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Singapore stock exchange
Singapore stock market outlook 2019: why invest in the heart of Asia?

Take a closer look at the Singapore stock market with Capital.com. Trade CFDs on MSCI Singapore 25 – a benchmark index of the Singapore stock exchange.

Alexandra Pankratyeva
German stock market
German stock market outlook 2019: is the economic upswing over?

Take a closer look at the German stock market with Capital.com. Trade CFDs on DAX 30 – a benchmark index of the Frankfurt stock exchange.

Alexandra Pankratyeva
Stockholm stock exchange
Stockholm stock exchange: treasure hunting in one of the most stable markets worldwide

Sweden is known for its highly competitive capitalist economy, with a universal and generous welfare system called the Nordic Model. With its robust, diverse and high tech economy, international traders and investors are attracted to the country's integrity and stability, especially during the times of global uncertainty. What can Sweden and the Stockholm stock exchange offer you?

Valerie Medleva
emerging markets
Top 5 emerging markets to invest in despite the trade war

Pick up the hottest emerging markets to invest in with Capital.com. Learn more about the risks and rewards of investing in emerging markets.

Alexandra Pankratyeva
Your guide to market volatility: how to use instability to your advantage

With the global political and economic uncertainty we are experiencing in 2019, it is a must to know how to deal with market fluctuations. To get you prepared for what the future holds, we have come up with this comprehensive guide to market volatility.

Valerie Medleva
3 major reasons to believe in corporate bonds

Follow Capital.com to learn how to invest in corporate bonds and diversify your investment portfolio.

Alexandra Pankratyeva

Irish stock market
Euronext Dublin: Irish stock market outlook

Take a closer look at the Irish stock market with Capital.com. Follow the latest Euronext Dublin stock market news to catch up with the latest opportunities to invest in Irish stocks.

Alexandra Pankratyeva
best forex traders
3 of the best forex traders who broke the frames and reached the top

Read more about the best forex traders in the world and get inspired by their outstanding results. Join the list of successful forex traders today.

Alexandra Pankratyeva
Financial technology: what it is and where it’s going

The buzz-phrase of the moment is “fintech”, an abbreviation for financial technology, umbrella term for the technological revolution convulsing banking and other services. But amid all this excitement, the outsider can be confused – what is fintech and why does it matter?

Dan Atkinson
Chinese Stock Exchange
Understanding China: investment opportunities in the Chinese Stock Exchange

Before investing in Chinese stocks, you should have a clear understanding of the risks and rewards involved and consider the pitfalls. That is why we have prepared this introductory guide to the Chinese Stock Exchange. Keep on reading to find out the hidden opportunities in the key Asian market.

Valerie Medleva
commodity investments
To add or not to add: spicing up your portfolio with commodity investments

Some investors may praise them, others criticise, however nobody can disagree that commodities have been around for centuries, serving as one of the most popular financial vehicles through the ages. Today, we will find out what they are and whether it is the right time to add commodity investments to your portfolio.

Valerie Medleva
Investment portfolio: a beginner’s guide to exchange-traded funds

In the blink of an eye, exchange-traded funds have become one of the most popular investment vehicles for both institutions and individuals. Here we cover the basics of this phenomena, from the concept of an ETF to its most significant advantages.

Valerie Medleva
Faces of familiarity bias

Familiarity bias is your foe in building a successful and diversified trading portfolio. Learn how to overcome the risk of trading one sector and avoid familiarity bias with Capital.com

Alexandra Pankratyeva
Why portfolio diversification is always a good idea

When it comes to investing, portfolio diversification is essential. Why? Without it, you run the risk of losing everything if one investment, sector or market fails. Here, we discuss diversification in detail, explaining its importance and ways of ensuring your personal portfolio is diversified.

Valerie Medleva
5 strategies to boost your trading confidence

Learn how to trade with confidence. Follow up some simple tips to develop a confident trading mindset that will improve your trading performance.

Alexandra Pankratyeva