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Today, Capital.com is a group of people that think alike. We are backed by the best team, the best solutions, and the best technologies.

Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial neural networks are the brains of Capital.com’s CFD trading app.

AI can detect the cognitive biases that prevent traders from making smart decisions. For example, a trader increases the volume of trades because the previous ones were profitable (overconfidence bias). Or a trader chooses to speculate on German stocks only, missing potential trading opportunities (familiarity bias). If you are prone to behavioural biases, AI will spot them, alert you and offer helpful content to boost your trading skills. Knowing that you can be biased will make you think twice before taking a particular trading decision.

Unique content.

Well-made, reliable and thought-provoking content is the basis of smart trading decisions. Traders with different experience in business need different types of content. Newcomers have to cover the basics, die-hard traders learned them long ago.

Advanced technologies can figure out what you need. Your Capital.com feed will deliver financial content to meet your skills, needs and experience. Tailored videos on biases, engaging articles on trading, and top news that matters. Capital.com’s app is the very place to get valuable insights about trading and stay tuned to the financial world.

Content by experts.

At Capital.com, we value accuracy and expertise. We believe that traders should consume only reliable content. The more solid the foundation of knowledge, the smarter the decisions.

In creating our savvy content, we partner with only seasoned financial writers. Every day, they write for you with passion and expertise, delivering all the major market updates, recent economic news, accurate analysis pieces and entertaining features.

Get trustworthy articles on all the markets the trading app offers: stocks, commodities, currency pairs, indices and cryptocurrencies. Enjoy our smart guidance, get profound insights on trading and become an expert yourself.

Segregated accounts.

The Capital.com CFD trading app treats a client’s money well. As required by our regulator, we keep your money separate from ours in segregated bank accounts. In other words, clients’ funds are protected from unexpected risks that the company could potentially suffer.

The money deposited by Capital.com’s clients is spread across a number of high-profile banks. Deposits are reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that they satisfy the company’s guidelines. Capital.com isn’t entitled to clients’ funds, so they can’t be used to pay sovereign and corporate debts. Your money remains safe.

European regulation.

Capital Com (UK) Limited is registered in England and Wales with company registration number 10506220, authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) under register number 793714.

Capital Com SV Investments Limited is registered in Cyprus with company registration number HE 354252, licensed and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) under the license number 319/17.

The FCA is the conduct regulator for financial services firms and financial markets in the UK. The CySEC is a Cyprus-based financial regulatory body that grants licenses to investment companies, including brokerages, supervises them and controls their operation.

Capital.com fully complies with CySEC’s and FCA's requirements and those imposed by the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID I and II) – a part of the EU legal framework for companies that provide services for financial markets.

Negative balance protection.

Trading can be unpredictable and risky, but you don’t have to worry about going into debt. With our negative balance protection feature, you can be sure that your account balance will never drop below zero.

Markets can suddenly move in your favour or against you. Adverse movements can eat up at all your balance and get you into debt. To prevent traders from a negative balance, the Capital.com CFD trading app partially or fully closes the positions of traders who don’t maintain account equity at the required level.

Real-time market data.

Our CFD trading app delivers the freshest market data in real-time and for free. What else could a trader need to keep up with the market?

Capital.com’s clients can receive accurate and reliable quotes, keeping them up-to-the-minute with market happenings. The platform covers price changes for the major global markets: shares, indices, commodities, and Forex and cryptocurrency pairs.

In your watchlist, you can follow the behaviour of financial instruments represented as charts. If you don’t like the default chart type, choose another one. We have four: candlestick, mountain, line and bar.

Quick withdrawals.

Profits from trading should be readily available. Otherwise, what’s the point? With the Capital.com CFD trading app, the money you earn can be in your back account in no time. We process clients’ withdrawal requests within only 24 business hours. Your bank’s operating procedure, however, may result in you receiving funds slightly later.

Get money in your account using multiple payment methods, such as a debit/credit card, Bank Wire Transfer, Klarna (Sofort), Neteller or Skrill. For the sake of security, we transfer funds via the same payment method used by a client to make a deposit.

With Capital.com, clients can withdraw funds in GBP (£), EUR (€), USD ($) or PLN (zł).

Price alerts.

Why set price alerts? After a significant event happens, markets can move wildly. Traders can capitalise on both the ups and downs. With price alerts, they won’t miss important market changes and trading opportunities that come along!

Place the needed price level and get instant push notifications from Capital.com. They can be set for shares, commodities, indices, Forex and cryptocurrency pairs.

Loss limiting.

Make sure that you manage your risks by using Take Profit, Stop Loss or Guaranteed Stop Loss orders.

A Take Profit (TP) is attached to close a position at a price that is better than the current price. This order type is primarily used to lock in profits from a position.

A Stop Loss (SL) is attached to close a position at a price that is worse than the current price. It limits the potential losses you can incur from an open position.

Guaranteed Stop Loss (GSL) saves from price gapping (slippage). It puts a cap on your losses, by closing out at exactly the price specified by you.

Margin call.

Trading on margin boosts your opportunities to profit much more than you would do with no margin. However, with bigger capital come bigger risks. Adverse market movements can eat up or even exceed your account balance.

To prevent excessive loss, we have a policy to send a margin call to clients who lose beyond a certain limit.

Margin call is a request to top up your account when it drops below the margin requirements. At Capital.com, we alert you when your Equity/Margin balance is 0.8 (80%). At this point, a trader has to raise their collateral balance, or their positions will be closed out to prevent further loss.

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