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Can the law of averages work for you?

Averaging up or averaging down means buying more shares in a stock you already own. It can be used for going long, or for short selling. Here’s how it works and what to consider.

Claire Veares
Internet of Things

Is your head in the clouds? Welcome to the Internet of Things

Imagine a future where you ask your smartwatch to order a driverless cab for your ride home. As it arrives, it ‘talks’ to your watch and unlocks the doors. On the way back, you switch on the lights and heating and run a bath. Welcome to the Internet of Things.

Richard Reed

Stocks and shares - when to buy and when to sell

One of the hardest things to do in investing is knowing when to buy stocks and shares and when to sell them.

Hilaire Gomer

Why infrastructure investment has long-term appeal

Savvy investors looking for safe, reliable long-term growth should take a serious look at including infrastructure funds in their portfolio.

Richard Reed

Green investing hits the fast lane

It was Elon Musk who turbocharged green investing. His vision of fast, exotic electric cars grabbed the public’s imagination like nothing else – young and old alike.

Richard Reed
ethereum mining

Cryptocurrency: a new dotcom bubble?

Cryptocurrencies may be new but the warnings about them are as old as the Lydian electrum trite from 600BC – thought to be the first minted coin in the world.

Brian Bollen
Interest rates

How central bank rates affect all traders

Financial newspapers and websites care what certain events mean to monetary policy-makers because interest rates affect everything in an investors' portfolio – some positively, some negatively

Neil Dennis
Young woman reading tablet

10 books to read before you start trading

Interested in trading and having typed in ‘how to start trading?’ into Google and Quora you feel like you’ve entered the third dimension?

Claire Hunte
Photo of nuclear warheads

Will a North Korea-US war hit your trading portfolio?

Donald Trump has said he is willing to go to war with North Korea.

Adrian Holliday
Sapling and money

The do’s and don’ts of small cap investing

Why invest in huge multi-nationals when the real high growth opportunities are among smaller companies – commonly called small cap?

David Burrows

Options trading: get call and put options ‘in the money’

As the name would suggest, options trading can provide investors with greater choice and flexibility. They can be used for speculation or as part of a strategy to control risk.

James Hester

Are investors in airlines facing a bumpy landing?

The collapse of Monarch and Ryanair’s woes with its pilots’ holiday rotas have thrust airlines firmly into the headlines. Are these isolated pockets of turbulence or are airlines a risky investment?

Claire Veares

Trade like a pro – 17 market order types explained

To trade like a pro you need to understand market orders. These are orders used when trading to buy and sell. Each has a different job to do. But which are most useful?

Adrian Holliday

Statistical analysis: 12 concepts a trader needs to know

Statistical analysis has been used in financial markets for many decades to help take the guesswork out of – or, at least, firm up the "gut feelings" of – some of the top names in investment

Neil Dennis
Picture of ethics and trust on cogs

Jargon Buster of Ethical Investing

Ethical investing used to centre around the Five B’s boobs, booze, baccy, betting and bombs. Or using slightly better grammar – an investment fund which screened out companies linked to pornography, alcohol, tobacco, gambling and arms manufacture. But things have evolved somewhat.

David Burrows

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