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Independence Day: Fourth of July in numbers

America takes a day off today to celebrate the nation’s birthday. It is a day for friends, families, barbecues and the beach, but what is the impact on the economy?

Dan Atkinson

High-frequency trading: the case for and against

High-frequency trading uses computer programmes to deal in huge volumes of securities in the blink of an eye. But is it a blessing – or a curse?

Dan Atkinson

What you should know before trading commodities

Commodities present a wide variety of trading opportunities, with platforms offering CFDs in energy markets such as crude oil and a variety of precious metals, from gold to palladium. The interaction of supply and demand is key to price discovery in the key commodity markets.

James Hester

Hedging basics: what is a hedge?

Think of hedging like insurance. Insurance doesn’t prevent something bad from happening, but, it does reduce the financial impact if and when it does. News

Profits flat at beer group Greene King

Greene King, the brewer and pub operator, saw shares drop today after reporting a fall in full-year profits. The company reported “positive momentum” in the current financial year.

Dan Atkinson

What you need to know about RSI

The Relative Strength Index (RSI) is a technical indicator that can help traders to identify when an asset is oversold or overbought.

James Hester

Profits squeeze at General Mills

General Mills, the company behind some of the world’s best-known food products, is feeling the squeeze from tighter margins. But the group believes it has the right strategy for growth.

Dan Atkinson

Carnival shares hit choppy waters

Carnival, the cruise line that includes Cunard and P&O, reported record second-quarter results. But it warned that fuel prices and currency movements will hit full-year earnings.

Dan Atkinson

Inside the mind of a perfect trader

The perfect trader – cool, analytical, disciplined. They navigate the markets with ease, make decisions based on facts, and profit from all the trends and market changes that they come across. News

The detrended price oscillator is used to remove trend from price

The Detrended Price Oscillator (DPO) is used to remove trend from price. This is done in order to identify and isolate short-term cycles. The DPO indicator is not typically aligned with the most current prices.

Brian Bollen

Three top rules for trading contracts for difference (CFDs)

Five and ten-point plans for successful trading of CFDs proliferate on-line and elsewhere. But we believe good trading practice can be reduced to just three all-important, all-embracing rules, covering preparation, logical behaviour in the market, and timing.

Dan Atkinson

Mixed picture at the Berkeley Group

Leading UK housebuilder the Berkeley Group increased pre-tax profits by 15.1% in the year to the end of April. But it warned that profitability is likely to decline by 30% from the current financial year.

Dan Atkinson

Scandinavian trading titans: Norway and Sweden

Norway and Sweden are regularly lauded as economic and social super-models. Free market capitalism and a generously backed welfare state? Tick. A commitment to private ownership and a robust public sector? Tick. Strong growth balanced by high levels of redistribution? Tick again. 

Adrian Holliday

Key meeting for eurozone finance ministers

The 19 eurozone finance ministers meet tomorrow with a busy schedule ahead of them. They gather just days after France and Germany agreed on a eurozone budget and at a time of stronger growth in the bloc.

Dan Atkinson

Four reasons why trading CFDs is better than trading shares

Contracts for difference (CFDs) offer a flexible and cost-effective alternative to shares for those wanting to trade on financial markets. There are tax benefits to CFD trading and the ability to leverage your capital to magnify your market position.

Dan Atkinson