David Burrows

For more than 25-years, Dave has written for a wide range of newspapers and broadcasters including The Times, The Financial Times, The Independent, The Wall Street Journal, Reuters and Sky News. Previously nominated as National Financial Media Journalist of the Year, Dave specialises in investment features and business profiles.


Can Ryanair ride the latest storm?

There is a tendency to associate Ryanair with Teflon – nothing sticks. The no frills airline has come under fire frequently over the years for poor customer service yet always seems to ride the storm.

David Burrows
South African flag

Bell Pottinger could go under within days

Bell Pottinger’s days may be numbered. The PR giant’s future looks incredibly bleak as more clients, including tobacco firm Imperial Brands, review their relationship with the company.

David Burrows

Fund managers: pros and cons of single country trading

Fund managers are offering single country funds in developing markets such as China, Brazil, India and Indonesia, but do they offer great rewards and are they worth the risk?

David Burrows
Recovery chart

Recovery funds: can fund managers pick turnaround firms?

Which fund managers have the capability to identify turnaround stories and how have recovery funds fared during recent bull markets

David Burrows
Wall Street

US markets rally as Cohn stays and Bannon leaves

Despite fears of further falls after a torrid Thursday, US markets showed resilience on Friday. The Dow Jones and the S&P 500 were slightly down after markets opened (0.20% and 0.22% respectively0 while the Nasdaq was fractionally up.

David Burrows
Closed sign

How to avoid investing money in firms that go bust

Investing money in listed companies is risky. High street names such as Woolworths can go spectacularly bust while major brands can fall from grace with incredible speed.

David Burrows
London property

Property investment post-Brexit: as safe as houses?

What are the prospects for UK Commercial property funds after a tough year and with Brexit beckoning?

David Burrows
company accounts

What are the basics of trading smart?

There is no sure-fire way to ensure trading success but there are plenty of common pitfalls you should avoid. Learning the basics of trading will help you invest smart.

David Burrows
VW car plant

German industrial production numbers decline

The latest industrial production figures from Germany show a fall. Market analyst had been optimistic about further growth.

David Burrows
Person confused

Confirmation bias: can trading psychology affect investment?

We’re all susceptible to confirmation bias – paying more attention to our own preferred data and largely ignoring contradictory evidence. For investors, this psychological blind-spot can be very costly.

David Burrows
African fruit market

Impact investing – what’s to be gained for society and investors?

Investing in ethical funds is all very well but what if you want to be more involved? Impact investing allows greater control on how your money can generate social or environmental benefits.

David Burrows
Euro and ECB emblem in Frankfurt

ECB leaves rates and stimulus unchanged

The European Central Bank left interest rates and asset purchases unchanged on Thursday

David Burrows
Bonds can offer good returns

Are Mini Bonds the ideal solution in a low-interest rate world?

With savings rates dismally low, investors are searching for better rates of return. Mini bonds, which are loans to companies, certainly offer investors a great deal more but are they worth the risk?

David Burrows
Percentage of shots into basket ball hoop

The Hot Hand and Gambler's Fallacy: throwing logic out the window

The term hot hand originates from US basketball while gambler's fallacy is a common mistake linked to over confidence. Both can wipe investors out if they're not careful.

David Burrows
Charts showing investments in multi-asset fund

Do multi-asset funds offer the best of all worlds?

Multi-asset funds promise investors good diversification as they can include equities, bonds, property, cash and alternatives – such as oil, gold and inflation-linked government bonds.

David Burrows
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