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Cathie Wood of ARK Invest
ARK Invest’s Cathie Wood assesses innovation and the future

Wood has been successful by bucking trends and investing against the grain

Andrew Knoll
Data illustration
US market close: Indices hold gains as Fed scores US regions

US Federal Reserve Beige Book released Wednesday shows modest growth

Joseph Toppe
Texas flag on US dollars
Texas economy booming at close of 2021

Fed Beige Book rated other US economic regions as modest growth

Joseph Toppe
Reception of a Premier Inn hotel
UK firms deal with inflation by hiking prices, cutting costs

Companies reporting strong results all noted that inflationary pressures meant price increases

Jenni Reid
Photo of the Bank of England
UK regulator calls on banks to reassess risk management

Archegos collapse brought to light deficiencies in the system

Angela Barnes
3 piggy banks with a descending amount of money in them
US mid-day: Stocks wobble amid record US inflation

Wall Street keeps an eye on the red-hot US inflation numbers

Joseph Toppe

A US dollar bill being eroded by inflation
US inflation news: 40-year high puts pressure on the Fed

Headline US inflation rate is at highest level since June 1982

Joyanta Acharjee
US dollars set against a background showing a stock chart
Business news: Eyes on US inflation, China suspends flights

US awaits CPI data, while forecasts indicate inflation will continue to rise

Jenny McCall
Night time image of the central business district in Seoul
Employment grows at fastest pace in South Korea since 2013

The country saw numbers employed increase in 2021 despite months of Covid-19 restrictions

Debabrata Das
Wall Street bull statue in New York
Business news: Markets expect US and Asia inflation data today

Europe, US, China, India and Russia to release a slew of data on upbeat markets

Hanna Paul
5 minutes
Dollar bills being vacuumed up
December CPI figures should show continued inflation

Increase has been projected around 7% representing a record year-over-year increase

Andrew Knoll
Tech company logos on computer screen
Wall Street anxious for good tech news in earnings season

Anxiety builds among investors as quarterly earnings announcements loom

Monte Stewart
US Federal Reserve headquarters
US Fed chair Powell puts inflation in crosshairs

During Senate confirmation hearings, Powell said controlling prices is key to a sustained expansion

Daniel Tyson
Hand holding burning burning US $100 bills
How is inflation likely to affect global markets in 2022?

Inflation is expected to slow down in 2022, as the US Federal Reserve indicates a potential interest rate hike

Indrabati Lahiri
A picture of members of the 115th congress in Washington, DC
Business news: Markets await Powell’s speech at US senate

US Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell is due before the senate today

Jenny McCall

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