Charges and fees provides most of its brokerage services for free. We keep our fee policy transparent. That means if we need to charge you, we will make sure these fees are clear in the beginning. Our fees are mainly based on spread charges, which are competitive across the market.

Why pay more?

At, we think you’d be hard pushed to find a more competitive service elsewhere. That’s why we’re committed to offering almost all of our services free of charge – so that you can be sure there will never be any hidden charges. We are compensated for our services through Buy/Sell spreads, which we know to be the best in the industry.

No commission

Unlike our competitors, you can be sure that trading with will incur no fees for

Real-time Quotes
Opening/Closing trades
Educational material
Dynamic charts and indicators

Check the individual spread and overnight fees
for a specific instrument

Where we make our money

In exchange for offering you the best trading experience, is compensated for its services through the Buy/Sell spread. It’s simple: when you open a new position, you ‘pay’ the spread – the difference between the Buy and Sell prices.

The spread is always incorporated into our quoted rated and is never an additional charge payable by you.

The price of the spread varies across instruments, so the best way to check the spread for your chosen instrument is to check the live spread information available for each financial instrument on the website as well as on the mobile and web platform.

We cover all deposit and withdrawal costs

We’ve been voted the Best Trading Platform and Most Innovative Broker for a reason: we cover all fees associated with deposits and withdrawals. Any fees you do incur when transferring money to and from your account are levied by your bank or payment issuer.

Oh, and did we mention? We convert all foreign currencies not supported by the selected payment method so you don’t have to.

Additional fees

Depending on your trading habits, we might also charge the following fees (don’t worry, we’re still cheaper!):

Overnight fee

Unlike our competition, charges an overnight fee that is based only on the leverage provided rather than the entire value of your position for Cryptocurrencies, Shares and Thematic Investments.

The overnight fee charge on Indices, Commodities and FX is based on the entire value of your position.

As the overnight fee varies across instruments, you can find the specific overnight fee for your chosen instruments in the market information panel in the platform.

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