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Capital Com SV Investments Limited (hereinafter: “we”, “CAPITAL.COM”, “the Company”) is a regulated Cyprus Investment Firm, registration number HE 354252. The company is licensed and registered with the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission under the license number 319/17.

As a regulated entity based in the European Union, CAPITAL.COM complies with the requirements imposed by the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID). 

Segregated Funds keeps its clients’ money in segregated bank accounts in accordance with our regulator’s rules on client money. In other words, your funds are held separately from our funds and are thus not exposed to any unexpected financial difficulties that may arise in the Company. The Company does not claim any entitlement to these funds, as they belong to you.

Clients’ funds are spread across a number of prominent banks (Eurobank, Astrobank, etc.) that are constantly reviewed to ensure they are in line with the CAPITAL.COM guidelines.

Our clients’ funds, therefore, cannot be affected by sovereign and corporate debts.

Hedging is achieved through CAPITAL.COM money only.

Investor Compensation Fund

Capital Com SV Investments Limited is a member of the Investor Compensation Fund (the “Fund”) for Customers of Cyprus Investment Firms (CIFs) and other Investment Firms (IFs) that are not credit institutions.

The Fund constitutes a private law legal entity and its administration is exercised by an Administrative Committee. The Committee consists of five members, who hold the office for a three-year term. 

Fixing the amount of payable compensation 

The amount of the compensation payable to each client is calculated in accordance with the legal and contractual terms governing our relationship with the client, subject to the set-off rules applied for the calculation of the claims between the client and CAPITAL.COM. 

If the amount of the claim determined under the directive exceeds the amount of twenty thousand euros (€20,000), the claimant will receive up to 20,000 euros as compensation. 

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