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How studying charts can help spot trading patterns

Charts are especially important for those looking to profit from relatively short-term positions in financial markets using instruments such as CFDs. If we read the charts correctly, we can potentially greatly improve our chances of making successful, profitable trades.

James Hester

How activist investors use the power of their shareholdings

In the buyout boom of the 1980s activist investors were known as corporate raiders. Now these individuals or groups of shareholders have undergone a dramatic rebranding of late. Rising in number in recent years, it seems that no sector or region is safe from the activist campaign.

Alison Bloomer

Is it time to invest in the organic foods market?

The UK has an increasing appetite for organic food and drink. A record amount of it was bought in 2017

Claire Veares

How could bitcoin and cryptocurrencies be regulated?

Until 2017 cryptocurrencies weren’t really on most people’s radar, but then bitcoin hit the headlines

Claire Veares
Fibonacci concept

Fibonacci retracement – trading the pattern of the cosmos

There is a ‘magical’ number, or ratio, that keeps recurring in nature that some people have said indicates a divine pattern or structure to the universe.

Richard Reed
Pound notes

Absolute return investing – a strategy for all markets?

In simple terms an absolute return fund is designed to make a positive return regardless of the underlying market condition whatever asset class it is invested in - be that equities, bonds or a combination of assets.

David Burrows

How to use stop-loss orders for trading CFDs

Stop-loss orders can act as a free insurance policy, helping you to limit downside risk from trading strategies.

James Hester

Trading with the Elliott Wave Principle

Technical analysts believe that studying charts with the details of past volumes, prices and trading patterns can enable them to predict future trends. In this article, we will focus on the use of Elliott Wave Principle as a means of identifying trends in market prices.

James Hester
Volume weighted average price

How to use VWAP when investing

Volume weighted average price (VWAP) is a trading benchmark that is often used by investors, and it does what it says on the tin: reflects the ratio of an asset's price to its total trade volume.

Alison Bloomer

Understanding the importance of stop-loss orders

Sometimes it’s the simple things that make all the difference to trading performance – and one of the simplest is using stop-loss orders.

James Hester
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Trends: nuts and bolts

Discover the basics of trend trading, as well as types of trends and timeframes. Learn how to determine a trend using technical analysis indicators such as SMA and EMA. News
Shorting an asset

Signals used to short an asset

What are the most common signals in today’s markets that an asset could be shorted? How important is the market’s main gauge of volatility, the VIX, and is its influence growing or shrinking?

Graham Buck

How to invest using fundamental analysis

Fundamental analysis works on the basis that the market does not always price things properly, be that shares, bonds or commodities

Claire Veares

From Coffee Houses to Crypto Bubbles

The history of stock market investing is an intriguing as it is murky. While some things have changed almost beyond recognition; other elements of investing are the same – notably flagrant disregard for regulation (in some quarters at least).

David Burrows

Corrections and bear markets why, when and how?

Over time, equity markets tend to move higher. It's the nature of investment, that the more cash that needs a home, the higher asset prices go. But interruptions in this process are not uncommon: although mostly unwelcome, many are healthy and necessary functions of financial markets

Neil Dennis