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Mixed outlook for cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin is well off its all-time high and US regulators are refusing to let cryptocurrencies to be traded on exchanges. But bitcoins are rising in value again and supporters of cyber-money remain upbeat.

Dan Atkinson

Barratt builds a 9.2% rise in annual profit

Britain’s biggest housebuilder has posted a 9.2% rise in full-year profit and a 5% rise in its dividend. But the shares were marked lower despite an upbeat assessment of the current year.

Dan Atkinson

How to survive a margin closeout

Learn more on trading psychology. Why getting margin closeout can be discouraging, and how to avoid it. News

WPP shares down on profit slide

WPP, the advertising giant, has reported a 7.4% drop in pre-tax profit for the first half of this year. In the first major set of results since the departure of founder Sir Martin Sorrell, WPP said it was aiming for stronger, more sustainable growth.

Dan Atkinson

US market update – dollar keeps on rising

The week’s market update shows a positive sentiment for the US economy as a whole, with the dollar holding strong.

David Jones

Taking profits too early: stupidity, or wisdom?

It is said that taking profits too early is the sign of a bad trader, someone ill-suited to the rough and tumble of the financial markets. But could it make good sense to lock in gains before prices turn downwards?

Dan Atkinson

Tesla is staying public – now what?

Tesla is not going private. Find out about the implications of Tesla staying public. News

How to become a day trader?

A look at what day trading is. Read the five most important points to know how to become a day trader. News

US boom gathers pace

America’s economic boom has increased in momentum during the second quarter of this year. The annual growth rate was 4.2%, against 2.2% in the first quarter.

Dan Atkinson

Global stocks reach a 6-month high as US-Mexico deal boosts investors’ optimism

World stocks hit half-year highs on Tuesday. Learn other effects of the new trade agreement between the USA and Mexico. News

Bunzl shares jump on 8% profit rise

Bunzl, the global distribution and outsourcing group, was rewarded today for an 8% rise in half-year profits with a jump in the share price. The company said the prospects for increased shareholder value were positive during the rest of 2018.

Dan Atkinson

Trading research: what’s the right approach for you?

Good research is the bedrock of a successful trading strategy. But how wide should your focus be, and is it better to zoom in on a handful of assets about which you can master every detail?

Dan Atkinson

Exploring major pros and cons of CFD trading

In this article you can discover how CFD trading works and weigh up its major pros and cons. News

Trading styles: a beginner’s guide

From day trading to trading around news releases, there is a range of different trading styles. Each reflects a different temperament and a different approach to the market.

Dan Atkinson

For richer, for poorer: do public holidays help or hinder economic growth?

Britain’s bank holiday weekend stretches from the evening of August 24 to a return to work on August 28. Supporters of public holidays say they help break up the year and let families and friends spend time together, but opponents say they are an outdated drag on economic growth. Who is right?

Dan Atkinson

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