Alison Bloomer

Alison Bloomer has written on finance, insurance and pensions for various trade publications and was former Managing Editor of Insurance Times. She was launch editor of the Top 50 UK Insurers and Brokers reports produced in association with S&P Global Data Market Intelligence

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Moving average

Envelopes are percentage-based bands that are plotted in a parallel relationship above and below a baseline that is either a simple moving average or an exponential moving average to follow price action. They are often used in trading to highlight two technical patterns.

Alison Bloomer06:00, 12 November 2018
Bearish and Bull market
Accumulation distribution indicator explained

The accumulation distribution indicator is an important stock selection and timing tool that helps investors with their buy or sell decisions by providing advance warning of future price movements.

Alison Bloomer07:00, 11 June 2018
Stop loss
Anchor bias and stop loss orders

Most people display a stubborn streak at times, but in trading, refusing to budge from a position is known as an anchoring bias. This is when traders fixate on one main piece of information (the anchor) to make a decision even when at times it can mean fighting against the market.

Alison Bloomer11:39, 1 May 2018
How to conquer your fear of investing

Research has shown that confidence in owning stocks is poor compared with other investments. For many, the fear of investing hard-earned cash into a volatile stock market and the risk of watching it disappear is too great.

Alison Bloomer17:16, 26 April 2018
ECB holds as growth momentum slows

The Governing Council of the European Central Bank (ECB) has announced that interest rates will remain at their present levels for an extended period of time and well past the horizon of the net asset purchases.

Alison Bloomer15:54, 26 April 2018
Why is it so important to learn to invest for yourself?

In today’s economic climate, good money management needs to go beyond budgeting, clearing debt and saving. As the population is living longer and with financial provision from the state falling, it has never been more important to learn about investment to build wealth for the future.

Alison Bloomer12:00, 10 April 2018
ZigZag indicator: what is it and how to use it?

The ZigZag indicator is a technical analysis tool that can be used to identify classic charting patterns in trading. It is designed to highlight important trends and confirm possible price reversals. It eliminates price noise that is not significant for the trader's analysis.

Alison Bloomer19:50, 30 March 2018
Clamp down on cryptocurrency spread betting

Spread betting firms fell under the spotlight on Tuesday when the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) announced plans to ban ‘binary’ options sales to retail clients and restrict the sales of Contract for Differences (CFDs).

Alison Bloomer12:59, 27 March 2018
Housebuilders and construction

Latest figures from the Markit/CIPS construction PMI show that the downturn in UK construction has entered its fourth quarter, leading one analyst to say that “the near-term outlook for the construction sector remains bleak."

Alison Bloomer13:53, 2 March 2018
How activist investors use the power of their shareholdings

In the buyout boom of the 1980s activist investors were known as corporate raiders. Now these individuals or groups of shareholders have undergone a dramatic rebranding of late. Rising in number in recent years, it seems that no sector or region is safe from the activist campaign.

Alison Bloomer19:54, 27 February 2018
Is ethical investment still on trend?

Four international investment groups called on investors to quit the tobacco industry last year. In a statement, Axa, Calpers, Scor and AMP Capital, along with 50 other firms with investments totalling $3.8tn, pledged "to openly support the tobacco control measures being taken by governments around the world".

Alison Bloomer13:21, 23 February 2018
Corporate Europe turns a corner with latest results

European corporate earnings have turned a corner halfway through quarterly results season, accelerating quicker than the US, in a surprising development that could signal how consensus forecasts are underrating growth potential.

Alison Bloomer16:51, 22 February 2018
Snap CEO Spiegel receives $638m in compensation for IPO year

Snap Inc Chief Executive Officer Evan Spiegel received $637.8m (£457.53m) as total compensation during 2017, the year the company went public, according to a security filing on Thursday.

Alison Bloomer16:34, 22 February 2018
Flybe shares take wing as Stobart Group eyes takeover bid

Shares in Flybe have soared by more than a fifth after the owner of London Southend Airport said it was weighing a potential swoop for the regional airline.

Alison Bloomer16:04, 22 February 2018
Amazon will not "take over everything" says economist as its shares near $1,500

Retailers do not need to fear Amazon taking “over everything” as there are limits, according to a leading economist

Alison Bloomer15:40, 22 February 2018

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