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Futures vs. CFDs: comparing the two derivative contract types

Futures vs CFDs: discover the difference between the two types of derivatives in terms of standardisation, spread, contract size, flexibility of leverage and expiration date. News

HSBC figures produce muted market reaction

HSBC’s profits slipped during the first half of this year once distortions were removed. But the bank is determined to win new customers, increase market share, and capitalise on its access to high-growth markets.

Dan Atkinson

The falling pound and rising dollar – causes and implications

An outlook on both USD and GBP trends. How the Forex pair is impacted by politics in Europe and Facebook shares alike. News

Bitcoin Cash celebrates 1-year anniversary

Explore Bitcoin Cash – the 4th biggest cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalisation. Learn about its short history, major characteristics, BCH worth, and ways to buy it. News

Interest rates: how they work

The Bank of England has raised its interest rate, the first conventional hike in 11 years. But how do rates help steer the economy, and when will “normal” borrowing costs return?

Dan Atkinson

Apple shares crash $1 trillion barrier

Apple has become the first company with a stock-market value of $1 trillion. Shares were propelled higher by good third-quarter results and a huge stock buy-back programme.

Dan Atkinson

All you need to know about Forex CFD trading

Discover everything that you need to know about Forex CFD trading. Read to learn what FX CFDs are, their benefits (leverage, short selling and hedging), risks and costs and the recent ESMA's leverage limits. News

Barclays upbeat despite 29% profit drop

Banking group Barclays faced £2 billion-worth of costs in the first half of 2018 relating to past misconduct, and interim profits are 29% lower. But chief executive Jes Staley said the future is looking a lot brighter.

Dan Atkinson

Coffee Break: Are You Ready to Invest in Commodities?

What are the main commodities and commodities exchanges, how to invest in commodities and many other questions discussed. News

Rio Tinto earnings up – but shares down

Shares in mining giant Rio Tinto tumbled today, despite the company reporting a 12% rise in half-year underlying earnings. Interim dividends are up 15% and an extra $1 billion is earmarked for share buy-backs.

Dan Atkinson

Apple rallies tech sector with strong results

Apple’s third-quarter results have given battered tech investors something to cheer. Profit was up 30% and revenue was 17% higher.

Dan Atkinson

Q3 earnings reports – how did Apple, Paramount, CBS, Pfizer and other giants perform?

A round-up at the quarterly financial data released in earnings reports for Apple, Pfizer, CBS and other standout names in the tech, telecom, pharmaceutical and other sectors. News

Top CFD rules for traders

Find out what a CFD is and enjoy 5 major CFD trading tips to make your experience positive. News

Holiday special: survival tips for family trips

The school holidays have started and families across the country are preparing for trips away from home, whether simply a day out, or a foreign vacation. But what ought to be highly enjoyable events can be fraught – financially and emotionally. Some basic survival tips are in order.

Dan Atkinson

Centrica news: British Gas sees a 20% drop in consumer arm operating profits

Find out Centrica’s recent news on recent financial performance. Discover its earnings numbers for the past 6-month period ending 30 July 2018. News