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How to buy Bitcoin?
How to buy Bitcoin? Find the best way to invest in crypto

How to buy Bitcoin? Find the easiest and most effective way to buy BTC and invest in the crypto market. Choose a trustworthy Bitcoin trading platform and get ready to use it.

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best-performing stocks
Best investments of the decade: from Netflix to Bitcoin to palladium

Farewell to 2010s: what were the best investments of the decade and what does the future hold for them in the 2020s?

Valerie Medleva
how to create trading strategy
How to create a trading strategy

Everyone playing in financial markets will, sooner rather than later, be asked about their trading strategy. But what is such a strategy, do you really need one and does one particular type of strategy suit everyone?

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Bank stocks
The best performing bank stocks of 2019 include famous Wall Street names as well as less familiar entities

Bank stocks offered investors a hefty profit in 2019 and some of the best performing bank stocks are found outside of Wall Street.

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biotech stocks
Outperforming biotech stocks you should keep an eye on

How do you invest in biotech stocks? Find out the top performing biotech stocks to trade with Capital.com. Follow the latest biotech stock market outlook and explore the most promising biotech stocks.

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How to get into investing in stocks
How To Invest In Stocks For Beginners With Little Money

How to get into investing in stocks? At Capital.com, you can find out how to invest in stocks for beginners with little money.

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Investing in precious metals
Investing in precious metals: your ultimate guide to start trading precious metal commodities

Learn more about precious metals as a good investment option. Read a detailed guide on how to invest in precious metals with CFDs.

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Stock vs. ETF
Stock vs. ETF: what is the difference?

Discover the major differences of trading stock vs ETFs and find out whether you should diversify your equity portfolio to include exchange traded funds.

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Are healthcare stocks a good investment
Top 5 outperforming healthcare stocks you should keep an eye on

Are healthcare stocks a good investment? Explore our top 5 healthcare stocks outperforming the market and spot the best trading opportunities with Capital.com.

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top cryptos to invest in fall 2019
Top cryptos to invest in fall 2019: don’t miss out

Understandably, from the 2,000 cryptocurrencies on offer, traders and investors find it hard to pinpoint what crypto to invest in. But here is an opportunity: we are easing the search. These are the top cryptos to invest in fall 2019.

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invest in south africa
Invest in South Africa: what you need to know about the best emerging market

Looking to invest in South Africa? Here is an in-depth market outlook. Explore the ultimate trading opportunities on the South Arican stock market with Capital.com.

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Direct Listing vs IPO
Direct listing vs IPO: here’s why venture capitalists are starting to prefer direct listings

Direct Listing vs IPO, which is best? In this article, we explore both listing processes and explain why some venture capitalists prefer the latter.

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trading with the vix
Trading with the VIX: how to trade volatility index in rising global uncertainty

How to trade the VIX? The VIX trading provides a perfect opportunity to remain profitable in an uncertain stock market. Learn how to trade the VIX and profit from volatility

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types of cryptocurrencies
Types of cryptocurrencies: explaining the major types of cryptos

How many different types of cryptocurrencies are there? Find out in this detailed guide, where we list the three main types of cryptocurrency and other commonly used categories.

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uae economy
Economy of the UAE: from a sandy desert into a global phenomenon

The UAE economy today: find out why the United Arab Emirates is one of the world’s top investment destinations. Stay on top of the latest oil news and UAE market developments with Capital.com.

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Economic calendar
Today, 19 February, 2020
11:30 GBP
United Kingdom
HIGH Consumer Price Index (YoY) 1.30% 1.30%
15:30 CAD
HIGH BoC Consumer Price Index Core (YoY) 1.80% 1.70%
15:30 USD
United States
HIGH Building Permits (MoM) 1.45M 1.42M
15:30 USD
United States
HIGH Building Permits Change -0.10% -3.70%
21:00 USD
United States
20 February, 2020
02:30 AUD
HIGH Employment Change s.a. 28.90K
02:30 AUD
HIGH Unemployment Rate s.a. 5.20% 5.10%
03:30 CNY
HIGH PBoC Interest Rate Decision 4.15%
14:30 EUR
European Monetary Un
HIGH ECB Monetary Policy Meeting Accounts
15:30 USD
United States
HIGH Initial Jobless Claims 4-week average 212.00K
15:30 USD
United States
HIGH Initial Jobless Claims 205.00K
17:30 USD
United States
HIGH EIA Natural Gas Storage Change
18:00 USD
United States
HIGH EIA Crude Oil Stocks Change 7.46M