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Foreign exchange: the democratisation of forex trading

Currency trading, known as foreign exchange trading or forex, was once the territory of a select few. But a technological revolution, access to better information, lower trading costs and greater transparency have all helped bring greater numbers of traders to the global foreign exchange market

Neil Dennis
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How to avoid investing money in firms that go bust

Investing money in listed companies is risky. High street names such as Woolworths can go spectacularly bust while major brands can fall from grace with incredible speed.

David Burrows
London property

Property investment post-Brexit: as safe as houses?

What are the prospects for UK Commercial property funds after a tough year and with Brexit beckoning?

David Burrows

Interested in derivatives? Try CFD trading

CFD trading online and via apps has brought derivatives to more investors. CFDs can be used to profit from upward or downward moves in assets and to hedge risk.

James Hester
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Statistics: the rising role of data for trading analysis

Trading analysis has become more important for some investors than instinct. They are using analysis to come up with the trading patterns they need to make millions on financial markets

Neil Dennis

What you should expect in a trading course on bonds

There are a number of things that would-be investors should expect to feature in a trading course about bonds.

Brian Bollen
company accounts

What are the basics of trading smart?

There is no sure-fire way to ensure trading success but there are plenty of common pitfalls you should avoid. Learning the basics of trading will help you invest smart.

David Burrows
5 trading courses for beginners in the market

5 trading courses for beginners in the market

Tempting as it may be to sign up for a get-rich-quick trading course for beginners advertised in the weekend papers, it’s worth doing a bit of research.

Claire Veares
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Kahneman & Tversky: the beginning of trading psychology

The fiery relationship between Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky sparked the development of trading psychology

Adrian Holliday

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