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Uber and Venmo partner up for easy payments

Uber and Venmo have announced their partnership on 12 July 2018. In the coming weeks, the ‘Pay with Venmo’ option will be available for US clients of the Uber and Uber Eats services. News

Taking a swing at the golf business

To golf devotees it is more than a game. But as the Carnoustie open gets under way, how does golf measure up as a business?

Dan Atkinson

Trading CFDs vs Shares: Spot the Difference

Find out the major differences and key advantages of trading CFDs on shares over classic stock trading. News

Trump, Putin and the markets – weekly review with David Jones

Chief Market Strategist David Jones talks through the market highlights this week, including the Putin – Trump meeting, UK High Street Stress, the latest oil prices and more.

David Jones

High-conviction trading: a narrow focus searching for big gains

High-conviction traders select a small number of assets and back them with meaningful stakes. But they fly in the face of diversification and take bigger risks in search of higher returns.

Dan Atkinson

US prices are on the rise

America’s inflation rate is heading upwards, even when food and energy costs are excluded. The cost-of-living increases may trigger a further interest-rate rise.

Dan Atkinson

DeMarker indicator

The DeMarker indicator, also known simply as DeM, is a technical analysis oscillator devised by Tom DeMark. It is a common sight on many trading platforms.

Claire Veares

EU finance ministers to discuss growth, budgets and tax

Two days of meetings in Brussels on Thursday and Friday will see EU finance ministers tackle an agenda headed by latest estimates for growth prospects. But they will also be looking at each other’s budget plans and discuss measures to fine-tune VAT.

Dan Atkinson

The market overview with David Jones

Could Bitcoin be set to rise again? Is oil on the up? Learn more about the latest market highlights with’s David Jones.

David Jones

Germany shaves €2.1 billion from trade surplus

Germany’s trade surplus narrowed in May, with exports down and imports up. But it remains the world’s largest in dollar terms and the target of constant criticism.

Dan Atkinson

Weekly financial market analysis by David Jones

This week David Jones,’s Chief Market Strategist, reveals the impact of Brexit on the UK’s stock markets. He also discusses Trump’s UK visit, oil prices, US earnings season and more.

David Jones

Behavioural trading: turning psychological insights into profit

Behavioural trading is much talked about, a way of spotting and benefiting from behavioural finance biases. But what are these biases and how do they manifest themselves?

Dan Atkinson

Trading CFDs on indices: let’s get started

To learn the basics of trading indices, and CFDs on indices in particular, first we should get a clearer idea of what they really are. Generally, an index is usually referred to as a portfolio of stocks of different companies that represent a certain market or its sector. News

UK “economic wellbeing” report shows patchy results

British statisticians have given the economy a health check and found sluggish economic growth per capita. But household income figures were the best for more than two years.

Dan Atkinson

Independence Day: Fourth of July in numbers

America takes a day off today to celebrate the nation’s birthday. It is a day for friends, families, barbecues and the beach, but what is the impact on the economy?

Dan Atkinson