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Is a stock market correction overdue?

We can't see what's around the corner for stocks, but when we hear valuations are high, markets volatile and the economy on a knife edge, we prepare for losses and a possible correction

Neil Dennis

Millennials drive push into socially responsible investing

A number of high profile funds are ditching tobacco from their portfolios, while Exxon investors demand the oil company shares information on its impact on climate change

Neil Dennis
fiscal stimulus agenda

Could Trump failure on tax-cutting measures derail the markets?

Global stock markets rallied strongly following Donald Trump´s victory in November´s presidential election. There were widespread hopes that the incoming administration´s pro-growth, fiscal stimulus agenda would act as a driver for the global economy.

James Hester

Draghi remains cautious on eurozone recovery

Signs of a strong pick up in business activity in Europe are still not enough to allow the eurozone economy to stand unaided according to the president of the European Central Bank

Neil Dennis
The slowdown in decline of PC

Lenovo results Q&A fails to illuminate or elaborate

If the future of Chinese technology specialist Lenovo is as clear to its senior executives as their attempts to explain it, then heaven help it.

Brian Bollen
Fed Yellen

US rate policy path darkens after Fed minutes

The US Federal Reserve looks set to pursue its monetary tightening agenda, but dollar bulls have taken a step back following some dovish undertones in the minutes of the central bank's last meeting

Neil Dennis

Surge in the price of Bitcoin fuels bubble concerns

A surge in the price of the cryptocurrency known as bitcoin has fuelled concerns about a price bubble. The phenomenon has hogged the limelight this week.

Brian Bollen
st paul's at night

Year ahead offers great opportunity for UK owner managers

The next year offers the greatest opportunity for UK owner-managers in recent memory says Andy Currie, London-based managing partner of Catalyst Corporate Finance

Brian Bollen

Moody’s China rating cut tests market resolve

Industrial commodity prices come under pressure after China, one of the world's biggest consumers of metals and fuel, has its credit rating downgraded by Moody's

Neil Dennis

Sterling needs central bank support to break from lows

The UK economy appears to be recovering since its disappointing first-quarter performance, but the pound remains materially lower today than at any point seen during the financial crisis of 2008-09

Neil Dennis
Market growth Index

Sales Manager Index economic picture more mixed than thought

Closer analysis of the the first economic data for May published by World Economics earlier today paints a more mixed picture of the world economy than its headlines suggested

Brian Bollen
Cyber criminal

WannaCry boosts outlook for cybersecurity sector

Cybersecurity is on course to dominate the corporate agenda for yet another year as big names admit to being impacted by the WannaCry virus malware attack.

James Hester
Low oil prices

Low oil prices take their economic toll

A report by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) this week highlighted the damage $50/barrel oil can do to a producer's economy

Neil Dennis
High profile activist and institutional investors

Outlook for international M&A strong says global firm EY

The outlook for international mergers and acquisitions activity is strong for reasons ranging from economic growth to strategic Chinese internationalisation.

Brian Bollen
interest rates and commodity markets

China slowdown and interest rates hit commodity markets

May has, so far, been a terrible month for commodities and follows a dramatic April in which oil prices made double-digit losses

Neil Dennis

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