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French stocks buoyed by bank endorsement

French shares were higher this morning after Deutsche Bank advised traders and investors to “overweight” them. This is a much-needed boost for the Paris market after 12 months of decline and many will hope it marks a turning point.

Dan Atkinson
Sterling has topsy turvy day as Brexit papers unleashed on markets

The pound was up 0.5% versus the US dollar to 1.280 US dollars. News
Bitcoin pummelled in cryptocurrency rout

Bitcoin headed lower again today as its 12-month rout showed no sign of ending. A split in its Bitcoin Cash spin-off and regulatory worries have cast a cloud over all major cryptocurrencies.

Dan Atkinson
Top shares defy Brexit turmoil but sterling lower

London’s blue-chip share index was higher this morning despite deepening uncertainty about the Brexit process. But sterling was down, as were domestic UK stocks, suggesting the drawn-out UK departure is taking its toll on financial markets.

Dan Atkinson
Markets rise on possibility Theresa May could get Brexit deal approved

The FTSE 100 closed 1.2% higher News
What is happening to crypto?

As the crypto market cap tanks again, we ask why.

Alexandra Pankratyeva

Brexit stress tests for hardy traders

Traders who thrive on stress and anxiety are in for a treat during the next 12 months as Britain’s tortuous departure from the European Union promises endless market turbulence. No-one can see the future, but there are some principles that ought to help traders navigate the choppy waters ahead.

Dan Atkinson
UK should maintain closest possible ties with EU, says think tank

The OECD said a no-deal Brexit scenario could wipe off more than 2% from UK growth over two years. News
Dollar rise threatens higher oil prices

A strengthening dollar is good news for US motorists but could make oil more expensive for other countries. The pricing of oil in dollars is once again in the spotlight as the rest of the world will need to spend more local currency to pay for their crude.

Dan Atkinson
Australian dollar perks up but not out of the woods

Rock-bottom interest rates and US-China trade tensions have put the skids under the Australian dollar recently. A strong jobs outlook and more upbeat mood seemed to have stopped the rot, but poor housebuilding figures helped stall the rally.

Dan Atkinson
Common exit strategies in trading

Financial markets don’t move in one direction forever – they move up and down based upon significant news and events. Traders who just let their profits run can ultimately incur significant losses. To prevent them, it’s vital to exit trades at the right time. News
Financial Wars: cryptocurrencies vs. the banks

As we charge into the digital era, a war is being waged in the economic arena. Who will win – those who trade ethereum and other cryptos or the central banks? News
Weaker pound suppresses growth in UK dividends

It was a record quarter for global payouts. News
Ten reasons why trading beats investing

Investing sounds solid and respectable, while trading sounds too much like speculation to a lot of people. But it can be argued that trading is better suited to an unpredictable world than investing, which assumes a long-term stability that cannot be relied upon.

Dan Atkinson
Pound steadies after biggest sell-off since 2016

Sterling rose against the US dollar and euro, but FTSE 100 financial stocks remained under pressure. News

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