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Market analysis: EUR/GBP driven by diverging policy expectations

The EURGBP is driven by the question: which cuts first, the ECB or the BOE? Currently, swaps markets (chart below) imply that it will be the ECB (blue line).

Kyle Rodda 13:46, 24 May 2024
UK CPI Preview: Will inflation return to 2% as the BoE predicts? And how will it affect GBP?

The latest round of inflation data will be released at 22 April at 7 am BST and investors are likely going to be paying close attention.

Daniela Hathorn 15:44, 21 May 2024
Reserve Bank of New Zealand Preview: RBNZ could become more dovish as inflation eases and growth softens

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ) meets on Wednesday, May 22, 2024. We preview what to expect from the meeting and its possible impact on the NZD/USD. News 15:29, 21 May 2024
Nvidia Q1 Earnings Preview: Analysts forecast another blockbuster set of results

Nvidia (NVDA) reports its Q1 results after the closing bell on Wednesday, May 22nd. We preview what to expect from Nvidia’s earnings and analyse its stock's technicals.

Kyle Rodda 14:57, 21 May 2024
Bank of England preview: possible rate cut in summer?

The Bank of England (BoE) is widely expected to keep interest rates unchanged when it meets later this week. Data from Reuters shows a 90% chance of no change to the current rate of 5.25%, but the central bank will need to decide whether to change the messaging about rate cuts this year as traders will be paying close attention to any rate-cut clues.

Daniela Hathorn 12:39, 8 May 2024
US Earnings Season: Tesla, Alphabet, Meta Platforms and Microsoft

The first lot of Wall Street’s mega-cap tech companies report in the coming week. We preview what to expect from Tesla, Alphabet, Meta, and Microsoft’s quarterly results.

Kyle Rodda 15:56, 22 April 2024
Gold price in 2024: geopolitical tensions and rate-cut expectations keep XAU/USD supported

Investors are keeping a close eye on gold as the conflict in the Middle East escalates with a possibility of a full-scale regional war in the area.

Daniela Hathorn 07:56, 17 April 2024
US Earnings Season : JP Morgan, Citigroup, Wells Fargo

The first major US banks report quarterly earnings on Friday, April 12th, 2024. We preview what to expect from JP Morgan, Citigroup, and Wells Fargo's quarterly numbers.

Kyle Rodda 16:03, 11 April 2024
US CPI Preview: US inflation expected to grind lower amid fears about sticky prices

US CPI data is released on Wednesday, 10 April. We preview what to expect from the data, how it could influence US Federal Reserve policy, and analyse the NASDAQ (US Tech 100).

Kyle Rodda 15:11, 9 April 2024
How escalating geopolitical tensions are impacting oil markets

The bullish momentum in oil prices remains strong as escalating geopolitical tensions raise concerns about supply.

Daniela Hathorn 13:34, 4 April 2024
A way forward: a roundup of recent central bank decisions

Five of the world’s most significant central banks delivered policy this week. We review the decisions and discuss their impact on the markets.

Kyle Rodda 12:47, 22 March 2024
Higher CPI leaves traders unfazed as US equities continue to build momentum

The latest US CPI reading hasn’t gone how the Federal would have hoped. Consumer prices came in higher than expected in February for the third month in a row.

Daniela Hathorn 12:42, 15 March 2024
Four reasons why Bitcoin is surging to record highs

Bitcoin has surged to record highs. We discuss the four factors pushing Bitcoin higher and analyse the technicals of the cryptocurrency’s technicals.

Kyle Rodda 10:18, 14 March 2024
China’s National People’s Congress: The markets have again been left wanting more

China’s National People’s Congress (NPC) is underway, and the markets have so far been disappointed by what’s been delivered by the country’s central government. We look at some of the significant takeaways from the event, discuss China’s current economic conditions, and analyse the China A50.

Kyle Rodda 08:23, 8 March 2024
Facade on the Federal Reserve Building in Washington DC
Central Banks: which one will cut first?

Central banks dominate the calendar in March and markets try to anticipate which one will be the first one to cut

Daniela Hathorn 13:14, 6 March 2024

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