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UK inflation: Xmas dinner will cost nearly a fifth more

If you´re sitting down for a Christmas dinner this year in the UK, it could cost 18% more than in 2016. No wonder UK consumers are feeling under pressure when wage inflation is rising at just 2.3%.

James Hester

US dollar: Fed tightening, global growth and the wild card

The US Federal Reserve is on course to raise interest rates for the fourth time in a year on Wednesday, yet the US dollar index is still down nearly 8%. So, what is 2018 likely to hold for the greenback?

James Hester
chinese money

Is RMB internationalisation running out of steam?

Is the internationalisation of the Chinese domestic currency, the Renminbi yuan, running out of steam? The question is prompted by the most recent report on the topic by SWIFT

Brian Bollen

What next for the eurozone economy?

Strengthening eurozone economic data has driven sharp rises in the euro over the past year. In the 12 months to the end of November the euro was up by 11% against the dollar and over 9% against the yen.

James Hester
Australian opencast mine

Australia – a one-trick economy?

Think of Australian exports and chances are you’ll envisage a gargantuan dumper truck the size of a small house carting iron ore away from the lunar landscape of a vast open-cast mine.

Richard Reed

Are the major stock markets overdue for correction?

Market moves at the end of last week have prompted discussion of whether the world's major stock markets might be overdue for correction.

Brian Bollen

Is today the day to short trade Bitcoin?

The warning from banks that Bitcoin is a bubble about to burst has yet to deter the market but even in a bull market, money can be made shorting the cryptocurrency.

Chris Wheal

Budget 2017: investors may have cause to celebrate

Chancellor Philip Hammond was under a great deal of pressure going into the Budget on Wednesday. So, how did pensions and investments fare?

James Hester
 the South East of the UK new homes are under construction

The Budget and its housing balancing act

The Chancellor of the Exchequer, Phillip Hammond, paid special attention to fixing up a badly broken UK housing market in the budget announcement on Wednesday.

Claire Hunte

Look to the future for UK autumn budget

The UK's second budget statement of the year, scheduled to be delivered by the Chancellor of the Exchequer (the UK's term for its minister of finance) on Wednesday 22 November, will probably not contain much in the way of surprise.

Brian Bollen

Consumer spending squeeze set to crimp Christmas sales

The continued squeeze on spending power makes it unlikely this year will be a fairy-tale Christmas for the UK's consumers and retailers

Neil Dennis

The growth of smart beta investment in Europe

The growth in popularity of smart beta investment amongst European investors continues. According to a recent survey by exchange-traded funds (ETF) Invesco PowerShares

Brian Bollen

The taming of UK inflation: sterling pressures ease

The Bank of England governor is off the hook - for now. UK inflation came in at 3% in October, holding steady at the previous month's level

Neil Dennis

Iron ore: a roller coaster ride

Iron ore prices have been extremely volatile over recent years, with the market characterised by both concentrated demand and supply. So, what should we expect to see next from iron ore?

James Hester

Britain's currency deadlock: the pound, the central bank and the consumer

Britain's pound is under attack from all sides: after its first-half rally, sterling is being eroded by slowing service sector and consumer activity and a central bank that doesn't believe its own hawkishness

Neil Dennis

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