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What is the CAC Next 20?

CAC Next 20

The CAC Next 20 is an index relating to shares quoted on the Paris Bourse. As the name suggests, its constituents comprise the next-largest companies by market capitalisation after the 40 largest, which comprise the CAC 40 index.

Where have you heard about the CAC Next 20?

The liberalisation during the past 25 years of the once-exclusive world of Paris share trading has created enormous interest among investors round the world, and anyone keen to dip a toe in French markets - or embark on a more ambitious investment strategy - will have heard of the CAC Next 20.

What you need to know about the CAC Next 20.

The CAC Next 20 sits just below the elite of the Paris exchange, the companies in the CAC 40. Its members include well-known names such as rail transport specialist Alstom, Channel Tunnel operator Groupe Eurotunnel, engineer Thales and aerospace firm Zodiac. High fashion is represented by Hermes, while real-estate investment trust Klepierre is a member, along with civil engineer Eiffage and payment systems company Ingenico. As with the other CAC indices, it takes its name from an electronic trading system, the Cotation Assistée en Continu, in use until the Nineties but since superseded.

Find out more about the CAC Next 20.

The CAC Next 20 sits just above the CAC Mid 60. Learn more about the CAC Mid 60 here.

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