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Investing in gold: how it all began

What is gold? Learn all you need to know about the precious commodity before trading it.

Alexandra Pankratyeva
New York

Q3 earnings reports: US financial sector

A forecast of earnings reports to be released by Citigroup, Wells Fargo, and other giants in the US financial sector.

Yoithi Inoue

Oil price falls – a stumble or a tumble?

Oil prices have surged during the last 12 months but have recently turned downwards. Investors have been spooked by high US inventories overhanging the market and some wonder if oil’s recent strong performance can last.

Dan Atkinson

Euro down across the board as negative factors crowd in

The euro has lost ground against all major currencies during the last 12 months as a result of both political and economic factors. A budget bust-up between Brussels and Italy is just the latest problem impacting the single currency.

Dan Atkinson

Trading using the Chaikin Oscillator

Much like other technical analysis tools, the Chaikin Oscillator was designed to help predict future asset price movements – particularly identifying turning points in an asset price. It is sometimes mistakenly called the Chaikin volatility indicator

Neil Dennis

The week ahead: Opportunities to watch out for in the US

Read about the effects of the US employment report. Trade CFDs on USD, stocks and oil.

David Jones

An introduction to swing trading strategies

Swing trading focuses on medium-term investment strategies and attempts to make profits when the stock goes up, and when it comes down – hence the term "swing"

Neil Dennis

Cryptocurrencies: what traders need to consider in the months ahead

Cryptocurrencies have been on a rollercoaster ride during the last year and there is no guarantee of calmer times in 2019. Traders need to consider a range of factors in order to give themselves the best chance of success in the months ahead.

Dan Atkinson

Gold fails to glitter despite a world of trouble

Gold, the ultimate safe haven asset in times of stress, is failing fully to benefit from trade wars, political difficulties and tensions with Russia. The price has lost more than 5% during the past 12 months, with some suggesting the US dollar and cryptocurrencies are giving bullion a run for its money.

Dan Atkinson

Aston Martin revs up for its IPO

The British automaker is set to go public next week. Read all about the Aston Martin IPO.

Yoithi Inoue
European stocks

European stocks depressed by political and economic woes

Continental stock markets have suffered a torrid month, with all bar one lower on October 2 than they had been on 3 September. Political difficulties in Italy, France and Germany seem to have combined with a cloudier economic outlook to bear down on share prices.

Dan Atkinson

UK shares lower ahead of Prime Minister’s keynote speech

London shares were lower this morning as the Conservative Party’s conference enters its last two days. Tomorrow, Prime Minister Theresa May will try to unite the different wings of the party behind her vision of Brexit.

Dan Atkinson
Markets to trade

Spoiled for choice: how to decide which market to trade

You have decided you are ready to enter the markets, you have done your research and understood that trading CFDs is the way you want to go. The next step is deciding which markets you should trade. News market review for Thursday 27 September 2018

US equities put end to four straight sessional declines

Ryan Gould
Nike shares

Nike earnings beat forecasts but shares tank.

The latest on Nike’s quarterly earnings. Read on to find out why shares dropped.

Yoithi Inoue

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