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What was Matchbook FX?

Matchbook FX

It was an electronic communications network that operated between 1999 and 2002, trading electronic currency in the FX or Foreign Exchange Market. With the decline of the bubble Matchbook FX struggled to raise continued operating funds, and in 2002 it was sold to multiple investors who made a collective choice to discontinue the brand.

Where have you heard about Matchbook FX?

Matchbook FX was the world’s first open and comprehensive online ECN for internet trading, available to all FX traders including corporations, banks, CTAs and hedge funds. The platform was created by Daniel Uslander, Ron Comerchero, Josh Levy and Mar S Smith.

What you need to know about Matchbook FX.

Several months after Matchbook FX's conception, were brought in as the third major equity partner. As one of the very first open access providers Matchbook FX received major acclaim for its efforts to progress and level the playing field of interbank forex dealing. In 2000 it was recognised by Silicon Alley Reporter Magazines “12 to watch”. Matchbook FX operated as an open limit order book, where any participant signed up to the network could post its own bids and offers or trade immediately on any bids and offers for a certain currency.

Find out more about Matchbook FX.

If you are interested in Matchbook FX, take a look at our page on electronic communications networks.

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