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Crypto bloodbath as market sheds $8 billion in a day

The crypto market shed more than $8 billion yesterday, raising questions about the long-term volatility of several of the market’s biggest names.

Alexandra Pankratyeva
Big swings in silver price on slower world growth

The gold price is continuing to trade in a narrow range, but more intriguing is the action in its “little sister” in the world of bullion, silver.

Dan Atkinson
Government resignations spark pound sell-off

Sterling fell sharply against most major currencies, dropping 1.5% to 1.28 US dollars and 1.4% to 1.13 euro. News
Japanese stocks stall on the road to recovery

Japan’s main stock-market index is lower today than it was a year ago, and a stronger yen may have played a part. But share prices are higher over the longer term, with a 44% increase in five years.

Dan Atkinson
Oil price slump weighs on FTSE 100 as Trump urges against supply cut

The blue-chip index was also put under pressure by a rally in the pound. News
Top 5 Misunderstandings About Cryptocurrencies

Thinking of trading crypto but are concerned about the risks? Read on to uncover the top 5 misunderstandings about digital currencies. News

Pound and shares up on Brexit talks optimism

Reports that the UK was “almost within touching distance” of a Brexit deal buoyed sterling and London stock prices this morning. But sticking points remain and the clock is ticking ahead of the 14 November deadline.

Dan Atkinson
How much energy does Bitcoin use?

Take a closer look on exactly how much power is needed to support the Bitcoin network and join the age of the resource revolution.

Alexandra Pankratyeva
Moving average

Envelopes are percentage-based bands that are plotted in a parallel relationship above and below a baseline that is either a simple moving average or an exponential moving average to follow price action. They are often used in trading to highlight two technical patterns.

Alison Bloomer
Oil prices down as Trump eases sanctions

Oil prices were weaker today after President Donald Trump gave limited waivers to eight countries to continue importing Iranian crude without violating US sanctions. But the price remains higher than a year ago, thanks to production curbs by oil producers.

Dan Atkinson
UK growth to rise in third quarter but summer boost cools off

New GDP figures are expected to show growth of 0.6%. News
Asset selection: which are right for you?

Novice traders face a bewildering array of asset classes from which to choose. Selection depends very much on an individual’s temperament, so self-knowledge is the key to making the right choice.

Dan Atkinson
Market outlook: what does this week have in store for traders?

Get the latest economic news and learn what to watch in the financial markets this week

David Jones
FTSE 100 edges up but politics weigh on cautious traders

Investors had one eye on political developments. News
Sterling and shares resilient at start of crunch Brexit week

The pound and London share prices were sanguine this morning ahead of a key Brexit Cabinet meeting tomorrow. But a UK-EU deal is far from certain with major issues unresolved.

Dan Atkinson

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