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Ogden rate change crash

Ogden rate change beginning to impact some insurers

The impact of changes to the so-called Ogden rate on the commercial performance of UK insurance companies is beginning to be felt.

Brian Bollen
Wood worker in workshop

How hobbies are paving the way for new careers

There’s a new work reality for many of us of working age and that is to parlay our passions into money-making ventures.

Claire Hunte
UK construction industry growth

Uncertainty hits UK construction industry growth forecasts

Growth prospects for the construction industry in 2018 have been downgraded as the UK prepares to leave the EU, according to the latest forecasts by the Construction Products Association (CPA).

Brian Bollen

Euro strength puts pressure on ECB as traders eye $1.20 level

The euro hit its highest levels in nearly three years on Friday and many believe it will soon reclaim the $1.20 level against the dollar as the US currency continues to flounder

Neil Dennis

UK purchasing managers subdued at start of Q3

Business activity in the UK's services sectors continued to expand in July, increasing the pace from the previous month, but the latest survey of Britain's supply executives revealed a rather subdued outlook

Neil Dennis
Apple store Scottsdale, Arizona

Apple earnings ripple through tech sphere

There seems to have been a collective out breath after Apple delivered unexpectedly strong third quarter results on Tuesday.

Claire Hunte

Talk of Bitcoin fork sparks varied reactions

Suggestions that Bitcoin - the grandparent of so-called alternative currencies - might experience a fork in the next few days have generated much comment.

Brian Bollen

Libor takes final bow: what next for money markets?

The Libor rate-rigging saga is one of the worst scandals in banking history. Finally, the UK´s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has announced plans to ditch this money market rate.

James Hester
sydney harbour bridge

How an unwanted offer can boost value

Sometimes there is nothing quite like the arrival of an unsolicited and unwelcome offer to boost management performance and therefore shareholder value.

Brian Bollen

UK car production: a bright future?

UK car production has fallen compared with last year. Leading industry figures are complaining about a lack of dialogue from the UK government.

James Hester

US banks come off their highs

US banks will have to hone their strategies if they are to make much progress over the next couple of years. The second-quarter earnings season proved to be a mixed bag, with big names reducing their guidance.

James Hester
Cash is king

Cash is king as investors walk the line: BAML survey

Cash is king as investors walk the line. This is one of the eye-catching headlines in the just-published global fund manager survey from Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Brian Bollen

Easing UK inflation takes pressure off Bank of England

Pressure on UK household spending has eased a little after consumer price inflation dipped in June, but questions remain about the depth of the current inflationary cycle, and how the Bank of England should react

Neil Dennis
le defense paris

The unstoppable rise of alternative assets in asset allocations

The world’s largest 100 alternative asset managers saw assets under management increase by 10% in 2016, rising to $4.0 trillion, according to tWillis Towers Watson

Brian Bollen
Empty malls

Low US inflation begins to look more like a trend

The US Federal Reserve's well worn mantra that the current rate of below target inflation is "transitory" must be getting more difficult to justify

Neil Dennis

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