David Burrows

For more than 25-years, Dave has written for a wide range of newspapers and broadcasters including The Times, The Financial Times, The Independent, The Wall Street Journal, Reuters and Sky News. Previously nominated as National Financial Media Journalist of the Year, Dave specialises in investment features and business profiles.

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Percentage of shots into basket ball hoop
The Hot Hand and Gambler's Fallacy: throwing logic out the window

The term hot hand originates from US basketball while gambler's fallacy is a common mistake linked to over confidence. Both can wipe investors out if they're not careful.

David Burrows
Charts showing investments in multi-asset fund
Do multi-asset funds offer the best of all worlds?

Multi-asset funds promise investors good diversification as they can include equities, bonds, property, cash and alternatives – such as oil, gold and inflation-linked government bonds.

David Burrows