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What does Varian Medical Systems do?

Varian Medical Systems (VAR), or Varian, is a US-based medical technology company, headquartered in Palo Alto, California, the USA.
Since the 1950s Varian has been developing innovative solutions – equipment, accessories, and software – to fight cancer. The company is also a major provider of X-ray tubes and flat panel image detectors as well as imaging component products for security and inspection. The company has a staff of about 6,500 employees, who work in 70 sales and support offices globally.
Varian operates across three business units: oncology systems, X-ray products and Other, combined of the Security and Inspection Products (SIP) unit, the Varian Particle Therapy (VPT) unit, and Ginzton Technology Center (GTC).

What does the company offer?

Varian has a robust portfolio of hardware and software tech solutions, which are used for radiation treatments worldwide. The company operates 3,300 treatment planning sites and 3,000 ARIA® sites, as well as over 7,200 linear accelerators.
Varian’s oncology products are provided across four areas:
1. Oncology treatment delivery
The medical company offers a broad array of innovative radiation treatment systems that enable accurate treatment, clinical efficiencies and personalised patient care.
In particular, the Halcyon™ cancer treatment device has been engineered to enhance image-guided volumetric intensity-modulated radiotherapy (IMRT).
The Edge® is a system to used to deliver full-body radiosurgery treatments, already adopted by many clinics to minimise the overall time and resources needed for surgery while reducing the dose received by healthy surrounding tissues.
TrueBeam® is a fully-integrated system for image-guided radiotherapy and radiosurgery. The platform treats any type of cancer, including breast, head, lung, neck and prostate.
Other Varian oncology treatment solutions include VitalBeam™, Trilogy®, Clinac®, the ProBeam® compact and multi-room proton therapy systems, the Varian BrachyTherapy Suite and more.
2. Oncology software
Varian’s comprehensive oncology software products are intended for managing radiotherapy centers, cancer clinics, and treatment planning.
For example, ARIA® is an information system which helps manage the clinical, administrative and financial aspects of oncology patient care in a medical oncology department.
Other software solutions include 360 Oncology, Eclipse™, RapidPlan™, InSightive™, Velocity, FullScale™, Vitesse™, VariSeed™, BrachyVision™ and Acuros™.
3. Cloud-based apps
Varian provides cutting-edge cloud apps for users to streamline clinical workflow. Cloud Apps are completely hosted in the cloud and are available as Software As A Service (SaaS) subscriptions.
In particular, Varian’s portfolio of applications includes Qumulate™, Varian Marketplace™ and OncoPeer™.
4. Real-time tracking
Varian real-time tracking solutions are intended to detect the slightest movements of a tumor and deliver radiation directly to it, while not affecting healthy tissues and organs. The company’s portfolio of tracking solutions include the Calypso® extracranial tracking system, the Varian SRS Intracranial Package, Gated RapidArc®, Pivotal™, etc.

Where is Varian traded?

Since 14 September 1959, Varian Medical Systems has been listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the ticker symbol ‘VAR’. The company’s shares are included into the S&P 500 index.

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