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Survey results show German economy sustaining momentum

This week's burst of survey results show the German economy sustaining its momentum. Unless the wheels come off in the final quarter, Germany will record growth of more than 2% for the year

Brian Bollen

Investors must get used to a weaker yen

In the weeks leading up to the election, the yen strengthened - a reaction that wouldn't surprise regular Japanese investors as the currency attracts so-called "haven flows" during times of uncertainty

Neil Dennis

UK growth pick-up increases likelihood of November rate hike

Although a 0.4% rise in quarterly gross domestic product wasn't strong enough to boost annual growth, after two quarters of 0.3% gains it shifted the needle on interest rate expectations

Neil Dennis

Oil price recovery: the next level

Oil prices have staged a recovery since early 2016, but remain at around half the level they were in the middle of 2014. Will we see a sustained recovery or is oil destined to stay lower for longer?

James Hester

Eurozone can weather ECB tapering, analysts say

While the eurozone purchasing manager surveys were a little weaker than expected, they still indicated strong levels of growth that will enable businesses to endure any negative impact from upcoming tapering by the European Central Bank

Neil Dennis

Can lunchtime takeaways bring home the bacon?

The packed lunch just doesn’t cut the mustard any more, according to a new survey – and that could make for an appetising investment in the fast food trade.

Richard Reed

Upside potential: Japanese equity investors could benefit from Abe win

Japan´s stock market has been on a tear of late, but with elections just around the corner, what does the future hold for investors in Japanese assets?

James Hester
Catalan flag at the Arco de Trionfo

Spain to trigger article 155

Spain is taking the radical step of triggering Article 155 of the constitution for the first time in its 40-year history

Claire Hunte

Consumer-led UK growth revival unlikely, economists say

Retail sales in the UK fell 0.8% in September as consumers increasingly feel the strain of falling real wages

Neil Dennis
biggest financial markets

30 years ago today: lessons from Black Monday 1987

The world's biggest financial markets crash in living memory took place on 19 October 1987. In the US, the Dow Jones fell 22.6%.

Brian Bollen

Economists say UK rate hike back in view after wage and inflation data

With average annual earnings failing to keep pace with inflation for several months now, the Bank of England has a dilemma on its hands: does it raise interest rates to lessen the burden on UK households, and with that risk putting the brakes on economic growth?

Neil Dennis

Consumers are beginning to feel the pinch of inflation

Much attention has been paid in the last few months to the persistence of UK inflation and its effect on the outlook for interest rates. Today the consumer price index is expected to hit 3%

Neil Dennis
courtesy of Quant.Insight

Friday the 13th: Christmas comes early for investors

Friday the 13th has been widely viewed as unlucky ever since King Philip of France launched a dawn raid on the Knights Templar on that day in October 1307.

Brian Bollen

Oil: don´t write off the sector too soon

Crude prices remain well off the peak of 2014, but oil producers and companies relying on oil related revenues should not be written off just yet.

James Hester

US dollar has struggled in response to US monetary tightening

The US dollar has struggled in response to US monetary policy tightening this year. The US economy has experienced two interest rate increases in 2017.

Brian Bollen