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What is Harley Davidson?

Known formally as the Harley Davidson Motor Company, Harley Davidson (HOG) is a famous US producer of motorcycles, established in 1903 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.Known worldwide, the brand manufactures and sells custom cruiser and touring motorcycles, known for their superior design, and quality. Its motorcycle categories are split into six groups: H-D Street, Sportster, Softail, Touring, SVO and Trike.

Alongside its top-quality bikes, the company also offers its clients riding experiences and events, accessories for motorcycle customisation, apparel for riders and passengers, casual clothing for all, and motorcycle parts. Harley Davidson has built a community around its brand.

The company has motorcycle factories located in York, Pennsylvania, Kansas City, Milwaukee, Manaus (Brasil), Bawal (India), with its head office in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

What’s the history behind the company?

1901– The 21-year-old William S. Harley designs an innovative new engine for a bike.

1903– William S. Harley and Arthur Davidson release the first Harley Davidson motorcycles for sale to the public, under the name Harley Davidson Motor Company. They are later joined by William A. Davidson and Walter Davidson.

1904– The first Harley Davidson dealer opens in Chicago, Illinois.

1907– Harley Davidson is incorporated, with its stock split between its four founders.

1910– The company’s famous logo is added to the brand.

1912– Starting its international expansion, Harley Davidson exports its H-D motorcycles to Japan.

1916– Harley Davidson issues ‘The Harley Davidson Enthusiast’, still available today, a magazine focused on motorcycles.

1917 – 1918– The US military buys one third of Harley Davidson’s motorcycles at the during World War I, increasing to half by the war’s end, with an estimated 20,000 motorcycles used by the US military.

1941– As the US enters World War II, sale of Harley Davidson motorcycles to the general public is suspended. Motorcycles are only produced for military purposes. By 1945, the company had produced almost 60,000 models.

1953– As competitor Hendee Manufacturing stops its business, Harley Davidson gains an advantage. The company became the sole motorcycle manufacturer in the US, holding that position for 46 years.

1960– Purchase of 50% of Aeronautica-Macchi’s motorcycle division, forming Aermacchi Harley Davidson. This became a European division, producing single cylinder motorcycles.

1981– Harley Davidson executives purchase the Harley Davidson Motor Company from AMF in a buyback.

1987– Harley Davidson becomes listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

2003– The company celebrates 100 years with an Open Road Tour and celebration, attended by over 250,000 people.

Latest stats and news

Harley Davidson is a company with vision. In 10 years, by 2027, the brand plans to get 2 million more people riding motorcycles in the USA, develop their international business with a growth of 50% of the annual volume, launch 100 new high impact H-D motorcycles, reduce the environmental impact of its business and deliver a superior return on invested capital for HDMC.

The company’s 2018 Q1 results, in comparison to 2017 Q4, show a revenue of $1.54 billion (+2.7%), a net income of $174.8 million (–6.2%) and an EPS of $1.03 (–1.9%). The company also notes a growth in international retail sales and that its manufacturing optimisation is on track.

Interesting fact

The ‘Hog’ nickname for the company began with a team of motorcycle racers with farming roots. Using a live hog as their mascot, when they won they would set it on their bikes and take a victory lap, coining the name ‘hog boys’. In 1983, the company created the Harley Owners Club, abbreviated to HOG, in honour of the racers. In 2006, it took on the ticker HOG in place of HDI on the NYSE.

Where is Harley Davidson traded?

Harley Davidson shares are quoted on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the ticker symbol HOG, the company is also a S&P 500 component. For the latest Harley Davidson share price, and up to date of the HOG charts, follow

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