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Harley-Davidson releases Q2 earnings 24 July

Learn the results of the recent Harley-Davidson’s earnings for the 2nd quarter of 2018, released on 24 July. Discover how the company’s share price responded to the announcements. News

GSK back in profit with £400 million savings plan

GlaxoSmithKline returned to profit in the second quarter of this year. But a £400 million cost-cutting plan to release cash for research could mean job losses.

Dan Atkinson

The Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX) is open to the public from 23 July

On 23 July 2018, the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange announced an official release of their Digital Asset Exchange. BTC/USD, ETH/USD and RKT/USD are currently available pairs. News

What about luxury brands? A closer look at Hermès

The latest on Hermès share prices and how China’s economic growth has impacted the figures for luxury brands. A look at Hermès’ earnings and what to watch out for in the coming days. News

Twitter stock grows 2% following the news on Goldman Sachs’ positive sentiment

Twitter stock rose 2% on the news from Goldman Sachs. The bank’s analyst Heath Terry says that we can expect another 25% increase in the TWTR share price. News

UK public borrowing at 11-year low

Britain’s public finances are slowly on the mend, with borrowing at its lowest level since the eve of the financial crisis. The brighter picture gives the UK Treasury more room for manoeuvre in its Autumn Budget.

Dan Atkinson

Does Alcoa still hold the element of possibility?

Find out the latest news about Alcoa, the company’s financial releases and what Trump’s trade tariffs mean for the US market. News

Bitcoin rally powers ahead

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies continued to rise in value today as market momentum showed no sign of slacking. But could Bitcoin’s dominant position be effectively unassailable?

Dan Atkinson

Profits dive at Ryanair

Rising fuel and staff costs in addition to strikes have hit profits at bargain airline Ryanair. The company warns jobs may be lost if the strikes continue.

Dan Atkinson

Get ready for a crowded earnings calendar

Find the earnings report dates for Facebook, Twitter, Paypal, Visa, Master Card, AT&T, Comcast, QUALCOMM, STMicroelectronics, Western Digital Corporation, and Intel. News

Unilever shares shrug off disappointing results

Unilever, the maker of some of the world’s best-known consumer products, saw it shares rise today despite producing disappointing results. Intense competition has prevented the global giant from raising its prices and, for some products, they have declined.

Dan Atkinson

What you need to know about Xiaomi

Xiaomi shares – get the latest information on trading and market tendency. What you should to know before investing in the Chinese smartphone maker. News

Cryptocurrencies soar as IBM joins the market

Frantic buying has sent cryptocurrencies, with Bitcoin in the lead, to new highs. This followed the news that computer giant IBM is to launch its own cyber-currency.

Dan Atkinson

Uber and Venmo partner up for easy payments

Uber and Venmo have announced their partnership on 12 July 2018. In the coming weeks, the ‘Pay with Venmo’ option will be available for US clients of the Uber and Uber Eats services. News

Taking a swing at the golf business

To golf devotees it is more than a game. But as the Carnoustie open gets under way, how does golf measure up as a business?

Dan Atkinson