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5 warning signs of a corporate share price collapse

A profit warning will always make a company’s share price fall, but what clues are there that a profit warning might be on the way

Claire Veares
Exponential Moving Average

Exponential Moving Average: what is it and how to use it

As you become a more experienced investor, you will want to use in-depth tools to analyse when to get in and out of trades – and one of the most useful ways of doing this is through the exponential moving average indicator, or EMA.

Richard Reed
Stock chart

The Moving Average: what is it and how to use it

When you’re trading stocks or any other type of security, it’s vital to keep track of their performance. While you don’t want to overreact to short-term price fluctuation, you do need to ensure your investment is going up, not down

Richard Reed

Bulls power: what happens when the bulls stampede?

Stock markets are not always rational. Despite warnings to the contrary, of bubbles or over-heated valuation, investors often pile into a sector when it is flying, ever hopeful that the bull run has much further to go.

David Burrows

Bears power – what happens when the bears run wild

In an extreme bear market, investor confidence is positively subterranean. All faith in the market has gone and the human instinct is to bail out. Rational thought is abandoned as panic selling sets in.

David Burrows
Ichimoku Kinko Hyo

Ichimoku Kinko Hyo: what it is and how to use it

Translating as ‘a glance at a chart in equilibrium’, the Japanese indicator combines several strategies in a single one that traders can use to determine momentum, support and resistance.

Graham Buck

Traders: which markets should you trade?

Thanks to the internet there are myriad ways to trade these days, from investing in traditional stocks and shares to buying the current favourite, cryptocurrencies.

Claire Veares

ADX: what it is and how to use it

Average directional index (ADX) is a technical analysis tool that measures the strength of trends.

Claire Veares

When you move your stop loss so it fails to stop losses

Have you ever widened the gap between your stop loss and your opening trade to hold a trade open longer? Have you then cancelled a stop loss order to keep your trade open? If you have, you need to think again.

Chris Wheal
Commodities and trade wars

How commodities move the markets

Threatened US steel tariffs are undermining the efforts of global stock markets to return to normal after last month’s setback. In addition to the main market movers of oil and gold, a variety of other hard and soft commodities influence the global economy.

Graham Buck

Fractals: what are they and how to use them

Fractals belong in the more abstract bracket of mathematics and are used in trading to help identify points in a chart where a reversal looks likely

Neil Dennis
Photo of AR-15 rifle on US flag

Which stocks are vulnerable from the US firearms Florida tragedy?

On Valentine’s Day 2018, 17 students aged between 14 and 17 were executed in a hailstorm of bullets

Adrian Holliday
Red carpet

How celebrities can impact trading and investment

Whether it is an unfortunate quote on live TV or radio, a stray email or an ill-advised comment on social media, corporate reputations can be knocked down in a matter of seconds.

David Burrows

The rise of whistleblowers and how they affect prices

Strong governance is essential when promoting a company to potential investors, and a rise in whistleblowing alerting the public to poor corporate practices could be seen as damaging

Neil Dennis

Trend Trading Starter Pack: Timeframes and Moving Averages

Explore our starter pack for a trend trader. Discover what is trend trading, how to tell a sector trend from a market trend and learn to read charts with simple and exponential averages plotted on them. News