Chris Wheal

Chris Wheal is editor He set up and ran Daily Finance in the UK and then merged it with Walletpop to launch AOL Money. He previously edited three B2B magazines, including Insurance Times, as well supplements in the Guardian. He has won awards for business and consumer journalism.



House prices and demand growth boost markets

The good news for the US economy came from the house price figures, showing not just rising demand but rising prices. New single-family homes rose 2.9%

Chris Wheal

Disposition effect: holding bad stocks, selling good ones

The disposition effect is when an investor, or investors, hold on to losing stocks too long and sell winning stocks too soon. It is based on fear of making losses.

Chris Wheal
Protecting your assets

Protecting your assets: high net worth (HNW) insurance

Insurers love jargon and call insurance that protects the assets of wealthy individuals high net worth (HNW) insurance. It is non-standard, tailored cover to suit your needs. It has better terms, fewer exclusions and usually comes with some risk management help too. Because you’re worth it.

Chris Wheal
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