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Dan Atkinson

Dan Atkinson is a British writer, journalist and author specialising in financial and economic matters. He has worked in this field for UK newspapers including The Guardian and The Mail on Sunday, reporting from around the world. He has since worked as a copywriter and content strategist for household-name financial institutions, and is the author or co-author of six books on social, financial and economic affairs.

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Bullion slides as paper assets return to favour

The gold price has been falling for three months and is currently near its low-point for the period. Positive figures for US manufacturing industry have supported the dollar, traditionally the main rival for bullion as a safe-haven asset.

Dan Atkinson13:15, 4 March 2021
Oil price
Oil price recovery continues amid buoyant forecasts

Crude prices remain near three-monthly highs as hopes for a global economic rebound lift expected demand for oil. But uncertainties remain, and, longer term, moves towards “zero carbon” threaten to depress the value of oil.

Dan Atkinson10:19, 2 March 2021
EUR/GBP long-term forecast

Sterling is on a roll against the euro at the moment, lifted by hopes of easing restrictions in the UK in the wake of the coronavirus vaccine rollout. But looking further ahead, what is the EUR GBP prediction?

Dan Atkinson13:42, 1 March 2021
Denmark’s kroner
Denmark’s kroner: And then there was one

Since 31 January last year, life has been lonely for the Danish kroner, having lost, in sterling, a fellow European currency that had opted out of the euro. But despite this, the kroner and the British pound have enjoyed a stable relationship.

Dan Atkinson11:31, 1 March 2021
 Gold prices
Gold prices: the puzzle continues

On the face of it, gold prices have been in decline for three months, but the momentum remains upwards. Bullion’s best hope for a sustained recovery lies in a resurgence of inflation.

Dan Atkinson11:00, 24 February 2021
S&P 500
S&P 500: the long bounce-back continues

Wall Street’s broad-based Standard & Poor’s 500 index has clawed back all the ground lost during the coronavirus crisis – and then some. But can the surge continue without on-going support from easy-money policies?

Dan Atkinson13:00, 23 February 2021
forex pairs
Most profitable forex pairs

Foreign exchange trading is unique in that currencies are priced in relation to each other, and form “pairs”. Which are the most profitable currency pairs?

Dan Atkinson18:00, 22 February 2021
London markets
London markets mixed as tussle with Brussels continues

Stock were down in London this morning, reflecting lower share prices across Europe, but sterling enjoyed slightly better fortunes. The UK and European Union remain at loggerheads over British access to continental financial markets.

Dan Atkinson11:00, 22 February 2021
Best forex pairs to scalp
Best forex pairs to scalp

Scalping is a trading strategy that requires careful planning and lightning-quick reactions. This is doubly so in foreign exchange markets, so what are the best currency pairs for scalping?

Dan Atkinson15:00, 16 February 2021
Crude prices
Crude prices recover all lost ground

The price of oil has clawed back all the ground lost during the past 12 months. It is now a little higher than a year ago, on the eve of the coronavirus-induced price crash.

Dan Atkinson15:00, 16 February 2021
The yen: happy to be out of the spotlight
The yen: happy to be out of the spotlight

Not so long ago, the value of the yen was a cause of friction between Japan and the outside world, as Tokyo was accused of suppressing its value to grab export markets. Now, matters are calmer, and the yen is no longer a source of controversy.

Dan Atkinson14:00, 15 February 2021
Gold prices
Bullion prices rise but remain trapped in a narrow range

Gold prices are higher, but there is little sign of a sustained break-out on the upside. Such support as exists comes from weakness in the dollar ahead of President Biden’s stimulus package.

Dan Atkinson10:00, 10 February 2021
Fear index
“Fear index” subsides, but still at historic highs

The Volatility Index has calmed down from its feverish highs of last year. But this measure of market anxiety remains at historically elevated levels.

Dan Atkinson11:00, 9 February 2021
FTSE 100
FTSE 100 risers and losers

London’s blue-chip FTSE 100 index endured a torrid 2020, blamed in large part on its supposed reliance on industries such as mining and airlines that were deeply unfashionable. So who will be the FTSE 100 risers and losers in the year ahead?

Dan Atkinson18:00, 8 February 2021
Britain scans the horizon for new trade deal

While Brexit teething problems have disrupted trade between Britain and Northern Ireland, the UK is formally seeking membership of a new Pacific trade alliance. Lower tariffs and better market access are on offer, according to International Trade Secretary Liz Truss.

Dan Atkinson13:00, 8 February 2021

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