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Are investors in airlines facing a bumpy landing?

The collapse of Monarch and Ryanair’s woes with its pilots’ holiday rotas have thrust airlines firmly into the headlines. Are these isolated pockets of turbulence or are airlines a risky investment?

Claire Veares

Trade like a pro – 17 market order types explained

To trade like a pro you need to understand market orders. These are orders used when trading to buy and sell. Each has a different job to do. But which are most useful?

Adrian Holliday

12 data analysis techniques for a trader

Statistical analysis has been used in financial markets for many decades to help take the guesswork out of – or, at least, firm up the "gut feelings" of – some of the top names in investment

Neil Dennis
Picture of ethics and trust on cogs

Jargon Buster of Ethical Investing

Ethical investing used to centre around the Five B’s boobs, booze, baccy, betting and bombs. Or using slightly better grammar – an investment fund which screened out companies linked to pornography, alcohol, tobacco, gambling and arms manufacture. But things have evolved somewhat.

David Burrows
clock with piles of coins on it

How much cash does a stock market trader need to quit?

A stock market trader has more chance of securing enough cash to ditch the day job than a National Lottery ticket holder. But how much is enough?

Alison Bloomer
profit warning

Profit warnings and how to profit from them

Profit warnings and how to profit from them are firmly in the news. On the one hand, the list of UK companies issuing profit warnings seems to grow almost daily.

Brian Bollen

Dividend investing for outsized returns

Looking at whether a share price rises or falls during stock market trading is only half the picture. How much the company pays shareholders in dividends can be equally as important.

James Hester
Janet Yellen photo

Janet Yellen versus Donald Trump: at odds over regulation

Janet Yellen’s term as head of America’s central bank, the Federal Reserve, expires in early February. It’s not clear if she will stay on or be dispatched to retirement.

Adrian Holliday
Graph rising

Are absolute return funds the answer to investor prayers?

Absolute Return funds are designed to provide a profitable return regardless of whether the market goes up or down. It sounds like the perfect solution for investors who don’t want to risk their money. But not quite.

David Burrows

Are natural disasters good news for trading commodity stocks?

Hurricane Harvey caused petrol prices to rise in Texas and throughout the United States. Does this mean that natural disasters such as hurricanes are good news for the share price of commodity companies?

Claire Veares

PSD2, GDPR and Mifid II. The Summary of regulations and impact on investors

The post-crisis response from global regulators to make financial markets a safer place for investors has involved some tough moves for those companies in business sectors that have been obliged to comply

Neil Dennis

5 ways to invest in the blockchain/Bitcoin boom

You will have heard stories of people making a fortune trading Bitcoin – so how do you cash in on cryptocurrencies without getting your fingers burned?

Richard Reed

Probability analysis makes a better financial trader

Following the probability analysis approach favoured by legendary investor Warren Buffett can help you to become a first class financial trader.

Claire Veares
The Case of Walt Disney Stock

Fairy Tale Trading: The Case of Walt Disney Stock

Every Walt Disney movie promises to realise your dreams, to vary your daily routine with a myriad of emotions, and to fill you with experience. In some ways, so does trading. If you happen to be fond of both, we say why not unite these two interests and look into Walt Disney stock? News
garden of eden of cashless society

No banknotes or coins: is a cashless economy likely?

A cashless society has been a staple of human thinking for millennia. The Garden of Eden was a cashless society. H G Wells portrayed a cashless society in The Time Machine.

Brian Bollen