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Get One Month Ahead of Budget

3 Steps to Get One Month Ahead of Budget

Budgeting one month ahead can save you the trouble of worrying about debts and spending. Learn how to build this financial action plan in three simple steps. News
accounts receivable financing

How to Finance your Business: 5 Alternative Ways to Find Money

Looking for alternative methods to finance your business? Explore the 5 most popular options and choose the one for you. News
Value investing

Value investing: 5 pros vs. 5 cons

Value investing was introduced by Benjamin Graham in the 1930s and adopted as a strategy by the prominent and wealthy investor Warren Buffett. Learn the pros and cons of the concept and decide if it suits you. News
advantages and disadvantages to going public

Public of Private: It’s Time to Choose What’s Best for Your Business

Well, there are a number of reasons why a company may decide to go private. Today, we’ll examine the major ones and show you the pros and cons of such an important transition. News
Euro Puzzle and one Puzzle Piece With Great Britain

OECD tells UK to stay tough on bribery and corruption

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has warned that Brexit could damage the UK´s fight against corruption and urged the country to continue backing its Serious Fraud Office (SFO).

James Hester
Concerns for Small Businesses?

Top 5 Concerns for Small Businesses

Starting a company is only half the battle. Keeping it viable is much more challenging. So many problems can knock it out of business. Here are the top 5 risks your small company is exposed to. News
Bear Call Spread

All You Wanted to Know about Bear Call Spread

A bear call spread represents one of four basic vertical spreads. It means using a type of options strategy that presupposes to sell the call option and at the same time to buy a different call option without changing the expiration date, but at a higher strike price. If the strike price of the sold call is lower than the purchased call price, the premium obtained for the sold call (usually named the short call leg), is higher than the premium paid for the purchased call (long call leg). News
Nikkei-225 Index

The Pulse of the Japanese Stock Market: the Nikkei-225 Stock Average Index

The Nikkei, or Japan 225, is the oldest Asian stock index. It was introduced in May 1949, around the time when the economy of the country began to revive after World War II. The index was named after the Japanese Economic Newspaper, known as the Nikkei, which has been calculating the index since 1950. News
What Do We Know about Private Equity?

What Do We Know about Private Equity?

How do you understand the concept of private equity? If you think that it stands somewhere next to private property, this article is for you. Let’s make it clear and simple. Private equity is a particular type of investment capital that is not noted on a stock exchange. It is composed of investors and funds that invest in private companies or participate in public companies’ buyouts, delisting the public equity. News
Mutual Funds Explained

Mutual Funds Explained and How They Differ

Buying into a mutual fund, an investor gets various pieces of the market and access to a well-balanced and diversified portfolio. All mutual funds work in the same manner. Nonetheless, they can differ geographically, from country to country. Let’s take a deeper look and start with the basics of mutual funds. News
Emerging Market Bonds

Quick Look at Emerging Market Bonds

What do you think of emerging market bonds, if you actually do think about them? Well, in the recent years, emerging market bonds, in other words, fixed income debt, issued by companies from developing countries, gained popularity and found a place in many investor portfolios. News
Most Common Credit Card Mistakes

5 Most Common Credit Card Mistakes

Credit cards create a feeling that everything’s just a swipe away. That feeling is deceptive. The debt will have to be paid off and always with interest. But, plastic can be a good source of money if managed carefully and with purpose. Credit card holders know this but keep making mistakes. Here are the most common ones. News
Ways to Tell Legal MLM from Scam

5 Ways to Tell Legal MLM from Scam

There are two obvious benefits of being self-employed: first, you have a pleasantly flexible schedule that can be arranged the way you like; second, there’s no manager who monitors and assesses your performance. However, building up a successful and profitable business from scratch is not that easy. For this reason, many people choose to join businesses that allow individuals much work independence — multi-level marketing (MLM) companies. News
Economic Indicators: Why They Matter?

Economic Indicators: Why They Matter?

Economic Indicator is a tip (of information), an insight, that provides a deeper look into the economy. News
Investing in Digital Currencies

Investing in Digital Currencies. What about Bitcoin's Volatility?

Governmental statements and geopolitical events have always influenced user’s behavior. In the second part of 2016, Bitcoin’s price streamed upwards due to the demand increase from India, China and other emerging markets. Surely, mass media couldn’t miss this information and fueled the rally, magnifying the bubble. As a result, less experienced investors entered the bull market and joined the ‘gold rush’ for Bitcoins. News

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