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Oil on upward trend as production cuts kick in

Oil has pulled out of its price nosedive as output curbs agreed last month come into effect. But in the longer term, the prospects for crude are bound up with the extent of any global economic downturn.

Dan Atkinson
Which way next for Canada’s currency?

The Canadian dollar made a strong start to the year but has been buffeted by claims that it is due a correction. Now Brexit turbulence in the UK and a possible global slowdown threaten to turn those claims into reality.

Dan Atkinson
Top 5 most common trading fallacies and delusions

Common market fallacies can cost financial traders dearly, and the fact they are largely subconscious makes them particularly dangerous. Here we’ll explore five of the most common and explain why they are irrational and wrong.

Dan Atkinson
Markets mixed ahead of crunch Brexit vote

Shares and the pound sent mixed signals this morning ahead of a critical Brexit vote in Parliament later today. There are fears that the expected rejection by MPs of the government’s proposed Brexit deal could spark a constitutional crisis.

Dan Atkinson
Top 3 hedging strategies: how to hedge your portfolio with CFDs?

What is hedging? Learn more about simple and effective hedging strategies, and explore how to use CFDs to hedge your portfolio.

Alexandra Pankratyeva
How many trades at any one time?

Diversification is an accepted aspect of investment strategy, but does it have a role for traders? There are arguments both for pursuing one trade at a time and for spreading risk among a number of different plays.

Dan Atkinson

New Year gold rally loses steam

Gold entered 2019 on an upward trend but there are signs that the rally could be losing momentum. Good economic news in continental Europe and a stronger dollar make paper assets more attractive.

Dan Atkinson
Trading risk: how is it measured and how much is too much?

Financial trading is risky by definition, and the hazards of playing the market may seem daunting. But there are tried and trusted methods for assessing the riskiness of a trade and for deciding how much risk is right for each trader.

Dan Atkinson
Brexit impact on financial markets

With Britain set to leave the European Union on 29 March, with or without a deal, only one thing is clear: there is much uncertainty surrounding financial markets.

Drew McConville
Dutch shares higher after downbeat 2018

Amsterdam’s stock exchange is the oldest in the world, but shares performed poorly last year, putting pressure on pension funds. They perked up this morning, and the economic outlook for the Netherlands is good.

Dan Atkinson
Blue chips and sterling shrug off Brexit vote worries

With 15 January 2019 confirmed as the date for a Parliamentary vote on the government’s Brexit deal, the FTSE 100 index was higher this morning and sterling gained ground against the euro. But fears remain that rejection of Prime Minister Theresa May’s proposals could trigger a constitutional crisis.

Dan Atkinson
Economic cycles: what they mean for traders

Changes in economic cycles are often cited as causing abrupt financial-market movements and creating, or wiping out, fortunes for traders. But what cycles are we talking about, do they really exist and how can you profit from them?

Dan Atkinson
Oil under a cloud as recession fears grow

The long decline of the oil price that set in during the autumn is carrying over into the new year. Fears of a recession have prompted those with long memories to recall the damage that a slowdown wreaks on the price of crude.

Dan Atkinson
Dollar faces a choppy year on currency markets

The dollar has started the trading year generally stronger, but political events at home and economic uncertainty worldwide could make this a challenging year for the US currency. Already, the dollar has shown itself to be volatile against gold, and its performance against national currencies could follow suit.

Dan Atkinson
Gold looks ahead to brighter 2019

Bullion prices have endured a torrid year, with a long slide that began in April and, until recent months, showed little sign of recovery. But since late September, gold has been able to capitalise on the woes of its arch-rival as a safe-haven asset, the US dollar.

Dan Atkinson

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