Alison Bloomer

Alison Bloomer has written on finance, insurance and pensions for various trade publications and was former Managing Editor of Insurance Times. She was launch editor of the Top 50 UK Insurers and Brokers reports produced in association with S&P Global Data Market Intelligence.


Generic drugs in pharmaceutical industry

Sector analysis: Pharmaceuticals - are drug companies on a high?

Spending billions on development before you even bring your product to market could be enough to detract investors, yet for the drug companies the gamble can be worth it.

Alison Bloomer
row of test tubes

Sector analysis: how healthy is the healthcare industry?

Benjamin Franklin said there were only two things certain in life: death and taxes. If we were adding a third certainty it would be illness. At some point, we will all need to access some aspect of the healthcare industry.

Alison Bloomer
life insurance policy

Sector analysis: Life insurance

Imagine an industry where customers hand over money each year, but potentially don’t ask for anything in exchange for decades. Sounds like a scam, yet this is how life insurance works.

Alison Bloomer
insurance protecting a family

Sector analysis: General insurance

General insurance screams more grudge than glamour purchase. Yet in an ever-evolving world, no can dispute that the sector helps manage change and all the risks associated it.

Alison Bloomer
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