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Venezuelans scramble to survive as merchants demand dollars

By Eyanir Chinea and Maria Ramirez CARACAS/CIUDAD GUAYANA, Venezuela, Dec 26 (Reuters) - There was no way Jose Ramon Garcia, a food transporter in Venezuela, could afford new tires for his van at $350 each. Whether he opted to pay in U.S. currency or in the devalued local bolivar currency at...

12 drummers drumming

The twelve trades of Christmas

The 12 Days of Christmas began as a catechism song for young Catholics when their religion was criminalised in England. Hundreds of years later, The 12 Days of Christmas has been used to promote a magnitude of products and feature in millions of marketing campaigns during the festive period.

Alison Bloomer
Photo of Tesla car

Trading themes for 2018 – what to buy, what to avoid, and what to expect

Many global stocks and shares lifted +20% or more in 2017.

Adrian Holliday

UBS sees good year for Swiss IPOs in 2018

By Angelika Gruber ZURICH, Dec 20 (Reuters) - UBS UBSG.S expects a good year for Swiss initial public offerings in 2018 as a mixture of large and small deals hits the market, a senior executive at Switzerland's biggest bank told Reuters. "We expect it to be a really attractive...


UAE's NMC Healthcare plans $800 mln in investments from 2018

By Tom Arnold DUBAI, Dec 19 (Reuters) - United Arab Emirates-based hospital operator NMC Healthcare NMC.L has $800 million available to start investing in 2018 in the Gulf and other markets, its chief executive told Reuters in an interview. The London-listed firm, which is among the...

Santa Claus Rally

What you have to know about the 'Santa Claus rally'

In the last week of December a strange phenomenon takes place on the stock exchange when the price of stock tends to surge. Whether fuelled by Wall Street festive cheer, end-of-year bonus investments or short sellers being on holiday no one is entirely sure.

Alison Bloomer
Tax havens

Everything you ever wanted to know about tax havens

Revelations on how wealthy individuals and major multinationals exploit the benefits of low and zero-tax havens may prove the catalyst for a major clampdown.

Graham Buck
Photo of oil rig workers

Is Big Oil back?

OPEC production cuts have helped propel the price of crude oil past the $60 a barrel mark

Adrian Holliday

The complete guide to identifying and hedging risk

A hedge is an investment product designed to offset the risk of adverse price movements in another asset. It usually means taking the opposite position to your main asset but in a related asset or security, often a derivative.

Brian Bollen

Where was money made and lost in 2017

So where was the clever money made in 2017? With little attraction for sitting in cash, investors have had to be flexible in where they place their money for a decent return – as well as try to balance risk and rewards.

David Burrows
most influential

Who's who of stock markets around the world

Jeffrey (Jeff) C Sprecher, founder, chairman and chief executive officer of InterContinental Exchange, is the most influential person in the world's financial markets structure,

Brian Bollen
Ibex 35

SP35: Everything you need to know about leading indices

The Ibex 35 is the domestic and international benchmark for the Spanish stock market and measures the share prices of the country’s 35 largest companies by market capitalisation.

Alison Bloomer

What you need to know about Japan’s Nikkei 225 index

The Nikkei 225 is the leading indicator of the performance of the Tokyo Stock Exchange

Claire Veares

Hall of shame: the biggest financial frauds in history

Investors have had the wool pulled over their eyes all too often over the years. We examine some of the biggest frauds in history.

James Hester
Climate change

Everything you ever wanted to know about ethical investing

The history of ethical investing goes back centuries to the mid-1700s when Quakers and Methodists made moral choices regarding where they invested their funds.

David Burrows

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