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Claire Hunte has worked in the UK and US. She was launch editor of the World Life Insurance Report, and worked on and was managing editor at Investor Relations and Corporate Secretary in the US. She has also worked for the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association and PwC.

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Grocery retail shares
Grocery retail shares take a hit after Amazon buys Whole Foods

Amazon is buying Whole Foods for $13.7 bn in a surprise announcement and other supermarkets quake in its wake

Claire Hunte
 Bull and Bear paper art
Why are falling and rising markets called bear and bull?

Bull and bear markets can reflect the optimism and pessimism of the economy but markets can also run counter to the economic data. They can rise – be bullish – when pessimism dictates they should fall and fall – be bearish – when optimism says they should rise.

Claire Hunte
Treasury saving bonds
Top 4 common bond-buying mistakes for investors

You’re ready to add bonds to your investment portfolio because it provides income, and/or as a means to preserve capital. Sound like you? If so, avoid these four common mistakes:

Claire Hunte
Dow hits market
Dow hits market high on tech bounce

Tech stocks recovered losses made yesterday as the Dow closed up +0.41% to 21,323.48 and S&P 500 moved up +9.35 points to 2,438.74.

Claire Hunte
Tech stocks
Tech stocks back to earth with a thud

The surprise of the day was the sharp technology stock sell off which knocked the tech-heavy index off its record high perch

Claire Hunte
'Super Thursday' fizzle, Dow and S&P flat, Nasdaq rebound

US market reaction was mixed with trading flat on the Dow and S&P 500 after Comey testimony to Senate Intelligence Committee leaves open the direction of investigations into Trump's inner circle and purported collusion with Russia.

Claire Hunte
Financials gain, oil glut fears weighs on energy shares

Markets regained some composure after a weak start boosted by gains in the financial sector. Gold drifted down -0.41% along with investor sentiment about the global macroeconomic outlook and oil price plunged on data of an increase in US stockpiles.

Claire Hunte
high yield debt suggests
US junk bond deals whet investor appetite

A steady decline in yields at the speculative end of high yield debt suggests growing investor appetite.

Claire Hunte
the FTSE dipped tentatively
Markets remain stoic post London attack

Markets fell slightly on Monday after a heightened close to the weekend with the terrorist attack in London and the widening rift between Qatar and other Gulf States as part of the fallout. The dollar rose as oil prices slid to $47.35 a barrel.

Claire Hunte
businessman analyzing through magnifying glass
Financial due diligence: the essentials in 9 steps

Due diligence is the process of a thorough and comprehensive investigation of a business. It can be carried out for various reasons: investors will do it as part of their fundamental analysis of a stock; venture capitalists may carry it out before they invest in a business.

Claire Hunte
stock market rally
Trump exit, weak jobs report, stock market rally holds

It's either a giant shrug of nonchalance or the US investors have already priced in several White House crises. Even a weaker-than-expected jobs report held little sway as the Dow and S&P 500 continued their ascent.

Claire Hunte
Jobs market
Jobs growth fuels US stock market rally

Wall Street advanced to record highs on optimistic jobs growth report filtered through. The Dow climbed 135.3 points to 21,144.18 and S&P 500 nipped up +0.76% to 2,430.06 and NASDAQ climbed +0.78% to 6,246.83.

Claire Hunte
Oil price
US energy stocks slide on price of oil

Energy stocks dragged the Dow Jones index lower at closing as the price of oil dropped 1% to $49.31 a barrel. The index retreated 50 points or -0.24% to 21,029.81 despite a rally in tech stocks.

Claire Hunte
Measuring media
Media and entertainment industry's revolutionary appeal

When it comes to the UK media and entertainment sector you’ll find companies generating revenue from the sub sectors: books, films, TV production, news, gaming, advertising and information publishing.

Claire Hunte
Stock market index
Wall Street on exhilarating run, oil price dips on OPEC cuts

Investor sentiment and business confidence continues to ride the high from strong Q1 results for retail and strong economic data sending Wall Street to record closes. Bloomberg Consumer Comfort Index identified optimism about personal finances as its buying-climate gauge ascended to 46.7, its highest since December 2001, from 44.8.

Claire Hunte