Mohadesa Najumi

Mohadesa is a British writer who has worked within forex, financial technology and the stock market industry. She has previously written for The Independent and The Huffington Post. Mohadesa studied for her MSc in Political Science and International Relations at the University of Amsterdam and enjoys researching everything from crypto assets to the democratisation of investing.

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Синий футуристический фон. Биткойн и блокчейн. Электронная криптовалюта и современные технологии. Интернет-банкинг и финансовые коммуникации. Всемирная паутина. Голограмма с глобусом слова
Wemix price prediction: Is a new rally imminent?

Will Wemix, a blockchain platform for gaming DApps, expand in 2022?

Mohadesa Najumi
3D render illustration of golden coins, and golden NFT, Crypto currency coins getting into wallet on smartphone, online payment, transaction concept
Vulcan Forged (PYR) price prediction: Will it resume its rally?

Vulcan Forged had a strong rally in November 2021. What’s next for the NFT project?

Mohadesa Najumi
Crypto Currency market concept. Bank market and virtual currency value graph. Statistics comparison of best-selling crypto coins on stock exchange. Use for Bitcoin, ETH, Ripple, Bitcoin cash.
Crypto’s big year: The five best crypto investments of 2021

Cryptocurrencies have proliferated in 2021, with global market capitalisation exceeding $3tn.

Mohadesa Najumi
Global network and financial technology concept.
Ultra price prediction: is UOS poised to take off again?

What’s next for Ultra (UOS) token after reaching an all-time high last month?

Mohadesa Najumi
Business man working with trader graphics concept.
How to predict cryptocurrency price using fundamental analysis

Which factors shape crypto price predictions? Fundamental analysis could be the key.

Mohadesa Najumi
Blue futuristic background. Bitcoin and blockchain. Electronic cryptocurrency and modern technology. Online banking, and financial communications. World wide web. Hologram with a globe of the word
Kadena price prediction: will KDA retest its highs?

Will the kadena (KDA) price rebound or drop after its recent rally to a new high? Read more…

Mohadesa Najumi
Businessman using tablet online banking, exchange currency and payment, Digital marketing, Finance and banking networking, Investment of growth on currency rate, Online shopping
EverGrow coin price prediction: The next Shiba Inu?

Listed on three exchanges since its September 2021 launch, there are already 100,000 EGC token holders.

Mohadesa Najumi
NFT golden coins in pile. Non fungible tokens dropped casually in a large pile, close-up shot. Embossed circuit design, shiny gold color with bright sunlight. Trendy cryptocurrency art coins.
Mapping the NFT phenomenon: Top four NFT trends to watch in 2022

From ticketing and fan engagement to digital artwork and virtual real estate, NFTs represent a booming marketplace.

Mohadesa Najumi
NFT nonfungible tokens concept - NFT word in picture frame on abstract technology background. 3d rendering
First ever NFT ETF: Can it offer investors thematic exposure?

Defiance is the first ETF issuer to offer investors with exposure to an emerging NFT market.

Mohadesa Najumi
Businessman using tablet online banking, exchange currency and payment, Digital marketing, Finance and banking networking, Investment of growth on currency rate, Online shopping
Onyx coin price prediction: Sold out in less than 24 hours

Onyx is a new play-to-earn project. Its private token sale sold out in under 24 hours.

Mohadesa Najumi
Cloud data, big data analysis, metaverse internet of thing IOT technology, crypto currency mine server data AI artificial intelligence futuristic background, online internet connect .
MANA to SAND: Five biggest metaverse cryptos to watch

The hybrid metaverse world is a fusion of internet and virtual and augmented realities. Here are its five biggest coins.

Mohadesa Najumi
Blockchain technology futuristic hud background with world map and blockchain peer to peer network. Global cryptocurrency blockchain business banner concept.
Empire Token (EMPIRE) forecast: NFT marketplace is now live on Ethereum

EMPIRE gained prominence after launching its own NFT marketplace which is now live on the Ethereum mainnet.

Mohadesa Najumi
Russia Moscow 30.05.2021.Logo,screenshot of blockchain nft ethereum cryptocurrency game Decentraland in laptop,mobile phone.Man playing with crypto coins,token MANA.Earning digital money.Lands,heroes.
What is Decentraland and how does it work?

Decentraland allows users to interact seamlessly within a system-generated environment that incentivises content creation.

Mohadesa Najumi
Shiba Inu token (Shib). 3D illustration of the token. 3D render. The rise of Shib. Gold Token. Use in your articles videos or blogs.
Shiba inu coin price prediction for 2030: How high will it go?

Despite SHIB’s lack of real-world application, there’s talk of the token possibly reaching $1 by 2030 amid unprecedented gains.

Mohadesa Najumi
Altcoin flight with bitcoin in the center as the leader. Bitcoin as the most important cryptocurrency concept. 3D illustration
Cryptocurrency ban in India: Government to prohibit cryptos

Indian authorities are looking to finalise a draft bill that could have a dramatic impact on the crypto industry.

Mohadesa Najumi

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