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loss aversion bias

Loss Aversion bias in economics and decision making

Loss aversion bias – the irrational belief that losses are bigger than similar-sized gains –can be influential in economics and investment.

Hilaire Gomer

Fund managers: pros and cons of single country trading

Fund managers are offering single country funds in developing markets such as China, Brazil, India and Indonesia, but do they offer great rewards and are they worth the risk?

David Burrows

Disposition Effect - an anomaly in behavioural finance

The disposition effect in behavioural finance is one of the many biases or partialities that people are influenced by when they make imperfect decisions, particularly in investing and market trading.

Hilaire Gomer
Bond markets

Investment bonds come under scrutiny worldwide

Investment bonds have a 'nice but dull' reputation - until recently when income-seeking investors are accepting higher risks bonds. Inflation is also posing a change for bonds.

Hilaire Gomer
stock market

Familiarity bias examples: equity home and local bias

Despite information from a wider variety of sources being more readily available than ever before, familiarity bias remains an issue. Investors stick with what they know.

James Hester

The psychology behind the Martingale theory

The Martingale theory is an enduring idea that has been around since the 18th century. Not bad for something that doesn’t guarantee a win and can lead to catastrophic losses.

Claire Veares

50 women investors with enviable investment portfolios

Learn about 50 female investors who have built a winning investment portfolio and the different ways they achieved their goals.

Claire Hunte
Protests against Trump

Could a Trump impeachment affect trading in the UK?

What would happen to trading in the UK and shares on the London Stock Exchange if President Donald Trump were impeached?

Adrian Holliday
Recovery chart

Recovery funds: can fund managers pick turnaround firms?

Which fund managers have the capability to identify turnaround stories and how have recovery funds fared during recent bull markets

David Burrows
money a history

From Lydia's money and electrum to blockchain

This is a history of money from the ancient kingdom of Lydia and its electrum coinage to bitcoin and blockchain. The history of money is rich and varied.

Brian Bollen

Trading biases: herd behaviour and the bandwagon effect

Herd behaviour and the bandwagon effect are instinctive impulses to follow the actions of a crowd, despite an individual's own, better, judgment

Neil Dennis
market dominance

M&A law and market dominance: financial regulation of competition

Laws governing market dominance and competition are important facets of market regulation, helping to uphold the rights and best interests of the public

Neil Dennis

Foreign exchange: the democratisation of forex trading

Currency trading, known as foreign exchange trading or forex, was once the territory of a select few. But a technological revolution, access to better information, lower trading costs and greater transparency have all helped bring greater numbers of traders to the global foreign exchange market

Neil Dennis
Photo man surfing

Should stock traders stop momentum investing?

Momentum investing is ideal for stock traders because it has a clear short (and medium) term aim.

Adrian Holliday
Financial accounting charts

What corporate earnings reveal about markets

Corporate earnings season is almost over and what companies have said about how much they've earned shines a light on the direction of stocks.

Claire Hunte