Andrew Knoll

Andrew Knoll has covered sports, business, South America and more for The New York Times, Forbes, ESPN and the Los Angeles Daily News. The only thrill that compares to a wise investment is unboxing a new pair of sneakers.

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Video game cluster
IPO ahead for company that treats ADHD with video games

Akili Interactive says it uses technology to treat illness

Andrew Knoll
Display of US bills
Four SPACs withdraw their IPOs amid turbulent atmosphere

As blank-check companies struggle early in 2022, four more have yanked their IPO registrations

Andrew Knoll
Nathaniel Gurien, CEO Fincann
Exclusive: Fincann CEO Gurien on Visa memo, cannabis industry

Visa’s stance on cashless ATMs may further limit payment options and burden dispensaries. Read more...

Andrew Knoll
Expensify app on different devices
Exclusive: How Expensify drives its 'super-app' ambitions

Anuradha Muralidharan shares Expensify's plan to unite finances and collaboration in a single product

Andrew Knoll
Disneyland in California
Disney (DIS) to bolster streaming with international content

The entertainment giant forms unit aimed at regional and international offerings

Andrew Knoll
SoFi logo on screen with other investment companies
SoFi stock jumps after US regulators classify it as a bank

The fintech company’s shares jumped 15% Wednesday

Andrew Knoll
Microchip with the word Intel on it
Intel (INTC) to manufacture chip for crypto mining

The low-voltage ASIC will be unveiled 23 February, Intel will supply crypto miner GRIID

Andrew Knoll
An array of US bills
Samsara Vision, Four Springs Capital Trust to launch IPOs

Retinal device manufacturer, real estate portfolio specialists could begin trading this week

Andrew Knoll
Adult and child hands holding paper representing kidneys
ProKidney set to go public via SPAC headed by embroiled CEO

Therapeutics developer working with a blank-cheque company with controversial founder

Andrew Knoll
Human head shaped puzzle with one piece missing
Jupiter Neurosciences (JUNS) set to begin trading Tuesday

Clinical-stage biotech company could advance treatment of Alzheimer’s disease

Andrew Knoll
Oranges and orange juice in a glass
Reduced US crops send orange juice futures skyward

Citrus greening disease limits production to eight-decade low as prices soar

Andrew Knoll
Gelesis is biotech SPAC
After a brief stall, SPAC market quickly revives

Three notable SPAC mergers took place this week after record-setting 2021

Andrew Knoll
Gears with the words asset management
Private equity firm TPG receives warm welcome to market

TPG began trading Thursday on Nasdaq as first big entry of 2022

Andrew Knoll
Cathie Wood of ARK Invest
ARK Invest’s Cathie Wood assesses innovation and the future

Wood has been successful by bucking trends and investing against the grain

Andrew Knoll
Dollar bills being vacuumed up
December CPI figures should show continued inflation

Increase has been projected around 7% representing a record year-over-year increase

Andrew Knoll

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