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equity derivatives

5 most common equity derivatives

It's a rare professional trader who sticks only to shares and doesn't try the derivatives markets. Obviously, both trading mediums have their distinct advantages. The key differences between equity and derivatives lie in leverage, risk, yield and volatility, and in some situations equity derivatives win their place in a portfolio over equity dealing. News market review for Monday 24 September 2018

Brent Crude surpasses the $81 mark as equity markets recede

Ryan Gould

Sterling feels heat over Brexit uncertainty

Sterling was again under pressure today as uncertainty continued to surround the outcome of Brexit negotiations. The pound was lower against the euro and flat against the dollar as both the ruling Conservative Party and its Labour opponents were divided on how to proceed.

Dan Atkinson

Trading the economy – a winning strategy?

The big index numbers – inflation, unemployment, growth and the rest – are traditionally a focus of keen interest to traders in the financial markets, and great efforts are made accurately to forecast them. But do they offer a reliable route to trading success, or ought traders to concentrate on assets and markets, leaving official data to take care of itself?

Dan Atkinson
Market Review for Thursday 20 September 2018 market review for Thursday 20 September 2018

Catch up with the market highlights of 20 September and discover the latest levels for oil, gold, major indices and Forex pairs.

Ryan Gould market review for Wednesday 19 September 2018

Have a look at the latest commodities, stocks and Forex levels.

Ryan Gould

Gold on a downward slope

Gold prices are failing to benefit from global political and economic turmoil. But that could change if events conspire to weaken the US dollar.

Dan Atkinson market review for Tuesday 18 September 2018

Catch up with the market highlights of 18 September and discover the latest levels for oil, gold and major indices.

Ryan Gould

Dow Jones shrugs off worries and powers ahead

America’s blue-chip Dow Jones index has enjoyed a triumphant few months and stands within a whisker of its all-time high. Markets have shrugged off trade disputes and political difficulties, focusing instead on a string US economy.

Dan Atkinson

Sterling falls as UK heads for Brexit talks

Both the pound and the FTSE 100 index were lower today as Prime Minister Theresa May headed for key Brexit talks in Austria. She will try to sell her vision for future UK-EU relations at a dinner of fellow leaders.

Dan Atkinson market review for Monday 17 September, 2018

Monday had quite a busy trading schedule. Have a look at the market highlights.

Ryan Gould

Weekly market update with David Jones

Discover the latest on EU, UK, and Japan’s financial releases and stay updated on the commodity and stock markets.

David Jones

American living standards stuck in the slow lane

Inflation-adjusted US hourly wages inched forward by just 0.5% in the year to August, and most of this resulted from longer working weeks. The other side of the buoyant labour market shows people are pricing themselves into jobs by accepting depressed living standards.

Dan Atkinson

How to make money without predicting the market

To many traders, the idea of making money without predicting the market may seem bizarre. How would you know how to trade? But there are tried and tested methods of profiting while leaving behind any attempt to forecast prices.

Dan Atkinson

Derivatives trading: CFDs vs equity swaps – what’s the difference?

Learn more about trading derivatives. Find out the key differences: CFDs vs equity swaps. News

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