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Why become a Professional client?

New European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) regulations will considerably restrict leverage for retail clients. This means that from May 27, 2018 you may need to deposit significantly more money to achieve you existing level of market exposure.

These changes aim to offer extra protection to retail traders and do not apply to professional clients, who will continue to benefit from lower deposits and higher leverage.

Leverage changes

Product category Professional account
(Max. leverage)
Retail account
(Max. leverage)
Major currency pairs 200:1 30:1
Non-major currency pairs 200:1 20:1
Gold 200:1 20:1
Major indices 200:1 20:1
Commodities other than gold 200:1 10:1
Non-major indices 200:1 10:1
Individual equities 20:1 5:1
Crypto 5:1 2:1

If you are an experienced investor, and meet at least two of the three conditions below you should consider becoming a professional client.

Your application has been approved. You're now a professional client. Your application is currently under review

Professional client status confirms that you have sufficient financial expertise and are comfortable with a lower level of regulatory protection:

Fewer risk warnings is no longer required to provide you with standardised risk warnings concerning complex financial products.


You can now receive certain promotional and informative content which is not allowed for retail clients

CIF Client Compensation Fund Scheme

Only Retail Clients have access to compensation from the Cyprus CIF Client Compensation Fund Scheme where we are unable to meet our obligations.

Opting out of professional classification

At any point, you can request to be reclassified back to retail client. Simply contact our client support team via phone, email or chat.