5 most traded commodities in the world

Commodity markets are getting tighter. Learn more about the top 5 most traded commodities available for you to trade today with

Alexandra Pankratyeva

Oil prices fall as OPEC begins crucial talks

Crude prices dropped today as the 15-nation energy cartel OPEC met in Vienna to thrash out a deal to cut output. Key member Saudi Arabia is pressing for tough curbs on production to support the price.

Dan Atkinson
NYSE American: What do we know about the American Stock Exchange?

Learn more about the 3rd largest stock exchange in the USA – NYSE American. The AMEX serves as a key equity market for emerging growth companies and handles almost 10% of all the stocks traded in US.

Alexandra Pankratyeva
Brexit debacle sees stocks lower, but the pound strengthens

Government defeats in Parliament over its Brexit legislation were followed by lower share prices in London. But worse may be to come in the event of a full-scale constitutional crisis.

Dan Atkinson
Euro’s five-year decline continues

The eurozone’s single currency, the euro, has lost about 17% of its dollar value in five years, and has declined also against the yen. But one bright spot has been its performance against sterling.

Dan Atkinson
DAX historical data: What do you need to know?

Learn about all the most memorable moments of the DAX 30 index with our look at DAX historical data.

Drew McConville
Top share risers and fallers of 2018

Find out more about the most remarkable share risers and fallers of 2018 with and start making the list of your ‘favourites’ for 2019

Alexandra Pankratyeva
Qatar to pull out of Opec amid tensions with Saudi Arabia

The nation is world’s biggest exporter of liquid natural gas. News
Six reasons traders should love their losses

It may sound perverse, but successful traders are those who embrace their losses rather than shun them. Successful traders use them to learn what strategies work and which do not. The positive aspects of loss can be grouped under six headings, each of which highlights why traders should love their losses.

Dan Atkinson
Gold lower as troubled month ends

The downward trend in the gold price continued this morning, in part a side-effect of higher US interest rates. But over a longer timescale, the price is more stable than it may appear.

Dan Atkinson

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