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Oil rally powers on as December slump is forgotten

Crude prices bounce as oil traders cheer hopes of US-China trade talks and back production-cuts package. Even geopolitical tension could be good news, say oil producers.

Dan Atkinson
4 major types of crude oil
4 major types of crude oil

What are the 4 major types of crude oil? Let’s find out the key oil features and take a quick look at the 4 primary oil types traded on the market.

Alexandra Pankratyeva
Crude Oil
History of crude oil trading: from 19th century to the present day and beyond

Curious about the history of crude oil trading? Let’s find out what the key oil price drivers were throughout the centuries and take a quick look at the latest analysts’ forecasts.

Alexandra Pankratyeva
Is silver a good investment?
Is silver a good investment?

To determine whether silver is a good investment, we first have to ask: what is it that makes precious metals so ‘precious’?

Valerie Medleva
natural gas
Natural gas trading: all you need to know

To some, trading natural gas may seem daunting, to others rather dull compared with the excitements of oil. But it is a vital component of the world’s energy mixture and provides major scope for profitable trading activity.

Dan Atkinson
Singapore stocks have spring in their step

After a torrid few years, with 2018 one of the hardest, Singapore’s stock market is staging something of a rally. Hopes for a US-China trade settlement and a New Year budget, thought positive for property and other sectors, have pepped up what had been a flagging equities scene.

Dan Atkinson

Markets mixed as Brexit outcome mired in uncertainty

The Brexit picture has been further clouded by a split in the opposition Labour Party and a looming vote on whatever deal the government can bring back from Brussels. But the pound is generally stronger against major currencies and the blue-chip FTSE 100 Index is higher than it was a month ago.

Dan Atkinson
Blue chip stocks
10 historically valuable blue chip stocks

Find out which companies have made the cut on our top ten historically valuable blue chip stocks list.

Drew McConville
Asset correlation: everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask

No discussion of trading strategy is complete without some mention of correlation with regard to assets in a portfolio. This can seem daunting, but understanding correlation can be straightforward and profitable.

Dan Atkinson
Why copper is the metal of the future

Your essential guide to copper: all you need to know about the metal of the past, present and future.

Drew McConville
oil prices
Oil prices set fair but shoal waters ahead

The price of oil has recovered well from a very poor end to 2018, helped by a 24-nation deal to curb production. But there are both macro-economic and geopolitical hazards ahead during this year and beyond.

Dan Atkinson
asset bubble
Asset-price bubbles: how to spot them and what to do

Asset-price bubbles are to traders and investors what shoals of rocks and treacherous tides are to sailors, a deceptive situation that can pull them under. But how can you tell what is a justified price rally and what is a dangerous example of herd mania?

Dan Atkinson
Singapore dollar
Singapore’s dollar holds steady in a turbulent world

Singapore’s policy of keeping its currency within set trading bands seems to have paid off as its value has remained remarkably stable during the past year. Any volatility is usually caused by problems in other currencies, such as sterling’s Brexit-induced weakness.

Dan Atkinson
venture capital
How does venture capital work?

Let’s find out how venture capital works and learn the difference between private equity and venture capital.

Alexandra Pankratyeva
Forex Trading
How to trade CFDs on Forex?

Want to know how to trade CFDs on forex? This brief overview explains the different ways to trade forex, factors that influence the rates and some basic forex trading strategies.

Drew McConville