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Claire Hunte

Claire Hunte has worked in the UK and US. She was launch editor of the World Life Insurance Report, and worked on FTyourmoney.com and was managing editor at Investor Relations and Corporate Secretary in the US. She has also worked for the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association and PwC.

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stock market rally
Trump exit, weak jobs report, stock market rally holds

It's either a giant shrug of nonchalance or the US investors have already priced in several White House crises. Even a weaker-than-expected jobs report held little sway as the Dow and S&P 500 continued their ascent.

Claire Hunte
Jobs market
Jobs growth fuels US stock market rally

Wall Street advanced to record highs on optimistic jobs growth report filtered through. The Dow climbed 135.3 points to 21,144.18 and S&P 500 nipped up +0.76% to 2,430.06 and NASDAQ climbed +0.78% to 6,246.83.

Claire Hunte
Oil price
US energy stocks slide on price of oil

Energy stocks dragged the Dow Jones index lower at closing as the price of oil dropped 1% to $49.31 a barrel. The index retreated 50 points or -0.24% to 21,029.81 despite a rally in tech stocks.

Claire Hunte
Measuring media
Media and entertainment industry's revolutionary appeal

When it comes to the UK media and entertainment sector you’ll find companies generating revenue from the sub sectors: books, films, TV production, news, gaming, advertising and information publishing.

Claire Hunte
Stock market index
Wall Street on exhilarating run, oil price dips on OPEC cuts

Investor sentiment and business confidence continues to ride the high from strong Q1 results for retail and strong economic data sending Wall Street to record closes. Bloomberg Consumer Comfort Index identified optimism about personal finances as its buying-climate gauge ascended to 46.7, its highest since December 2001, from 44.8.

Claire Hunte
Dollar and percent
US stocks edge higher, focus shifts to Fed Rate

The indices all advanced as the Federal Reserve released its minutes from its May meeting, which signalled a rate hike could be in the offing. The Dow hit 21,000 in early afternoon but dropped back to 20,994 a gain of 0.27% at close. NASDAQ rose 24.31 points to 6,163.02 and S&P 500 had a record day gaining +0.25%.

Claire Hunte
FTSE 100
Quiet day of trading on FTSE but enthusiasm still flows

At close the FTSE clocked up 29.61 points to close at 7,514.90 as investor enthusiasm continued unabated. Among the biggest risers was Marks & Spencer, recovered from earlier trading to close 1.47% to 393.40p despite revealing full year results today that saw annual profits nosedive 63%. easyJet rose 3.31% to 1,344p and integrated tourism group, TUI AG rose 2.59% to 1,170.55p.

Claire Hunte
Directional sign
US investors gain solace from President Trump's Budget

US indices notched further gains at close today after President Trump unveils his budget wish list for FY18. However, the horrific bombing in Manchester gave the market pause. The Dow closed +0.21% to 20,937.91.

Claire Hunte
Climbing out of crevasse
US markets upswing led by tech and defence shares, Ford makes a change

US stocks opened strongly on news of mega deals from President Trump’s tour to Saudi Arabia after falling off a cliff last week. Technology and defence were the locomotives of Nasdaq and S&P 500 pulling the indices to gains of 0.82% (6,133.62) and 0.52% (2394.02) respectively. The Dow Jones closed +0.43% to 20,894.83.

Claire Hunte
Confused business man
Wall St tanks on latest Trump troubles, worries extend to Europe

The Street reacted negatively to the latest crisis enfolding the White House and recorded the biggest one-day loss for the year. All three major indices slid sharply as hopes for the business-friendly regulatory and tax agenda recedes with the latest debacle engulfing the White House.

Claire Hunte
Horizon scanning
Markets horizon scan and currently sees little of concern

Amongst the top gainers on the Index were IBM (153.68 +1.43%) and Microsoft (69.41 +1.43). The big board continued to trade in its narrow range and dipped slightly with the S&P 500 fell -0.07% to 2400.67 and Dow Jones Index fell to -0.01% to 20,979.95. Nasdaq remains up and closes 6169.87.

Claire Hunte
Trump effect
Industrials and S&P creep lower after bout of gains

Slight pessimism creeps into US markets despite week of upbeat corporate earnings and raft of economic data indicating strong economy. Slight pessimism creeps into US markets despite week of upbeat corporate earnings and raft of economic data indicating strong economy.

Claire Hunte
Oil price
US markets remain tepid on geopolitical concerns, Nasdaq higher

The indices remained steady but the broader market weakly so sliding in reaction to rising geopolitical tensions between the US and North Korea and a slump in oil prices.

Claire Hunte
US stock markets
Feeble gains for US stock markets

At close the Dow Jones Industrial Average registered less than 0.1% change rising 5.3 points to 21012. The biggest movers of the day were Apple up 2.72% to 153.0 and Exxon Mobile rose from 82.02 to 82.89.

Claire Hunte
Shopping for iPhone 7
Apple losing its lustre?

Phone and computer maker Apple, the world’s biggest company, posted lacklustre results for its second quarter as the sale of iPhones dipped.

Claire Hunte