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BAT share price history
BAT share price history puts the stock near its december 2018 levels

Learn more about the BAT share price history with Capital.com. Find out whether British American Tobacco can bring you some profitable trading opportunities.

Capital.com Research Team
Travis Perkins share price history
Erratic Travis Perkins share price history belies profit recovery

Travis Perkins’ share price history shows it has yet to gain full credit from investors for swinging round from loss to profit. The leading UK building supplies and home improvement group acknowledges challenges but is confident about the future.

Dan Atkinson
Amazon share price history
Amazon share price history: a story of spectacular success through the decades

A look at Amazon share price history shows how its stock price exploded in recent years, and how recent Amazon share price news is affecting price action.

Capital.com Research Team
Double top and double bottom
Double top and double bottom trading explained

Read our simple guide on how to use double top and double bottom trading strategy. Follow Capital.com to boost your trading skills.

Capital.com Research Team
Facebook share price history
Facebook share price history: will it repeat itself again this decade?

Facebook share price history demonstrates massive gains for investors while strong future fundamentals will likely allow to repeat its success again this decade.

Capital.com Research Team
How does a blockchain work
How does a blockchain work? Your go-to guide if you do not already know

Blockchain technology explained. How does a blockchain work? Read a simple guide to learn the blockchain basics and access the world of crypto trading.

Capital.com Research Team

Royal Dutch Shell share price history
Royal Dutch Shell share price history: from the turmoil of 2018 and 2019 and into the uncertainty of 2020

Europe's largest oil company has had a rocky year. After the initial excitement of Q1, Shell shares were hit by the US-China trade war and industry-wide low margins. Now is a good time to analyse the recent Royal Dutch Shell share price history – and make some predictions about 2020.

Capital.com Research Team
How to buy Bitcoin?
How to buy Bitcoin? Find the best way to invest in crypto

How to buy Bitcoin? Find the easiest and most effective way to buy BTC and invest in the crypto market. Choose a trustworthy Bitcoin trading platform and get ready to use it.

Alexandra Pankratyeva
best-performing stocks
Best investments of the decade: from Netflix to Bitcoin to palladium

Farewell to 2010s: what were the best investments of the decade and what does the future hold for them in the 2020s?

Valerie Medleva
how to create trading strategy
How to create a trading strategy

Everyone playing in financial markets will, sooner rather than later, be asked about their trading strategy. But what is such a strategy, do you really need one and does one particular type of strategy suit everyone?

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Bank stocks
The best performing bank stocks of 2019 include famous Wall Street names as well as less familiar entities

Bank stocks offered investors a hefty profit in 2019 and some of the best performing bank stocks are found outside of Wall Street.

Capital.com Research Team
biotech stocks
Outperforming biotech stocks you should keep an eye on

How do you invest in biotech stocks? Find out the top performing biotech stocks to trade with Capital.com. Follow the latest biotech stock market outlook and explore the most promising biotech stocks.

Capital.com Research Team
how to read a trading chart
How to analyse trading charts

Trading charts have long held a fascination for these seeking to work out where particular securities or the market as a whole are going. But they can seem daunting to novice traders, so here is a user-friendly guide.

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How to get into investing in stocks
How To Invest In Stocks For Beginners With Little Money

How to get into investing in stocks? At Capital.com, you can find out how to invest in stocks for beginners with little money.

Alexandra Pankratyeva Video
Investing in precious metals
Investing in precious metals: your ultimate guide to start trading precious metal commodities

Learn more about precious metals as a good investment option. Read a detailed guide on how to invest in precious metals with CFDs.

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