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Singapore dollar
Singapore’s dollar holds steady in a turbulent world

Singapore’s policy of keeping its currency within set trading bands seems to have paid off as its value has remained remarkably stable during the past year. Any volatility is usually caused by problems in other currencies, such as sterling’s Brexit-induced weakness.

Dan Atkinson
venture capital
How does venture capital work?

Let’s find out how venture capital works and learn the difference between private equity and venture capital.

Alexandra Pankratyeva
Forex Trading
How to trade CFDs on Forex?

Want to know how to trade CFDs on forex? This brief overview explains the different ways to trade forex, factors that influence the rates and some basic forex trading strategies.

Drew McConville
Earnings report Q4
Ups and downs at the end of the tech reporting season

Google-owner Alphabet started off the last major set of tech results from the current reporting season. Most announcement were well-received by markets, but Twitter struggled to impress.

Dan Atkinson
Forex Trading
What are the most traded currencies?

We run through the world’s most traded currencies and currency pairs.

Drew McConville
Google price history
Google share price history – should you buy GOOGL in 2019?

Find out more about Google’s share price history. View Google’s performance today and decide, whether to include it to your favourites for 2019.

Alexandra Pankratyeva

Spanish Stocks
Spanish stocks make a brisk start in 2019

Hopes of a powerful bull run in Spanish stocks last year were largely disappointed, but the benchmark IBEX 35 index has made a promising start to 2019. But challenges remain, not least the ongoing dispute over independence for the Catalonia region.

Dan Atkinson
Trading Strategies
5 simple and effective trading strategies

Most successful traders rely on one or more strategies to guide their actions in the market. Some systems are very complex, and off-putting for newcomers, but here are five simple and effective strategies that novice traders can profitably use.

Dan Atkinson
Forex Trading
What is forex trading?

What is forex trading? We provide the answers.

Drew McConville
Shares higher, pound down as Theresa May talks up Brexit hopes

London stock markets were higher today as Prime Minister Theresa May flew to Northern Ireland to say she can get an agreement to a deal that suits the province. But sterling was lower after a disappointing survey of the services industry.

Dan Atkinson
Hedging in Trading
What is hedging in trading?

Ever asked yourself ‘what is hedging in trading?’ We explain it for you, with some examples of a hedging strategy.

Drew McConville
Technological Stocks
Big-tech reporting season: a tale of mixed fortunes

Four of the biggest names in the tech world have just reported their financial results; Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Tesla. Some fared better than others, although share prices were generally buoyant.

Dan Atkinson
Dow Jones Nasdaq
Dow Jones vs NASDAQ: how they differ

Find out the difference between Dow Jones and Nasdaq and learn how to trade them

Alexandra Pankratyeva
Stock Market
How does the stock market work?

A beginner’s guide to stock markets: how does the stock market work? Explore the notion of the stock market and learn how to invest in it.

Alexandra Pankratyeva
Gold CFDs
Gold trading: how to trade gold CFDs

This short overview describes the different ways to invest in gold, how to trade gold CFDs and the factors that influence gold trading.

Drew McConville

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