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Prosper price prediction: What is prosper (PROS)?

By Peter Henn

11:11, 16 September 2022

Prosper is outperforming the market - Photo: Shutterstock

The Prosper (PROS) token has outperformed the market this year, in spite of a lack of clarity as to its usage and intentions. What is Prosper? Let’s take a look, and examine some of the Prosper price predictions that were being made on 16 September 2022, too. 

Prosper explained

One of the crucial tools used by investors is price predictions, in the world of cryptocurrency as well as in investing as a whole. Indeed, you are reading a about crypto price predictions right now. Investors can use a price forecast alongside their own, essential, research, to make an informed opinion as to whether or not to invest in a commodity. Likewise, people are able to, in effect, bet on whether a market forecast is right.

The Prosper platform allows people to take part in market prediction-related investments. The system’s website claims that it is the “world's first prediction market with the on-chain liquidity aggregation”. 

Prosper does not appear to have a whitepaper, a technical document designed to explain to potential investors what it is that the system and, by extension, its native crypto are designed to do. While there are some networks that do not have a whitepaper as such, they compensate for this by having a full, detailed, explanation of their platform and their token or coin on their own website. Prosper has neither of these things, which means that we cannot know the technical details behind Prosper, its exact intentions, or what it is precisely that PROS is used for. This may serve as a potential red flag to people who might be considering investing in Prosper. 

As far as we can tell, PROS is used to help people, in effect, gamble on whether a market forecast has got it right. It can, the website implies, be used to give users lower commission rates, support the decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO) that operates the system, help provide liquidity and create custom pools. Again, though, because of the lack of a whitepaper, we do not know the exact details.  

Because PROS is based on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain, it is a token, rather than a coin. You might see references to such things as a prosper coin price prediction, but these are, strictly, wrong. 

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Prosper price history

While past performance should never be taken as an indicator of future results, knowing the PROS price history can help us when it comes to either interpreting a prosper price prediction or making one of our own. 

When PROS first came onto the open market in January 2021, it was worth about $0.35. At a time when the market blossomed, the new token was able to grow in price, reaching an all-time high of $9.39 on 21 February. While PROS then slid down, it was still able to trade at more than $5 in early May. After that, though, the after-effects of the Great Crypto Day Crash of 19 May 2022 meant that it spent the summer in the doldrums, falling to below $0.70 in July. There was a recovery after that, and the token broke past $4 in September, before the price declined again to close the year at $1.21.

So far, 2022 has been a poor year for crypto, but PROS has ended up being one of the tokens that has bucked the trends. That said, it initially fell to a low of $0.4266 on 14 March, before hitting a run towards the end of the month that culminated in it trading at $0.8988 on 2 April. The market turmoil caused by the depegging of the UST stablecoin and the collapse of the associated LUNA cryptocurrency meant that it fell to a low of $0.1843 on 12 May.

After the cancellation of withdrawals on the Celsius (CEL) crypto lending platform confirmed the bear market, PROS dropped to an all-time low of $0.1344 on 18 June. After that, though, there was some steady recovery and, on 14 September, it reached a high of $0.797. The following day’s news that the token was to be listed on the Binance (BNB) crypto exchange gave the token a massive boost, with it soaring to a high of $1.90.


3,497.99 Price
-0.260% 1D Chg, %
Long position overnight fee -0.0616%
Short position overnight fee 0.0137%
Overnight fee time 21:00 (UTC)
Spread 6.00


0.60 Price
+4.680% 1D Chg, %
Long position overnight fee -0.0753%
Short position overnight fee 0.0069%
Overnight fee time 21:00 (UTC)
Spread 0.01168


66,703.40 Price
-0.440% 1D Chg, %
Long position overnight fee -0.0616%
Short position overnight fee 0.0137%
Overnight fee time 21:00 (UTC)
Spread 106.00


0.13 Price
+2.880% 1D Chg, %
Long position overnight fee -0.0753%
Short position overnight fee 0.0069%
Overnight fee time 21:00 (UTC)
Spread 0.0012872

By 16 September 2022, PROS was worth about $2.30, meaning it had risen by around 90% since 1 January, a time period which has seen the market as a whole fall by about 55%. At that time, there were 4.47 million PROS in circulation out of a total supply of 100 million, giving it a market capitalisation of around $10m, which meant it was the 822nd largest crypto by that metric.

Prosper price predictions

Let u s now take a look at some of the prosper price predictions that were being made as of 16 September 2022. It is important to remember that price forecasts, especially for something as potentially volatile as cryptocurrency, very often turn out to be wrong. In addition, long-term crypto price predictions are often made using an algorithm, which means that they can change at a moment’s notice.

CoinArbitrageBot had a PROS price prediction which suggested that the token’s recent run of good form could continue, so that it might reach a little under $2.92 this year. In 2023, the site said, Prosper could be worth around $5.19, before potentially hitting $8.40 in 2024. CoinArbitrageBot then went on to make a Prosper price prediction for 2025 of a just under $14.60. Whether you give credence to this forecast will depend on whether you can believe, after doing your own research, that the token has the potential to grow by something like more than 500% over the course of the next three years or so. made a Prosper crypto price prediction which argued that the token could drop to $1.73 this year, before possibly reaching $2.44 next year and $3.54 the year after that. By 2025, the site said, PROS could be trading at $5.15, reaching $7.41 in 2026 and breaking through the $10 barrier to trade at a potential $11.08 in 2027. In 2028, the forecaster argued that the token could be worth $15.94, closing the decade at $22.71. It went on to make a Prosper price prediction for 2030 of a potential $32.37, before claiming it could be worth $48.42 in 2031. had a Prosper price prediction for 2022 that argued the token could close the year at a little below $1.66. The site then argued that it could reach a fraction of a cent below $1.71 in September 2023, moving on up to almost $1.84 a year from then. By September 2025, the site said, PROS could be worth somewhere between $1.86 and $1.87, reaching close to $2.34 12 months on and closing 2026 at about $2.44.

Finally, WalletInvestor made a rather more downbeat PROS price prediction. The site said that it thought Prosper could struggle over the coming 12 months, losing around 90% of its value to trade at a lowly $0.09065 by September 2023. 

When considering a PROS token price prediction, it is important to keep in mind that cryptocurrency markets remain extremely volatile, making it difficult to accurately predict what a coin or token’s price will be in a few hours, and even harder to give long-term estimates. Analysts and algorithm-based forecasters can and do get their predictions wrong.

If you are considering investing in cryptocurrency tokens, we recommend that you always do your own research. Look at the latest market trends, news, technical and fundamental analysis, and expert opinion before making any investment decision. Keep in mind that past performance is no guarantee of future returns. Never trade with money that you cannot afford to lose.


Is prosper a good investment?

It is hard to say. A lot of potential uncertainty, lack of clarity, and ambiguity could be solved if the system had a proper whitepaper which could explain things for potential investors. Regardless, a lot will also depend on how the overall crypto market behaves in future days and months. 

Remember, you should always carry out your own thorough research before making an investment. Even high market cap cryptocurrencies have proved vulnerable to the current bear markets. Investors should be prepared to make losses and never spend more than they can afford to lose.

Will prosper go up or down?

It is difficult to tell at this point. While sites like CoinArbitrageBot are very optimistic about the token’s future, the likes of WalletInvestor strike a more sombre note and places such as stand somewhere between the two. Regardless, it is important to remember that price predictions very often turn out to be wrong, and that prices can go down as well as up.  

In volatile cryptocurrency markets, it is important to do your own research on a coin or token to determine if it is a good fit for your investment portfolio. Whether PROS is a suitable investment for you depends on your risk tolerance and how much you intend to invest, among other factors. Keep in mind that past performance is no guarantee of future returns. Do not put at risk any money you cannot afford not to get back.

Should I invest in prosper?

If you do want to invest in PROS, then you will need to carry out your own research, bearing in mind that a lack of a proper whitepaper might prove to be a stumbling block. Ultimately, though, this is a question that you will have to answer for yourself. Before you do so, however, you will need to conduct your own research and never stake money you could not afford to lose, because prices will go down as well as up.

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