Daniel Tyson

Daniel Tyson has reported for national and regional newspapers in the US and a base oil publication. Much of his career has been spent covering energy and oil issues and trends in the US and Latin America. 

Daniel Tyson ha informado para periódicos nacionales y regionales en los EE.UU. y una publicación de petróleo base. Gran parte de su carrera se ha dedicado a cubrir temas y tendencias de energía y petróleo en los Estados Unidos y América Latina. 


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Arrow going up above barrels of oil
Goldman Sachs lays out three ways oil could hit $175 per barrel

Total blockage is the worst case scenario

Daniel Tyson15:23, 9 March 2022
Illustration of Russian oil barrel on a chess board
Russian oil ban could push US crude over $150, insider says

Industry insider expects gas prices to rise

Daniel Tyson21:08, 8 March 2022
Shell symbol
Shell (SHEL) apologises, backs out of Russian oil deal

Shell issues apology after public outcry

Daniel Tyson12:58, 8 March 2022
Russian flag with oil derrick
Crude awakenings

Crude could hit more than $200 a barrel: BofA scenario

Daniel Tyson20:19, 7 March 2022
Oil derricks in winter
Shell (SHEL) buys supply of discounted Russian oil

Russian oil is considered to be tainted by Western countries, following sanctions

Daniel Tyson18:45, 4 March 2022
Russian flag with oil derricks
US sanctions against Russian oligarchs send crude futures higher

Russian oil has few buyers

Daniel Tyson19:52, 3 March 2022
Peabody (BTU) headquarters in St Louis, Missouri
Largest US coal miner going green, stock hits 52-week high

Peabody's (BTU) priority will continue to be mining coal, but solar will generate additional revenues.

Daniel Tyson16:49, 3 March 2022
An ocean oil rig
Crude hits record highs as Russia struggles to find buyers

Supply shortage, rise in demand fuel crude oil price spike

Daniel Tyson20:56, 2 March 2022
An airplane taking off
Airlines re-route, cancel flights over Russian airspace

A ban on Russian airlines overflying US airspace goes into effect at 9 pm EDT Wednesday

Daniel Tyson20:02, 2 March 2022
Gas pipelines
Nord Stream 2 bankruptcy to have little impact on US gas investors

Financing for the pipeline came mainly from European sources, a US oil executive said

Daniel Tyson22:19, 1 March 2022
Tins of Russian caviar
Caviar aficionados dread ban on Russian product

Some consumers prefer the Russian variety, although it is only a small percentage of worldwide production

Daniel Tyson18:55, 1 March 2022
Russia and Ukraine with toy tank and flags
Oil prices soar as Russia-Ukraine peace talks tank

OPEC+ meeting isn't expected to bring pricing relief

Daniel Tyson20:19, 28 February 2022
Wheat fields in Ukraine
Food basics increase in price as Ukraine conflict intensifies

Already-elevated fertiliser and grain prices will climb higher

Daniel Tyson01:00, 25 February 2022
Three slim bars of gold
Gold and precious metals reach new heights

War between Russia and Ukraine driving investors to safe havens like gold

Daniel Tyson22:34, 24 February 2022
Toy soldiers surround Ukraine
Oil surges to highest level since 2014 on Russian invasion

Natural gas jumped nearly 5% to $4.85 per million British thermal units

Daniel Tyson21:20, 24 February 2022

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