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What is the CAC Small?

Cac Small

The CAC Small is an index comprising all the shares quoted on the Paris Bourse that do not feature in the three indices that together cover the largest 120 stocks by market capitalisation. Because it is a residual index, its membership fluctuates.

Where have you heard about the CAC Small?

The July report of the International Monetary Fund into the French economy, with its generally optimistic outlook for investment and growth, may have inspired you to look into opportunities for investing in growing French companies. This may well have brought the CAC Small to your attention.

What you need to know about the CAC Small.

The CAC Small was originally limited to just 90 stocks but has now been greatly widened. In summer 2017, it contained the shares of nearly 200 companies. The range is huge, with just about every conceivable business represented. In pharmaceuticals and bio-technology there are AB Science, Abivax and Adocia, while animal health is represented by Virbac. Trigano makes camping equipment, while Maisons du Monde is involved in furniture and home decor. Quantel specialises in laser systems, while Hospcotch is a communications consultancy. Exel Industries works in the area of precision spraying and Bourbon provides shipping services. Catana Group makes sailing and leisure boats, Actia Group is involved in vehicle maintenance and repair and is an on-line database of art prices.

Find out more about the CAC Small.

The CAC Small is the 'fourth division' of the French exchange, coming after the CAC Mid 60. Learn more about the CAC Mid 60 here.

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