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CFD'er på indekser

Speculate on marketwide changes with index CFDs. The FTSE 100, S&P 500 and Euro Stoxx 50 all have their ups and downs, and you can benefit by trading their price directly.

CFD'er på aktier

Trading share CFDs lets you speculate on prices of all popular markets with leverage and tight spreads.

CFD'er på kryptovaluta

Explore the latest financial markets with cryptocurrencies. Trade on the volatile crypto market rises and falls.

CFD'er på råvarer

Trade CFDs on a wide range of commodities, including Brent and Crude Oil, Gold and Silver. Enjoy outstanding flexibility when speculating on the world of natural resources with low margin CFDs.

CDF'er på Forex

Take advantage of global economic announcements and trends by trading CFDs on a huge variety of currency pairs, both widespread and niche.

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