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Dan Atkinson is a British writer, journalist and author specialising in financial and economic matters. He has worked in this field for UK newspapers including The Guardian and The Mail on Sunday, reporting from around the world. He has since worked as a copywriter and content strategist for household-name financial institutions, and is the author or co-author of six books on social, financial and economic affairs.

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Gold’s uneven progress continues as paper assets are battered

Bullion has lost ground during the last month but remains nearly $300 an ounce higher than a year ago. Its popularity seems to reflect investor flight from tumbling stock markets.

Dan Atkinson
Paris stocks sinking in a sea of troubles

France’s blue-chip stock index has been on the slide as problems crowd in on the euro-zone’s number-two economy. Economic reforms are incomplete, growth in the single-currency bloc was already problematic and now the coronavirus has hit the country hard.

Dan Atkinson
Pound and shares rise despite Brexit talks disruption

Sterling and London stocks rose this morning on day one of tough new restrictions on everyday life in Britain. One casualty of the coronavirus is that detailed talks between the UK and European Union on a trade deal have been postponed.

Dan Atkinson
Will the RBS share price ever recover?

RBS, the group containing some of the great names in British banking, continues to see its share price close to all-time lows. As the Government postpones the part-nationalised institution’s return to the private sector, investors may well ask if the RBS share price will ever recover.

Dan Atkinson
Oil price perks up as President Trump goes to market

Crude oil prices showed signs of life this morning after a punishing downswing during the first months of this year. President Donald Trump has ordered the US Department of Energy to buy oil for the country’s strategic reserve, which may be supporting the price.

Dan Atkinson
Norway’s krone reflects challenging economic times

Norway, one of the richest countries per head in the world, is suffering a double hit from the coronavirus and the fall in oil prices. Economic activity looks likely to slow after the imposition of emergency measures to combat the virus.

Dan Atkinson
bitcoin crash
Bitcoin crash: what happens next?

Explore the latest Bitcoin crash analysis. What is the main reason for Bitcoin price drop in March 2020? Follow the news to spot the best opportunities to trade BTC.

Dan Atkinson
Travis Perkins share price history
Erratic Travis Perkins share price history belies profit recovery

Travis Perkins’ share price history shows it has yet to gain full credit from investors for swinging round from loss to profit. The leading UK building supplies and home improvement group acknowledges challenges but is confident about the future.

Dan Atkinson
Milan stocks join market rally despite Italian lockdown

Italian share prices rose this morning in line with other European markets, despite the extension across the whole of the country of measures to control the spread of the coronavirus. If, as is claimed, equity markets comprise a “leading indicator”, this is encouraging news for one of Europe’s largest economies.

Dan Atkinson
Stocks tumble at start of trading week

Concerns about the impact of the coronavirus and the possibility of failure in UK-Europe trade talks sent share tumbling this morning. Sterling took a battering against the euro and the yen, but rose against the dollar.

Dan Atkinson
Oil perks up but price still battered by virus and recession fears

Crude prices lifted this morning but the downtrend of recent weeks continues to depress the oil market. Existing fears of an global slowdown have been exacerbated by anxiety as to the possible economic impact of the coronavirus.

Dan Atkinson
long-term gbp usd forecast
The long-term forecast for the US dollar/British pound exchange rate

What is the long-term forecast for the exchange rate between the US dollar and the British pound? In figuring out an answer, it is important to remember that the differences between these two currencies and the economies that underpin them are as important as the similarities.

Dan Atkinson
Gold price strong as anxiety grips markets

Fears of a global slowdown and the economic threat posed by the coronavirus have bolstered demand for bullion. But some see the fact that gold’s traditional rival, the dollar, is also strong as indicating a serious crisis ahead.

Dan Atkinson
shares risers and fallers
Top shares risers and fallers of February 2020

February 2020 was a month of record stock market highs, with the S&P500 reaching 3380 on Feb 14. However, not all the companies on the list fared so well. While some managed to gain over 20%, others lost over 18%. Read on to find out which of the stocks on the S&P500 were the top share price risers and fallers of February 2020 – and why.

Dan Atkinson
Brent crude oil futures
Trading Brent crude oil futures

Brent crude oil futures are one of the most important energy derivatives in the commodity markets. They have long outgrown the oil field from which they take their name and are used in between half and two-thirds of oil futures trading

Dan Atkinson