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crypto coins and chart going up and down
Bitcoin death cross, Chinese bans send cryptos tumbling

Most leading crypto coins are down more than 50% from their recent all-time highs

Andrei Chirileasa
A cryptocurrency illustration
Bitcoin falls nearly 8% on China mining crackdown

Chinese miners are set to move their operations overseas

Aaron Woolner
Photo of US and El Salvadoran flags
Bitcoin holds steady but BTC El Salvadoran worry climbs

Might bitcoin collapse the El Salvadoran economy? A US economics professor thinks it may

Adrian Holliday
Photo of President Putin
President Biden could be open to cybercriminal swap

President Biden says he’s open to new cybercriminal exchange with Russia

Adrian Holliday
Dogecoin has been banned by the Thai securities regulator
Thai securities regulator bans NFTs and memecoins

Thai securities regulator ban on NFTs and memecoins comes on the back of a massive upswing in crypto trading activity

Aaron Woolner
Dogecoin climbs on Coinbase listing enthusiasm

The meme cryptocurrency is up 30% in the last 24 hours

Andrei Chirileasa

Bitcoin further narrows trading range, coinbase listing boosts dogecoin

The top cryptocurrency has been trading around the $35,000 level in the last 24 hours

Andrei Chirileasa
A bitcoin token sits on a pile of pennies
Bitcoin falls to three-month low on Musk selling hint

Elon Musk’s role as cryptocurrency influencer has been key to last week’s BTC price moves.

Neil Dennis
Photo of Dog running in space
Dogecoin surges again on Musk tweet, climbing almost 30%

Tesla founder says he is “Working with Doge Devs” leading to Dogecoin rising again

Adrian Holliday
Ether and Ada at new records
Cryptocurrency records for ethereum and cardano

Two of the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market cap hit new record highs on Wednesday

Neil Dennis
Ripple's XRP currency falls
Ripple's XRP takes a slide down the cryptocurrency rankings

All cryptocurrencies take a breather – or move lower – after recent record levels

Neil Dennis
A cartoon dog stands on a rocket heading to the moon
Dogecoin falls back from its moon mission over the weekend

Dogecoin value has barely changed since 4pm Friday where it was priced at around $0.52.

Adrian Holliday
Dogecoin hits new record
Dogecoin hits ‘DogeDay’ target of 69 cents

Meme-based altcoin hits new high to become fourth-largest cryptocurrency by market cap.

Neil Dennis
Chart of Dogecoin rising higher
DOGE gains 58%, BTC drifts, GME cuts debt and makes e-commerce move

Dogecoin surges 58% to fifth-largest coin while Bitcoin eyes $60k valuation

John Shepard
The value of several cryptocurrencies falls in contrast to rise in Dogecoin's fortunes
Cryptocurrency values fall as Doge Day afternoon approaches

Cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ripple, see market values fall on 'Doge Day'.

Dan Moore

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