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Oil prices fall on higher US production figures

Oil prices could be set for another weak day of trading after higher US output figures appeared to outweigh positive sentiment related to falling US stockpiles.

James Hester

Cereal prices plunge on stronger production forecasts

Cereal prices have plunged over recent weeks as investors have pared expectations for disappointing harvests. Wheat futures have fallen to 433 cents per bushel from 560 cents at the beginning of July.

James Hester
iron ore

Iron ore futures rally on production cuts

Miners made strong gains today after iron ore prices hit four-month highs.

James Hester

Oil prices dip on rising US stockpiles and higher OPEC production

Oil prices have retreated after rising US stockpiles and elevated OPEC production hit sentiment.

James Hester
silver ring

ICE hails new silver futures contract

US global exchanges and clearing houses operator Intercontinental Exchange is launching a London silver daily futures contract in September.

Brian Bollen

Iron ore futures and commodity stocks surge on China strength

Mining stocks were in favour today after stronger data from China´s construction sector sparked a rally in metals prices.

James Hester

Saudi ponders crude export cut while US output moves higher

Oil prices moved in and out of negative territory today as hopes of a production cut from Saudi Arabia appeared to largely offset news of a rise in US crude inventories

James Hester

Oil risks slump to $40 per barrel

Oil prices could fall below $40 per barrel this year as a supply glut continues to pressure the market.Longer-term forecasts also point to further downside.

James Hester

UK dairy prices to rise on low supply

The UK´s dairy industry warned of rising prices and low supply, with the potential for shortages of products like butter and cream later in the year.

James Hester

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