Neil Dennis

Neil Dennis left the Financial Times, after 16 years writing about markets, to pursue a freelance career. He can now be seen covering currencies and fintech for FX-MM magazine, among others.



Don’t go the Boris way: avoid the damage of bankruptcy

Poor Boris Becker. Once the boyish prankster of Centre Court – now the 49-year-old, three-time Wimbledon champion has been declared bankrupt by a London court

Neil Dennis

Housebuilders prepare for a period of turbulence

The recovery for UK housebuilders, which lost about 40% in the days following last year's EU Referendum, has begun to stall in the trading sessions since this month's general election

Neil Dennis

FTSE turns volatile as oil and sterling slide

Sliding oil prices and a return to April lows for sterling leave UK stocks vulnerable to volatile moves with energy stocks and banks exerting downside pressure

Neil Dennis

Business leaders warn Brexit ‘no deal’ unacceptable

Britain's business leaders are getting increasingly nervous about the outcome of Brexit talks with warnings of industrial and economic stagnation

Neil Dennis

Businesses steer to hopes of softer Brexit deal

As the dawn of Brexit negotiations finally arrives, British businesses vary in their aspirations for the outcome of the talks

Neil Dennis

Economic preview: UK begins Brexit negotiations

Negotiations on the terms by which the UK leaves the European Union begin this week, and the government has confirmed that Brexit secretary David Davies will be in Brussels

Neil Dennis
Coffee beans falling out of bag with scoop

Derivatives trading: 5 of the weirdest you can buy

The key to understanding the derivatives market is knowing that these investment products are just what they say they are: derivative.

Neil Dennis

Yen falls after dovish call from Bank of Japan

Japan's yen falls after the country's central bank sends a relatively dovish message to the markets following its decision to leave monetary policy on hold

Neil Dennis

Eight global economic measures and their uses

Economic measures throw up an alphabet soup: GDP, GNP, RPI, CPI, PMI – the list goes on. But measuring economic wellbeing is a complex and not always entirely accurate business.

Neil Dennis

Consumers lose out as Ogden rate hits insurers

The motor insurance market says new compensation payment rules will severely hit profits, which will likely lead to higher premiums for customers to help offset the costs

Neil Dennis
Newspaper stand

Trading the news: how markets react to new events

The news, what's happening right now, is as important to the investor as technical charts and historical market data. Company news, economic news, political news.

Neil Dennis
charts and graphs with pen-pencil

The pros and cons of hypothesis testing and backtests

Hypothesis testing is an instrument in the financial market trader's toolbox to help guide investment strategy by statistical means. The use of charts and historical data is commonplace, but the use of statistical mathematics is rare among private investors.

Neil Dennis
empty malls

UK retail sales drop confirms consumer squeeze

Concerns that the drop in real wages are putting the squeeze on consumer spending were realised after data show retail sales dropped much more sharply than forecast in May

Neil Dennis

Squeeze on UK households tightens as wage growth slows

UK markets were quick to react to the latest set of data to confirm the growing gap between consumer price rises and wage growth.

Neil Dennis

Dollar weakens ahead of Fed rate move

The dollar fell on Wednesday ahead of a widely forecast rise in US interest rates expected to be announced by the Federal Reserve later in the day

Neil Dennis
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