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What is Royal Bounty Fund?

Royal Bounty Fund

It was a charitable fund set up by Edmund Burke in his 1782 Civil List Act for the relief of those in distress and for "miscellaneous confidential purposes". Some of it was used to help pay for the wedding of Prince Charles to Princess Diana.

Where have you heard about Royal Bounty Fund?

In 2002 prime minister Tony Blair and his wife Cherie scrapped the Royal Bounty and Special Services Fund and the Royal Charity Fund. The prime minister as First Lord of the Treasury and his wife were the ones who decided who any beneficiaries were.

What you need to know about Royal Bounty Fund.

The fund was always shrouded in secrecy. Only a select few in government ever knew about it. Prime minister Edward Heath did not even learn about it while in office. It was funded by public money but never appeared in public accounts to be approved by parliament. Millions of pounds in today's money will have flowed through this and other charitable funds.

Because these funds have been kept secret for over 230 years, some people question whether there are other secret funds that nobody knows about.

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