In what currencies can I open an account?

With Capital.com you can open a live account in one of the following currencies: GBP (£), EUR (€) or USD ($).

How do I fund my account?

You can make your first deposit using a debit or credit card and also Bank Wire Transfer payment method.
Subsequent deposits can be made using a debit or credit card and also via Neteller, Skrill and Bank Wire Transfer payment methods.

How secure is my money?

We keep it totally safe. Capital.com is a licenced and regulated investment company that keeps its clients’ money in segregated (separate) bank accounts. In addition, we have introduced a compensation scheme as required by our regulator.

Why do I have to provide my ID card?

Our regulator requires us to identify every client who opens an account with us. Capital.com can only ensure your security if you provide us all the required information.

Do you keep my personal data safe?

Capital.com guarantees the full protection of your personal information. In no event do we disclose the data you send us.

What is the minimum deposit?

The minimum deposit is 100 EUR, 100 USD or 100 GBP.

How can I withdraw money from my account?

For the sake of security, we return money by the same payment method you used to fund your account initially:

  • If you used the bank transfer, we will send your money back to your bank account.
  • If you used credit/debit card, we will transfer money back to the card you used. In case you have several cards, the money will be sent to the one used last time to top up your account.
Can I have more than one account?

No, there is a 'one account per person' limit with Capital.com.

How do I change the currency of my account?

The currency of your account is set with your first deposit. To change the account currency, please contact our support team at support@capital.com.

How do I open an account?

To open an account, you should fill out our registration form, confirm your email using the link we send you, provide us with the proof of your identity (a National ID card or a Passport copy) and proof of your current address (a recent utility bill, a local authority tax bill or a bank statement). Once we receive all the required data and have reviewed them, we will change your account status to ‘Verified’, meaning your account is ready to go.

Do you provide support?

We have a team of friendly and considerate support managers ready to answer all your questions on our service. Use support@capital.com to contact them. We will reply to your email within 24 hours.

How can I restore my password?

If you’ve forgotten your password, change it by following the ‘Forgot password?’ link on the login page. Then check the email you use to access your account for further instructions.

How can I change my password?

If you want to change the old password for a new one, log in to your account, go to Settings and use the ‘Change password’ option.

What instruments can I trade?

With Capital.com you can trade Contracts for Difference (CFDs) on stocks (like Apple), commodities (like Silver) and indices (like Germany 30). You can have a look at the whole list here.

Do financial instruments have different trading hours?

Trading financial instruments is tied to the trading hours of the world’s various markets located in different time zones. You can learn trading hours for each instrument on the website or inside the app in the Trading info section.

What are the units to measure different trading instruments?

Below are measurement units for various trading instruments:

  • Gold, Silver, Palladium, Platinum – USD per troy ounce
  • Brent Crude Oil, Oil – USD per barrel
  • Gas – USD per 1 million British Thermal Units (MMBTU)
  • Stocks – the currency (GBP, EUR, USD, AUD, CHF, JPY, NOK or SEK per share) depends on the stock exchange
  • Indices – GBP, EUR, USD, AUD, CHF or JPY per contract
Can the value of trading instruments exceed the funds in my account?

Yes. Capital.com offers leveraged trading, in other words, it allows you to trade with more funds than you have in your account. We provide leverage of up to 1:50. However, leveraged trading is extremely risky. Read more about the business model we use.

Do you provide real-time prices for instruments?

Yes, you can open positions at the prices you see. However, sometimes prices move so sharply that it’s impossible to execute an order at the settled price. Find more about such cases in Order Execution Policy.

Do all brokerages offer the same prices for a particular instrument?

No, sometimes there is a slight difference between the prices because brokerages have different business models.

Does the chart show a buy price or a sell price?

By default, charts show sell prices.

Can I trade via my mobile phone?

Capital.com provides mobile trading for iOS and Android devices. Follow the links to the App Store and to the Google Play Store to download our app.

Do you charge fees for trading?

There are no hidden charges with Capital.com: no commission, no fees for market data, and no charges for deposits or withdrawals. Find more on our business model page.

How many instruments do you offer?

Find the complete list of the instruments available with Capital.com here.

Deposit & Withdrawal Details
How can I add funds to my account?

You can do it by means of a credit or debit card payment. We also accept Neteller, Skrill and Bank Wire Transfer payment methods. Just go to the ‘Balance’ tab in the app and tap the ‘Add funds’ button.

I’d like to withdraw money from my account. How long will it take?

We transfer money back to your credit/debit card within 24 business hours. Please note that the time between the transfer and receiving funds in your account may vary slightly due to your bank’s operating procedures, Capital.com bears no responsibility for this.

Do I have to pay any fees to deposit money on my account?

Capital.com does not charge any fees or commissions for depositing money. Please note that banks, issuing your credit card, may require a bank transfer fee.

Do I have to pay any fees to withdraw my money from the account?

Capital.com does not charge any fees or commissions for withdrawing your money. However, our bank requires a particular fee or its equivalent in local currency.

Can I use someone else’s credit card or a bank account to refill my account?

No. 3rd party deposits are not allowed. Only your own credit card or bank account should be used.

What should I do to withdraw money from my account?

Click the ‘Balance’ tab and select the ‘Withdraw’ button. Then choose the payment method you’ve already used to deposit money and tap ‘Confirm’.

*If you still need help or additional consultation, please contact our support team at support@capital.com.

Should I put any money to activate my account and start trading?

As soon as you have successfully downloaded the app, you can sign in, verify your account and activate it. However, in order to start trading, you should deposit money on your account. Before making large scale investments, you can start with a minimum deposit.

Market Orders and Positions
What is a market order?

A market order is an instruction to buy or sell a CFD, in a specified size, at the best available market price for that size. You need to remember that a market order can be executed at a price worse than quoted at the time you place it. A market order immediately becomes an open position that can be watched in the ‘Portfolio’ tab in the app. Market orders can be placed only during the trading hours of the underlying asset. A market order can have Take Profit/Stop Loss Orders attached.

How long can I keep my position open?

If you have enough money on your account, you can keep your positions open for as long as you want. Please, note that if your position remains open at the end of the day, an overnight fee is charged.

What do I need to know about the margin?

When your equity drops below 80% of the required margin, we’ll send you an email or push message notification, if you have this feature enabled.
When your equity drops below 50% of the required margin, your positions will start to close automatically.

Pending Orders
What is a pending order?
A pending order is an instruction to open or close a position if the price reaches, or crosses the level that you have specified earlier. So, to become an open position, a pending order should be triggered first. That comes in especially handy when you don’t have time to watch the market every second. Just decide on a price you can go for, and the system will do the rest. Capital.com offers one type of pending orders – Limit Order.
What is a Limit Order?
A Limit Order is an instruction to buy a CFD at no more than a specific price, or to sell it at no less than a specific price. This gives you control over the price at which the Limit Order is executed, however, it is possible that this Limit Order may never be executed (or filled). Pending limit orders can be found in the ‘Portfolio’ tab in the app.
What is a Take Profit Order?
A take profit order automatically closes an open position when the price level reaches the specified threshold. Take profit orders are used to lock in profits when you are unavailable, to monitor your open positions. For example, if you are long Company XYZ at 109.58 and you want to take your profit when the price reaches 110.00, you can set this price level as your take profit threshold.  If the bid price touches 110.00, the open position is closed by the system and your profit is secured.
What is a Stop Loss Order?
A stop loss order is a defensive mechanism you can use to help protect against further losses, including avoiding margin closeouts. A stop loss automatically closes an open position when the price moves against you and reaches the level you specify. For example, if you are long Company XYZ at 109.58, you could set a stop loss at 107.00 – then, if the ask price falls to this level, the trade is automatically closed, thereby capping your losses.
Why has my pending order not been executed?
There was no desired price on the market to trigger your pending order execution.
Can I set both profit and loss amounts for my open position?
Yes. You can determine both a profit you want to reach and a loss you can afford. You position will be closed out if either one of these parameters is reached.
In which currency do I receive profit from my orders?

Your profit is converted into the account currency.

I don’t have any trading ideas. Can you recommend me what position to open?

Capital.com doesn’t provide any investment advice. To gain more knowledge, please, visit our News section that provides financial articles, analysis, and market overview.

Is my profit considered a taxable income?

It depends upon the regulations imposed by your local authorities. As a rule, profits from trading should be reported in your tax return.

Can I lose more than I invested?
No. Capital.com ensures you a Negative Balance Protection so that your balance won’t drop below zero.
Why is my position closed out?
To prevent you from a negative balance, Capital.com can partially or fully close your position if your account equity doesn’t meet the margin requirement and/or we don’t hear from you for a while. Please make sure you maintain adequate capital on your account to keep your positions open.
Can I somehow limit my loss?
Yes. Just set a stop loss order. In this way, you will manage risks and lose no more than you can afford.
I want to make a complaint. What are my next steps?

Please go here and submit your complaint. We will do our utmost to work it out.

Who is your regulator?

Capital Com SV Investments Limited is a Cyprus Registered Company with Company Registration Number HE 354252. It is a regulated Cyprus Investment Firm, licensed by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), under license number 319/17.

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