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Stripe to end support for online bitcoin transactions

Stripe, the internet platform for ecommerce and online payments, said on Wednesday it would no longer support bitcoin as a means of online payment

Neil Dennis
Digital currencies

Bitcoin falls below $10,000 as crackdown hits digital currencies

Bitcoin briefly dropped below the $10,000 mark for the first time since its meteoric rise in 2017, as governments around the world crack down on the digital currency.

Richard Reed

Bitcoin leads crypto-decline on Korean tax plans

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies fell on Tuesday as South Korea continued to target the exchanges on which the controversial digital currency units are traded

Neil Dennis

Bitcoin bandwagon sees Blockchain Worldwide jump 125%

What happens when the austerely-named telecoms investment fund Stapleton Capital changes its name to Blockchain Worldwide? Its shares jump 125%, of course

Neil Dennis

Cryptocurrencies fall as India joins crackdown on exchanges

Bitcoin and the wider cryptocurrency group was broadly lower on Monday as concerns over national crackdowns on trading the controversial digital currencies continued to blight the market

Neil Dennis
Bloodied finger held behind back

Scams and regulation fear sweep cryptos

Bitcoin’s recent brutal tumble below $10,000 sharpened many minds on crypto valuations

Adrian Holliday

Morgan Stanley enters crypto clearing market

Morgan Stanley is to join rival Goldman Sachs in clearing bitcoin futures trades for clients, a sign that the crypto is becoming increasingly mainstream.

James Hester

Ripple stages sharp rally as sentiment improves

Ripple (XRP) staged a sharp rally on Thursday, rising over 50% on the trading session as worries surrounding regulatory crackdowns in South Korea and China appeared to ease.

James Hester

Bitcoin prices drop as CBOE boosts market efficiency

Bitcoin players are debating the reason for the latest big drop in prices, with some commentators pointing to the closure of the first futures contracts on the Chicago Stock Exchange (CBOE) as likely playing a role.

James Hester

Cryptos stage a comeback …at least for a while

Just when you thought it might be over for Cryptocurrencies with inflated valuations coming back to earth with a bump - then values start to rise again… least for a while.

David Burrows
Chinese woman

Cryptocurrencies to bounce back after Lunar New Year

Some cryptocurrency traders are claiming cryptos have always fallen in January due to the Asian celebration of the Lunar New Year and they will bounce back shortly.

Chris Wheal

Bitcoin slumps down almost half its peak value

Bitcoin has sunk a further 12% to below $10,000 halving in value from its peak price when it skyrocketed last year.

Alison Bloomer

Ripple plunges as cryto panic deepens

Ripple (XRP) is among the biggest casualties of the recent sell-off in cryptos, losing nearly 30% in 24 hours.

James Hester

Cryptocurrency sell-off continues on regulatory fears

Cryptocurrencies fell further on Wednesday as concerns over restrictions and tighter regulation over trading intensified

Neil Dennis
Bitcoin digital currency fall concept

Cryptocurrencies all fall down

Cryptocurrencies’ double-digit descent saw the main alt coins falling between 23% and 14% as rattled investors continued a selloff amidst fears of a South Korea crackdown.

Claire Hunte

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