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Forking the word of the moment in cryptocurrency

Forking is the word of the moment in the cryptocurrency world. At least six forks are currently expected to take place over the next few weeks, each potentially creating a new cryptocurrency.

Brian Bollen

Etherium poised to be new darling of crypto markets

Etherium could be poised to become the new darling of the cryptocurrency markets after both Bitcoin and Litecoin appeared to be falling back.

Richard Reed
Silver litecoin on keyboard

Litecoin’s rise and rise but is it apt to fall?

Litecoin, an altcoin alternative to Bitcoin, has seen explosive growth of over 4,000% year to date according to Coinmarketcap but investors should still have some care.

Claire Hunte

Litecoin is over $300, but the party may stop

Litecoin has demonstrated a massive surge in price. The cryptocurrency has recently surpassed $300 a coin, but may fall down any moment according to the creator, Charlie Lee. News

Hotly anticipated bitcoin futures ease off after 22 percent surge

Bitcoin futures eased back from an initial surge of almost 22% to trade up 13% on Monday, in an eagerly awaited US market debut

Chris Wheal

Bitcoin volatile as traders mull futures market

Bitcoin’s dramatic fall in value from last night’s record high of more than $17,000 is down to uncertainty over whether a futures-market launch will go ahead.

Richard Reed

Bitcoin surges past $17,000 before crashing 11%

Bitcoin surged past the $17,000 mark in the early hours of Friday morning, before crashing by around 11%.

James Hester

‘Altcoin’ prices falling as Bitcoin surges to new highs

While the price of Bitcoin is going through the roof – soaring past $15,000 today (Thursday) – other digital currencies, or ‘altcoins’, are falling.

Richard Reed
UBS office in Zurich, Switzerland

UBS Files Patent on Blockchain-Based Validation

Swiss bank UBS seeks approval on patent on systems and methods for facilitating Blockchain-based validation. News

Steam refuses to accept ‘speculative asset’ Bitcoin

Bitcoin might be soaring towards a $15,000 valuation but for some the currency is simply too hot to handle.

David Burrows
Bitcoin currency

Bitcoin tops $12,000 and is well on its way to $13,000

The price of bitcoin surged above $12,000 early Wednesday morning, the latest milestone in the cryptocurrency's massive rise.

Claire Hunte

Crypto Rush Continues: Japan to Launch Bitcoin Derivatives

The Tokyo Financial Exchange is moving towards Bitcoin derivatives, following the examples of its US counterparts – Chicago-based CME and CBOE. News

Bitcoin reaches new high but bubble fears persist

Bitcoin extended its rally continued apace today, breaking above $12,000 to a record high despite concerns about the cryptocurrency’s real value and fears of a dangerous bubble.

David Burrows

CryptoKitties: the latest finfancy on the crypto arena

It is cryptocurrency meets cuteness. The latest trend to hit the financial technology world, CryptoKitties is an online platform for collecting and breeding digital cats. Built using the Ethereum platform and blockchain technology, the innovation is already making waves. News

Bitcoin to Die One Day: Chinese Bank Official

Pan Gongsheng, the People’s Bank of China official, doubles down on banning the ICOs in China. News