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What is the SETHD Index?


The SETHD Index is a stock market index which gives investors a narrow benchmark of the performance of high dividend stocks traded on the Stock Exchange of Thailand. The top 30 stocks ranked by dividend yield constitute the index, and must also be part of the broad SET100 Index.

Where have you heard about the SETHD Index?

Your broker can give you information about investing in foreign companies. Thailand is an emerging market and is known for its services, financials and resources sectors. The SET50 and SET100 indices offer a wider exposure to the Thai market, but the SETHD Index focuses on high dividend yield stocks.

What you need to know about the SETHD Index.

The World Bank describes Thailand as ‘one of the great development success stories’. Smart economic policies put in place in the 1980s saw multi-year GDP growth of between 5 and 13 percent. However, since the military seized power in 2014, growth has slowed to 3 percent and it now lags behind other Southeast Asian economies. Both the SET50 and SET100 indices give you exposure to the Thai market, but the SETHD Index focuses narrowly on high dividend yield stocks. You can invest in the SETHD using the ThaiDEX SET High Dividend ETF, traded on the Stock Exchange of Thailand.

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