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The world expects investment excellence from New Zealand

Investment excellence is something the world has come to expect from New Zealand. It has become almost as much part of the country's DNA as excellence in rugby union.

Brian Bollen

European IPO issues gather pace after slow start

A revival in Europe's appetite for initial public offerings (IPO) appears to be well underway, providing evidence of improving investor and business confidence after a lull in 2016

Neil Dennis

Don’t go the Boris way: avoid the damage of bankruptcy

Poor Boris Becker. Once the boyish prankster of Centre Court – now the 49-year-old, three-time Wimbledon champion has been declared bankrupt by a London court

Neil Dennis

Housebuilders prepare for a period of turbulence

The recovery for UK housebuilders, which lost about 40% in the days following last year's EU Referendum, has begun to stall in the trading sessions since this month's general election

Neil Dennis
Uber app

Uber co-founder Kalanick resigns as CEO over ‘macho culture’ claims

Uber co-founder Travis Kalanick has resigned as CEO of the cab-hailing company after allegations of a macho management culture that turned a blind eye to claims of sexual harassment.

Richard Reed

Consumers lose out as Ogden rate hits insurers

The motor insurance market says new compensation payment rules will severely hit profits, which will likely lead to higher premiums for customers to help offset the costs

Neil Dennis
Shariah-compliant finance

The spread of Shariah-compliant finance is good and bad

The spread of Shariah-compliant finance in the Middle East, India and Africa is both a good thing and a bad thing. Everything depends on the perspective of the observer.

Brian Bollen
Tesla stock market overview

Electric vehicles could be a rare commodity boom

Electric car skeptics, heed this statistic: UK pure electric vehicles (EVs) sales surged almost 80% in May 2017.

Adrian Holliday

UK business output slows in April

A crop of UK data releases on Friday indicate business output continued to slow at the beginning of the second quarter

Neil Dennis
bill blain

The four most frightening words are this time it's different

The four most frightening words for the financial markets are 'this time it's different'. Anyone who has lived through several economic cycles instinctively knows that.

Brian Bollen
chief finance executives

Huishan Dairy and the frauds of the century

When China's Huishan Dairy discovered in March that one of its chief finance executives had left due to "work stress", it was just the start of a disturbing story of mysterious disappearances

Neil Dennis
down chart

Is a stock market correction overdue?

We can't see what's around the corner for stocks, but when we hear valuations are high, markets volatile and the economy on a knife edge, we prepare for losses and a possible correction

Neil Dennis

Millennials drive push into socially responsible investing

A number of high profile funds are ditching tobacco from their portfolios, while Exxon investors demand the oil company shares information on its impact on climate change

Neil Dennis
fiscal stimulus agenda

Could Trump failure on tax-cutting measures derail the markets?

Global stock markets rallied strongly following Donald Trump´s victory in November´s presidential election. There were widespread hopes that the incoming administration´s pro-growth, fiscal stimulus agenda would act as a driver for the global economy.

James Hester

Draghi remains cautious on eurozone recovery

Signs of a strong pick up in business activity in Europe are still not enough to allow the eurozone economy to stand unaided according to the president of the European Central Bank

Neil Dennis

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