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5 ways to invest in the blockchain/Bitcoin boom

You will have heard stories of people making a fortune trading Bitcoin – so how do you cash in on cryptocurrencies without getting your fingers burned?

Richard Reed

Probability analysis makes a better financial trader

Following the probability analysis approach favoured by legendary investor Warren Buffett can help you to become a first class financial trader.

Claire Veares
garden of eden

No banknotes or coins: is a cashless society likely?

A cashless society has been a staple of human thinking for millennia. The Garden of Eden was a cashless society. H G Wells portrayed a cashless society in The Time Machine.

Brian Bollen
heads and tails

When the representativeness heuristic goes bad

If you are faced with a question and you don’t know the answer, using the representativeness heuristic is a way of coming up with a plausible solution.

Claire Veares
Photo of vampire statue

Should you sink your teeth into FAANG stock trades?

Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google make up more than 25% of America’s benchmark S&P 500 index gains this year.

Adrian Holliday
loss aversion

Loss Aversion bias in economics and decision making

Loss aversion bias – the irrational belief that losses are bigger than similar-sized gains –can be influential in economics and investment.

Hilaire Gomer

Fund managers: pros and cons of single country trading

Fund managers are offering single country funds in developing markets such as China, Brazil, India and Indonesia, but do they offer great rewards and are they worth the risk?

David Burrows

Disposition Effect - an anomaly in behavioural finance

The disposition effect in behavioural finance is one of the many biases or partialities that people are influenced by when they make imperfect decisions, particularly in investing and market trading.

Hilaire Gomer
Bond markets

Investment bonds come under scrutiny worldwide

Investment bonds have a 'nice but dull' reputation - until recently when income-seeking investors are accepting higher risks bonds. Inflation is also posing a change for bonds.

Hilaire Gomer

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