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Hermione Taylor

Hermione is an experienced Economics writer, teacher and lecturer. She has spent the past 10 years explaining Economic theory to a variety of audiences, having taught most recently at the London School of Economics. Hermione uses theoretical concepts to give a refreshing view of the markets and the global economy. 

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Forex trade market and development concept with growing digital candlestick and indicators on sunny skyscrapers background. Double exposure
Real estate stocks to watch: Post-pandemic winners and losers

In a complex post-Covid climate, what are the biggest real estate stocks to invest in now?

Hermione Taylor12:10, 25 November 2021
Black Friday sale template design
How does Black Friday affect stocks?

Challenging conditions spell a Black Friday like no other – what might this mean for the markets?

Hermione Taylor08:40, 24 November 2021
Munich/Bavaria/Germany - 11/16/2020: Coronavirus vaccine and a syringe on a white glossy surface.
BioNTech stock forecast: Can boosters give shares a boost?

Will the roll out of booster shots give BioNTech share price predictions a shot in the arm?

Hermione Taylor12:14, 18 November 2021
Citigroup stock prediction
Citigroup stock forecast: Strong results offset by regulatory pressure

What’s the latest Citigroup stock prediction amid regulatory pressure and rising costs?

Hermione Taylor09:22, 29 October 2021
How to invest during hyperinflation
How to invest during hyperinflation

With US CPI inflation at a 13-year high, hyperinflation is making the news.

Hermione Taylor15:02, 27 October 2021
Bank of America stock forecast
Bank of America stock forecast: Looking past coronavirus to a digital future

What’s the latest Bank of America’s stock forecast following strong Q3 results?

Hermione Taylor12:25, 22 October 2021
Fed tapering
Fed tapering and tightening - what does this mean and how will the markets react?

What is Fed tapering and what does it mean for markets?

Hermione Taylor13:00, 29 September 2021
Energy crisis
Energy crisis explained: where next amid surging power prices?

What has caused energy costs to soar and will we see impacts of the crisis in the long run?

Hermione Taylor14:38, 24 September 2021
government debt
Can we inflate away government debt?

With public borrowing spiking around the world, rapidly rising consumer prices may help to inflate away the government debt, but at a cost. Read more…

Hermione Taylor16:11, 21 September 2021
Inflation indicators; Source: Shutterstock
Measures of inflation: does CPI really tell us what’s going on?

While CPI is the most common indicator used, there are alternative measures of inflation that investors should know about.

Hermione Taylor15:07, 27 August 2021

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