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Short selling – why you can do it and how to profit from it

Short selling is still aiming to buy low and sell high but just in the reverse order to traditional investing

Claire Veares

A quick guide to short selling and short trading

Short trading enables investors to profit from potential falls in an asset price, though without even having to buy the given asset in the first place. The advent of trading through Contracts for Difference (CFDs) means short trading is now easy and accessible.

James Hester

Growth versus value investing: a dichotomy

Growth and value investing are two of the most popular investment styles around. So, what exactly are they, and what are the pros and cons?

James Hester

Company accounts – what they tell us and how to read them

Scroll through the opening pages of a company annual report and you will find glossy pictures of the company’s best features, happy smiling customers and slightly awkwardly posed shots of the company’s key personnel.

Claire Veares

Is loss aversion holding you back from winning trades?

What’s the most important factor when you’re trading stocks – making £1,000, or not losing £1,000?

Richard Reed
Roulette wheel

The Martingale approach and averaging down

Nothing creates a split camp more in gambling circles than the Martingale system. One side will say it is amongst the oldest and simplest ways to ensure a profit, whilst the other will mutter darkly about it being one of the most expensive ways to learn a lesson.

Alison Bloomer
Bitcoin pic

Cryptocurrency: the who, what, why and how of bitcoin and other crypto

Essentially a cryptocurrency is a digital currency. Think of it as electricity converted into lines of code with monetary value. The rise of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies is with little doubt the biggest disruption to the monetary system for centuries.

David Burrows

A beginner's guide to the arcane world of securities lending

Securities lending is when an owner of a fixed income stock or other security lends it to someone else. The borrower must stump up collateral while they hold the borrowed security – this might be in cash but it might be another security or a mix of securities.

Brian Bollen
Pic of rising chart

Averaging up and the hot hand

Hot Hand thinking can often be linked with what is termed averaging up. Often referred to as ‘pyramiding’ this is when, after buying shares in a company, you buy some more as the price gets higher.

David Burrows

Can the law of averages work for you?

Averaging up or averaging down means buying more shares in a stock you already own, sometimes known a pyramiding. Here’s how it works and what to consider.

Claire Veares
Internet of Things

Is your head in the clouds? Welcome to the Internet of Things

Imagine a future where you ask your smartwatch to order a driverless cab for your ride home. As it arrives, it ‘talks’ to your watch and unlocks the doors. On the way back, you switch on the lights and heating and run a bath. Welcome to the Internet of Things.

Richard Reed

Stocks and shares - when to buy and when to sell

One of the hardest things to do in investing is knowing when to buy stocks and shares and when to sell them.

Hilaire Gomer

Why infrastructure investment has long-term appeal

Savvy investors looking for safe, reliable long-term growth should take a serious look at including infrastructure funds in their portfolio.

Richard Reed

Green investing hits the fast lane

It was Elon Musk who turbocharged green investing. His vision of fast, exotic electric cars grabbed the public’s imagination like nothing else – young and old alike.

Richard Reed
ethereum mining

Cryptocurrency: a new dotcom bubble?

Cryptocurrencies may be new but the warnings about them are as old as the Lydian electrum trite from 600BC – thought to be the first minted coin in the world.

Brian Bollen

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